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Announcing the #ForgeFed ticket comment federation demo! The first ForgeFed demo :)

It's implemented on Vervis (whose UI is very lacking at the moment, sorry for that) and uses #ActivityPub (with some little custom details, I'll write about them soon!). Demo details and instructions here:


Thoughts, feedback, bug reports and questions are very very welcome :)


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This photo was taken within walking distance to my partner's place in Vancouver:


(she was not the photographer, just a statement about how beautiful Vancouver is)

I've been looking at this service holepunch.io It's a reverse VPN, allowing you to simply forward ports from one host to another.

The source to both the client and server are Free Software.

It's useful because so many ISPs block incoming HTTP traffic, but this way you could run a service (say, Nextcloud) inside your home but have it externally accessible.

Though maybe the real solution is Tor Onion Services?

One of the things I've realized lately is how, even if you don't want to self-host your services, how incredibly cheap it is to have private communication- email, instant messenger, calendar, file hosting, etc.

All without tracking and without ads for less per month than people pay for streaming services.

Does anyone else feel like the opening to the new Star Trek show, Picard, feels a lot like the opening to The Prisoner?

"Why did you resign?!"

...where optics and tribe (ie political affiliation) are more important than ideas and we can't accept respectful disagreement.

But then that requires vigilance to always be on the lookout for when repulsive, repressive or hateful ideas sneak into the dialogue, when you find yourself nodding along in agreement and the statement doesn't raise the alarms that it should.

We always need to be doing the critical analysis, especially when the speaker is so repugnant.

...is it better to actually sit in that feeling of discomfort both about the ideas and the man himself? Can that alone be a useful exercise- taking something of value from someone you dislike and disagree with?

I worry for myself that I've lost this ability to be open to all ideas and take something from them even when I dismiss others.

Politically we seem to be in a Cancel Culture where one disagreement leads to a binary dismissal of someone altogether, where optics and tribe are... (cont)

But I worry that in his analysis of myth, that Jordon Peterson is also mixing in his own rigid and regressive ideas, which he sometimes does.

The whole affair makes me question listening to him at all, yet I find the actual analysis deeply connecting.

And that whole feeling of disgust vs interest makes me question what we can learn from someone we disagree with- is it better to steer clear of such a person or is it better to actually sit in that feeling of discomfort... (cont)

Yet at the same time as I find his politics and personal repugnant, I find his Psychoanalytical exploration of moral development through the exploration of Disney films insightful and compelling in the same way that I find Joseph Campbell compelling.

I've always been drawn towards exploring ourselves through the lens of myth, and Disney films (especially older ones) are full of powerful archetypes,, especially as they re-tell older stories and myths!

But I worry that in his analysis... (cont)

I struggle with how to reconcile when someone I disagree with strongly has some very useful things to say/lessons to teach.

I feel this way about Jordon Peterson. I vehemently disagree with his politics, find some of his political arguments insincere, find his personal demeanor to be condescending and disrespectful, his views on gender are rigid and oppressive, his views on sexuality to be absurd, and some of his views on race to be full of denial and bigotry. And yet at these same time. (cont)

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We've got big news.

After months of work, Tor Browser is now stable on Android.

Tor Browser 8.5 brings the highest degree of privacy and censorship-circumvention available to Android users. blog.torproject.org/new-releas

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An early writeup along these lines was a paper I did for Rebooting Web of Trust: github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rwot

My thinking has changed a bit since then but the core ideas are largely the same. But we need ways to be able to share content in a p2p manner while preserving privacy; how to do that? That's what #Spritely is currently exploring w/ Magenc, Golem, Crystal

Am thinking of following this guy's work in getting my data out of Facebook. I quit a few months ago


I'm an American who is deeply sad about the state of the nation. If you hate the United States, feel free to unfollow me.

I'm a proud Jew who believes in the need for a safe place for Jews to live, in other words, a Zionist. I am deeply unhappy about the current government in Israel. If you hate Israel, feel free to unfollow me.

@librelounge @filip @cwebber The one big thing I've been thinking of *not* doing is Django because I have some other AP related projects in Flask/Quark but maybe keeping Django is the right thing to do here... Thoughts?

Surgery yesterday went okay. The pain block is still partially in place so I'm numb. Can't use or feel my right arm.

Doctor said the damage was worse than he thought.

I will be reducing my social media and general internet presence for a while. If you need anything, ping me directly.

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Really enjoying listening to backlog of episodes of @librelounge.

e.g. a discussion on human rights and how they relate to free software / free culture.

For me the intersection of ethics, politics and libre stuff is very important. Looking back I think I got into it for the fun of it but the philosophy always attracted me. I want to know if and how we can mobilise it as part of a transition to an egalitarian future, and what I can do to be a part of that.

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