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I'm seeing a shocking amount of anti-semitism on my feed- not from the right, but from the left.

I'll say this clearly:

If you hate Jews, please unfollow me.

If you think Israel doesn't have the right to exist, please unfollow me.

If you use Zionist as a slur, please unfollow me.

Tried the "nu" shell today. It has some really nifty ideas about handling data.

Sadly it crashes, entirely crashes, way too easily.

Hopefully they can fix this. It would be really nice...

I've had a real challenging in explaining Datashards to people because it's explaining a primitive for a thing that doesn't exist.

I'm convinced that the only right way to do this is to write lots of demos and do something like Douglas Engelbart's 1968 demo of user interfaces.

(link for people who may be unfamiliar: )

Apparently most Americans are waiting three years to replace their phones.

I'm going to be waiting a bit longer to replace my Pixel XL with either a PinePhone or a LibreM.

I have a LibreM on order but the company is increasingly worrying me.

The PinePhone looks good but we'll have to see when it comes out and what the software looks like

In the meantime I will have to get the Pixel's battery replaced because it's getting on in years.

Has anyone had experience with battery replacement?

Just had to block another lefty anti-semite. This time the narrative was

If Israel didn't exist, it wouldn't been attacked by all the Arab countries, so it shouldn't exist and then it wouldn't need to worry about it.

Basically it's like saying "If you weren't {black|gay|trans|a woman...} then you wouldn't have been attacked, so kill yourself."

People wonder why I'm so sensitive about this stuff, especially from the Left. That's why.

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This is totally but I could use some time with someone whose packaged Python packages and deeply groks python imports, including relative and absolute imports.

pydatashards needs some help in this area.

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US Politics, Trump, Hate Speech 

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@nolan AMP's rewriting of stuff to be hosted by Google specifically in a way that increases their surveillance, with *pressure* to do so in exchange for a boost in traffic that will absolutely go away anyway once they've forced the entire ecosystem to move over to it, is a sure sign of monopolistic behavior that Google deserves to get hit with an antitrust lawsuit for more than anything else I've seen so far.



Hearing DoorDash has continued to use tips to pay its workers is frustrating. At the same time, it hilights how the workers through tipping.

Tipping culture doesn't benefit anyone, It doesn't benefit workers, it doesn't benefit customers. It doesn't benefit labor that's unable to benefit from tips (such as kitchen staff in a restaurant). It just lets employers pay their employees less.

It also puts the customer in the bizzare position of negotiating the price of the service.

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