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This is the text of the bill, from its official site.

It modifies an existing law about public gatherings.


I'll probably delete this document later, feel free to download it in the meantime.

If you need a translation, I might do that later into English, no promises though. DM me if running the text through Google Translate or whatnot is not enough.

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LGBT rights, Poland, please boost 

(Reposted from Birdside, thread)

Today, the Polish parliament will read a proposed law that makes it illegal to "promote homosexuality", including - I am not exaggerating - pretty much ANY positive talk of LGBT+ people and their rights in public settings.

And foreign media seem almost entirely silent on this.

The law was drafted a while ago, but didn't get into the Parliament for procedural reasons.

It EXPLICITLY bans e.g.:

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Hudson Valley NY Councilman Omari Shakur filmed screaming "you and these Jewish motherf*ckers, Jewish motherf*ckers, f*ck all ya'll"

Was he removed? Nope
He was censured

Had a vile comment like this been made about ANY OTHER MINORITY, he would have lost his seat in .25 seconds!

Original Tweet: twitter.com/StopAntisemites/st

This guy is making his own ColecoVision.

The ColecoVision was my first console. It's heartwarming to read this, though much of the design is above my head.


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gnome, guix 

I'm using Guix on top of Ubuntu, because I'm lazy, and one thing I noticed is in Gnome, I can usually type a command in and it will autocomplete it, but not the commands I have in Guix.

Does anyone know where Gnome has its list of programs/how it does its path searching/whatever mechanism it uses so I can be sure to add my programs to it?

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trans, british broadcasting corporation 

The BBC published this anti--trans article recently:


They identified a thing. Let's take them at their word that this is a true experience for the women interviewed.

What *other* factors might be at play? How about social dysfunction? How about mental illness? How about personality disorders?

They could have just written "People with mental illness sometimes coerce others into sex".

What a crap article...

Alternatively, I could simply create a dropbox host with Cloudflare.

I know people don't love Cloudflare- I'm not super keen on it, but if the alternative is a DDOS, I'd rather have a functional instance.

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Does anyone have any experience with paid Mastodon hosting?

I'm specifically thinking about issues with or experience with DDOS protection.

Boosts welcome!

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I keep coming back to this infographic comparing instant messaging platforms, so I thought I would share.


I think the only thing that unites Quebec to the rest of Canada is its hatred towards the United States.


Why the Sunrise DC attempt to expel "Zionst" groups is both dangerous and disingenuous.

Yet again this is antisemitism in disguise.


I was personally asked this week if I thought "all criticism of Israel is antisemetic" - I reject this dog whistle.

I do wonder if our collective disregard for Twitter/FB has limited our thoughts around message display on the Fediverse.

I wouldn't mind an algorithm sorting my display, so long as:

a) I could understand it
b) I could control it
c) I could disable it

I do this with my email all the time through "sort". I sort by date, by sender, by thread, I search by topic, etc.

I'd have no problem if *my own* AP instance learned about me and sorted based on criteria it thought I'd like.

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Had a great time talking to folks from caravanstudios.org/ today, a tech org that works with communities to build their own tools. A bit surprised at myself for not knowing about them before now: caravanstudios.org/methodology

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wasn't sure whether I'd be able to land this for #lispgamejam but I've got multiplayer working!

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NEW: The Sunrise Movement called its D.C. chapter’s boycott of three Jewish, Zionist organizations “antisemitic and unacceptable” in a statement Friday.

From @ArnoRosenfeld: t.co/4hsttRpbGt

Original Tweet: twitter.com/jdforward/status/1

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Although they make up less than 1% of the overall UK population, Jews were the targets of more than 20% of religion-related hate crimes in England and Wales last year, new @ukhomeoffice statistics show.

More about this and other findings: t.co/4m88DRWK7H t.co/lCnNG0Vcwd

Original Tweet: twitter.com/CombatASemitism/st

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