Just found out about joinmastodon.org/ from @cwebber . This is a great tool to help people get started on the Fediverse!

Glad that the talk actually shifted into medical devices, and I'm not bothered by talking about war and Israel. All war is terrible. But dehumanizing people (calling them wolves and stone cold killers) should not be acceptable at Libre Planet.

At Libre Planet (the FSF annual conference) where the keynote about "medical devices" is (25 minutes in) so far just anti-Israeli propaganda talk, including saying that the only place Israelis wouldn't bomb would be a Coca-Cola factory, out of context footage of Israeli snipers, and comparing Israelis to wolves (killing sheep).

Hey @librelounge listeners.

I'm sick. Nothing serious, just a bad cold. I won't have time to edit the show for this week, at least not by Friday.

I'm probably too sick to attend LibrePlanet too...

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> When there's a school shooting, Republicans say we should arm all the teachers.

> Now there's been a mosque shooting, so I'm sure they'll say we need to arm all the Muslims.
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The sickos on Slashdot who harassed OSI's Board candidates will be unhappy, but the rest of us are thrilled the electorate has picked an all female cohort to the new Board. opensource.org/node/974

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Have complicated authentication and permission systems got you down?

On the latest episode of Libre Lounge, @cwebber and @emacsen invite guest Kate Sills in for a discussion about Object Capabilities, an alternative to identity based permissions.


The Russian attack on ProtonMail represents a new level of attack on Internet communication infrastructure.

The solutions? I'm thinking about technologies like Briar being used for every day communication? And maybe ActivityPub servers that live on TOR?

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Surely you've been wondering, when on earth is @librelounge going to talk about ActivityPub? Especially since I'm co-host and that's a major part of my work!

Well, here's an episode that's *entirely* about ActivityPub! librelounge.org/episodes/episo

It's the second in a series about federation. There's more coming!

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@librelounge The reason we put off talking about federation and ActivityPub until a few months into the show was actually because we wanted to make sure we had enough of a feel about how to do these shows before we tackled a topic that's so important to us. I feel like now's a good time though!

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Okay @librelounge listeners, time to get real... Doing video was way harder than I imagined, so I'm going to release the next episode tomorrow sans video. But...

I should have the start of a post about ReviewPub out later that day, and hopefully a video in a few days. That's my hope/goal. No more delaying the episode though.

The hardest part of editing @librelounge is that I'm so used to working with audio in the background and I can't do that while editing audio. :)

How do they get video games into such small amounts of memory? This game developer shows some of the tips and tricks. youtube.com/watch?v=ZWQ0591PAx

One of the things I'm learning as I get older is the long term effects of chronic injuries. Waking up in pain with parts of my body shaking has become almost normal.

I just recorded a video that I hope to release along with the next @librelounge episode. Now to actually edit!

My awesome friends and followers... There's just half an hour to help support diversity in role playing games!

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