Hate Speech 

This tweet from 2017 shows the Chicago Democratic Socialists chanting for the destruction of Israel and the killing of millions of Jews after passing a resolution for the targeting for disillusion.



I've just thrown out my sucralose water flavorings. I love them but the data on the dangers of sucralose is just too high.

Today Israel and the UAE reached a historic peace accord. I could do without the Trump nonsense in the article but this is good news indeed.


I watch my fiancee stream video games just for me, while she listens me with a bluetooth conference microphone we have set up next to my bed, and watched me with an infrared camera set up next to the bed.

We're weird.

Mental Health 

What do you do when you suddenly burst into tears and can't stop crying for a couple of hours?

Asking for a friend.

I find it amazing that real estate scammers Marcus and Millichap are still at it. I get spam emails and calls from them every so often.


The Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode "The Gang Turns Black" always makes me cry.

Just pulled out some kefir I made myself. Lovely kefir grains came out of it, and now I have delicious lower carb probiotic drink.

I think I need more half and half though for yogurt and kefir.

I want to say that I don't think *all* anti-abortion people think this way, but rather that the coolatition between the religious people who feel strongly and the anti-government right wing solidified under Regan were this.

There were eg Goldwater Republicans or modern day Libertarians who don't care about abortion, but the GOP has been able to create a successful coolation by framing this issue as one of morals rather than multi generational labor exploitation.

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Let's all be serious for a moment and remember that anti-abortion fighting is really about denying poor women/girls the ability to get an abortion and thus keep them and their children stuck in a poverty cycle that makes them cheap labor.

Cutting off social services goes hand-in-hand with this policy to oppress.


Neurodiversity and Gender-diversity have been known to be linked for a long time, but it's good to see literature affirming this:



For folks outside the US especially, this isn't just about mail-in voting, it's also about disenfranchisement of people of color:


It's also gerrymandering.

And attacks on voting machines:


This election has every gun on the GOP side firing and it's not an exaggeration to say that the results will tell us if the US can be a functional democracy or not.

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This is what I knew was coming since 2016.. The attack on democracy was subtle then. It's an open all out war now.


"I wish I was smart enough to come up with sayings like that" - me.

"Ummm....?" - other me

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"When confronted with something they do not understand or cannot control, people often turn to violence...including self-violence"- a wise woman in my dream.

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LGBT rights in Poland, police brutality 

Please fucking boost this as far as possible. Please, PLEASE.

A Polish trans activist named Margot was arrested. Her "crime" is minor destruction of property (she cut up a tarp on a truck covered with vicious anti-LGBT propaganda).

Her pre-emptive arrest for two months was authorized by a court, despite the fact that such arrest, by Polish law, are meant to be used for people who are a flight risk or an immediate danger to others.

But wait, there's more.

While I love the idea of Bookshop.org, I just made an order. At the end it said I raised $7.50 for local bookstores.

I would have saved nearly $30 if I had bought the same books on Amazon, and I could have given a book store $15 and still saved $15.

This does not appear to be a sustainable business model.

In Vancouver I found so many low calorie, no carb vodka drinks. In NYC I've barely found any near me, and they're extremely expensive.

I guess it's Vodka and Iced Tea for me!

Power outage last night throughout large parts of Manhattan.


I haven't had a power outage in literally years. It's so strange.

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