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I usually solve problems by myself.
But recently, I have come to think that relying on others to solve problems is not a bad idea.
Because when a kind person helps me, I naturally want to help others who have the same problem.
Kind people make me a kind person.

Does anyone know how to watch a youtube video from the old Youtube on archive.org?

The page comes up but not the video.

Do I need an SWF player? Will something else grab the file and convert it for me?


Geeks under 35, do you use the word grok?

One of the things my wife and I discuss often is whether or not we want to have kids, and if we did, whether we'd raise them in the US.

The problem is where might they go to school...

While antisemitism on university campuses is also prevalent in Canada, due to the sheer number of schools in the US, it seems worse.


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The fedidb.org devtools will soon be available to everyone, without registration!

Along with a fresh coat of paint, more data/stats and an extensive public api, #fediDB will help #activityPub developers diagnose issues and test compatibility with a suite of developer tools 🚀

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Pepper&Carrot by David Revoy. Absolutely adore his artwork and the community David has built around a free and open source comic. I love it so much that I'm proud to be part of that community.

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Hey tech folks who run teams!!!

Do you collaborate with non-tech folks?

Do you onboard them to your tech stack (ie teach them to use tools like Git, Markdown, Nextcloud, etc.)?

Do you try to accommodate them (ie put workarounds for them)?

Do you handle it some other way?

I'd love your thoughts!

Welp my is dead. :(

I guess I'll see how good support is...

I'm already seeing people responding. I'd ask (though of course I can't demand) that we think of ways to increase collaboration and connection, that we talk about ways of bringing people together.

Right now I'm outside the US, and maybe that distance is what's giving me this emotional distance to see the situation with some sense of calm, but we need to be able to come together or we will indeed be taken over by interests, and it will be far uglier than separate nation states.

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The question I'm sure people are asking is "What do we do about it?"

I'm genuinely unsure. Biden and Harris came to office under the banner of healing America, but I don't see much in terms of healing the nation's divide. The policitcal and media system in the US gets more from conflict than it does with peace, but we haven't even seen an attempt. Roosevelt had "Fireside chats", and I would have hoped for something similar.

The US needs cohesion and connection before it can heal.


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If we look at the way that Russians infiltrated the 2016 elections, it was primarily by using social pressures (including social media) to amplify the divides within the US, to pull apart the social cohesion and amplify the tribalism.

And while Biden did win in 2020, we see the effects of social decohesion in the US. But while social unrest at the local level could cause a separation of the US into regions, social cohesion along social and political lines fractures everywhere at once...

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While Americans identify as American before they identify as "Californians" or "South Dakotans", according to polls, more Americans are starting to identify with their political party over their nation, in other words they see themselves as Democrats or Republicans before they see themselves as Americans, and this is very dangerous.

Panarin wasn't just some guy with a theory, he spoke about this theory at universities and intelligence agencies. This gives us some idea of the playbook...

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The biggest critique of the theory is that it relied too much on what happened to the USSR and even Russia, where citizens identified themselves more by region than by the county, so when succession became an option, it was often taken.

We see this in the Russian map of today, and one might argue it's a contributor to the Chechenian conflicts as well.

But this isn't the case in the US. Even in places like Texas, most Americans identify as American before they identify by their state.


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First, the theory itself...

In 1998 Panarin predicted that the US would split into multiple smaller nations after a period of social unrest, and that these new nations would be financially and socially controlled by other powers, namely Canada, the EU, China, Mexico and Russia.

He believed that Russia and China would therefore be the ultimate superpowers in the 21st Century.

Obviously that didn't happen in 2010, but there's still a lot to learn from the theory...

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This is a bit of a political and sociological rant on the US. In the past I'd CW such a thing but I've been asked not to CW these things, so feel free to skip.

As the 2016 election and the recent Roe vs Wade decision shows, there's a deep cultural divide in the US. It's so deep that many people such as myself as thinking about the prediction by Igor Panarin that the US would split up by 2010 and become several independent nations.

Let's dive into it...

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CUNY Law School, a publicly funded school, has chosen a flagrant antisemite for this year’s commencement speaker - Nerdeen Mohsen Kiswani

Antisemitism in NYC is the highest in the nation and CUNY Law is looking to make it worse, at taxpayer expense!t.co/58ZlaHMhaK

Original Tweet: twitter.com/StopAntisemites/st

So the straightforward way to handle this is to simply run:

rm ./*

which deletes all the files in the current directory.

-rf is known to most people. It just means "recusively delete everything without prompting"

The extra space was a typo.

And yes, running that blew the server away, even though I caught it and Ctrl-C.

We had regular backups and I simply had to shut the host down and restore it from backup. The user data was not affected (luckily) as it lived on external nfs storage.

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