Does anyone on the Fediverse knows of a good audio editor?

I want to release Libre Lounge out but I'm stuck in a mental rut editing the audio. But if I could pay for someone to do it, it would be done faster and we'd have more episodes.

If you're an audio editor or know of one that would be willing to edit a 45-1 hour long podcast, let me know.

Boosts appreciated!

You don't know Joe? /s

When I typed it out it showed all of Joe Ressington, not sure what happened there.


Thanks for the recommendation but I am not looking for a replacement for audio editing software. I am looking to pay someone to do the work of editing the podcast.

@emacsen I do audio editing for my own projects as well and it takes _ages_! Audio and video editors are, in my eyes, on another level. Like superheroes.

Callie Wright. They are very experienced. Check out the website above.

@emacsen Ardour is really good, though there's a bit of a learning curve.

@emacsen Hey, audacity is actually an extremely powerful tool. I'm not a pro, but I actually do know quite a lot about digital audio.

Here's what I always do when editing audio:
* amplify
* highlight 20 seconds worth of recorded "silence", click 'get noise profile' from the noise reduction filter, highlight all audio and then apply the noise reduction.
*amplify again

If there are any sudden loud noises, apply a leveler. Always amplify after each task.

@emacsen This will result in really crisp audio that you can then chop up however you like. You can also use the many other filters to get rid of any other audio blemishes you may find, but at this point you will likely have none that wouldn't require maybe loudening someones voice if its too quiet.

Just ask if you'd like to know more about getting rid of specific blemishes, or need more clear instructions.

@emacsen Dan Lynch does a lot of things, including producing FaiF when they get to it

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