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here are some harm reduction tips for protecting yourself before, during, and after a protest (from @hackinghustling). not all of these suggestions work for everyone, only you know what works best for you

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@guyton_foxcroft @thegibson Do you happen to know folks who could help get a #freenet #Debian package into Debian itself or into #TAILS? Thanks to the work of desyncr, there finally is a debian package and they are investigating right now how to host that: github.com/freenet/fred/pull/7

As a Jew, I never really understood the Christian idea of hell.

This video explains the Christian idea of hell, from its origins in Greek mythology and its transference into early Christianity.

It was an interesting video to watch to understand Christian culture.


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🇺🇸 Michelle #Obama letter on today's announcement by the #US Supreme Court overturning legal #abortion in the #Roe decision:

"I am heartbroken today."

I don't feel I have a home.

The country I was born in hates Jews.
The country I lived most of my life in hates women and minorities.
The country I live in now hasn't given me permanent status.

I'm very sad and scared.

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My cat somehow destroyed my fountain pen (a Wingsung 699).

Went on amazon.ca to find a replacement. Someone is selling it for >$100.

The Wingsung is an inexpensive version of the Pilot 823 Custom. No way I'm going to pay >$100 for a clone!

I think my cat broken my fountain pen.

I came to my desk and it was on the floor in pieces. :(

Today I'm launching the blog for my new project, Babka, the online space for Jews and allies.

Read about why we need a Jewish online space:


Do you have experience with Keycloak (or Ory)?

If so I'd love to talk to you!

I'm looking for someone with experience for a short term contract setting up an identity server.

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@emacsen I ended up needed to do the samething with my kids project. What I did is crop the image. Also image-magic is amazing that manipulating images. `convert -background none -size 1024x1024 infile.svg outfile.png`

Using inkscape via cli - `inkscape -z -e out.png -w 1000 -h 1000 in.svg`


Hey folks, a ...

I have an SVG that I want to export into a PNG for use as an icon, which means the image must be square. But the aspect ratio of the original SVG is not.

How can I export the SVG to a square image without stretching it, or else how can I get inkscape (or some other tool) to draw the void space around it?

I'd like to avoid using PIL just for this but will if necessary.

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Is there a way to link to Mastodon instance with a Toot pre-filled? What I’m aiming for is a “Share on Mastodon” button, that takes the user to their home instance, with the Toot box pre-filled.
I’ve already found and built a widget for the external-follow url.
If I can’t find this, looks like I’ll be building a whole-ass browser-based Masto client.


I'm fully in support of progressive taxation.

I can even be convinced of a wealth tax.

But the more time I think about property taxes, they feel like a wealth tax that doesn't take your income into account- but I can't think of a solution that takes multiple home ownership into account properly (or proportionally).

Still, the idea of a tax being such a burden that it could someone to sell an asset feels wrong.

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Hey there!

I'm trying to make a list of places that sell de-googlised smartphones ready to use straight out of the box.

So far I've got murena.com

Are there any others?

#AskFedi #AskFediverse #AskMastodon

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I'd love to see more support for #OrgDown in #indieweb because it has many advantages for users who type syntax elements compared to other lightweight #markup languages such as #Markdown: gitlab.com/publicvoit/orgdown (for a comparison, read karl-voit.at/2017/09/23/orgmod ➡️ #OD is the name for the syntax of #orgmode)

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@emacsen We played #HeroKids (there’s a German version!) and the kids liked it instantly (my daughter actually started creating and running her own adventures). But it is very dungeon-crawly. It feels pretty bare-bones and it has little outside fighting. On the upside, it’s always clear to the kids what they can do, and that is a big strength.

Having adventures with maps at hand helps a lot for this play style.

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