Friend: My favorite Star Trek villain is Gul Dukat.

Me: Mine is Steve Shives.

Dear Audiobook Publishers,

Some of your readers may enjoy listening to the book at 10-15% faster than originally recorded. For those listeners, modern tools let you speed up playback.

Don't artificially speed up recording on publishing. Let the listener choose.

I lost 3 hours of work I did editing @librelounge yesterday...

Really looking forward to releasing this episode but it's going to be delayed a few days while I carve out time to work on it again.

Just woke up from a dream where I was David Sedaris working on a John Waters revival film.

Does that count as a gay dream?

WIthin a few hours of posting this, I lost a handful of Fediverse followers.

I'd rather people stop following me than send me mean messages, so I guess it's okay!

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*reads his Fediverse feed*

*begins editing the next Libre Lounge episode*

*Realizes he may need an asbestos suit because even as a lefty progressive, he believes that money is not a bad thing per se*

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Free Works, Licenses, Trademark 

Would anyone be interested in getting together for an Empty Epsilon game online?

Or if there's a ton of interest, maybe Netrek?

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Big conferences like FOSDEM should start hosting PeerTube instances instead of depending on mirrors.

#FOSDEM #PeerTube

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As a regular Yerba Mate drinker, I'm wondering if people would find my explanation on how I brew and drink it interesting?

Useful as a blog post? As a topic on @librelounge ?

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