Anyone using hyrolo for bookmarks or anything other than address books?

This is the town and these are the people
This is the town where the people all stay
This is the town and these are the people
That's the way they wanted it
That's the way it's going to stay

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if it helps, my ultimate goal is to be able to repair electrical appliances, both larger and smaller (i.e. a vacuum cleaner vs a Nintendo switch). not expert necessarily, but basic repair stuff

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fedi, I'm interested in learning electronics, but don't know anything about electricity aside from the difference between current and voltage. Does anyone know a good introduction course (free or not) that can help get me up to speed on that, that isn't like a full-blown, electrical engineering degree but does get to at least some detail?

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Another nasty incident involing MuseGroup - they "reminded" the developer of muse-downloader that there could be "consequences" like for instance him being deported to China.

They are very much behaving in this bully-not-bully-style where they first say or do an agressive thing and then try to explain that they are in fact only doing it out of compassionate worry for their opponent.


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Mobile phone extraction (MPE) tools are devices that allow the police to extract data from mobile phones, including contacts, call & app data📱

Visit our Free to Protest guide to help you understand how police use technologies at protests🪧 #FreeToProtest

ice cream, racism, language 

In case the image wasn't clear enough...

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ice cream, racism, language 

I know I'm joking around but I'm seriously upset about all this.

It's fucking ice cream people! ICE CREAM. Sell it to everyone. Stop being insane. Stop funding terrorist groups, whether it's Arab terrorism or Jewish terrorism. Just sell the fucking ice cream to everyone.


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ice cream, racism, language 

Trying to look for alternatives to Ben and Jerry's, it turns out Hagen Daas' original founder gave money to the JDL, an anti-arab group, for years.

The company hasn't been owned by him for a long time, but still, all I want is some fucking ice cream!

I haven't played Marvel Superhero in >10 years but am running this weekend!

Very excited.

There is a Free version of MSH called Phase 4. I *almost* went with it, but the amount of MSH material made MSH easier, and also I don't like Phase 4's Universal Table replacement.

I might use Phase 4 in the future if I ever have a one-off superhero game.

I love Louis Rossmann's Youtube channel.

He's 100% right about the NYC congestion charge. If the city wanted to reduce congestion, it would support bikes, specifically electric bikes.

...get it... spoons... Ben and Jerry's....

...I'll be here all night.

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*sigh* Apparently Ben and Jerry's intended to boycott all of Israel but Unilever decided to preempt their announcement.

I have no spoons for Ben & Jerry's.

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"Tenenbom is puzzled by the reflexive denial of anti-Semitism he meets in the Jews he interviews. He asks (as Tuvia, a fellow Jew), and they freeze or insist there is none. Why? One Manchester man tells him they are afraid he will write about it and inspire more of it. A woman tells him, “Because it’s painful to admit that so many people hate you.”"

-So many people hate you': Documenting the U.K.'s burgeoning anti-Semitism



I worked at both NASA and the National Institutes of Health. I spent more than 3x longer at the NIH, but NASA has better t-shirts.

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