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The Central Park pop-up hospital is being run by the homophobic Christian fundamentalist leader Franklin Graham (son of Billy Graham) gaycitynews.com/anti-lgbtq-fra

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Today I'm going to give myself a haircut for the first time...

The fiancee wants me to shave it all off. As weird as this sounds, I'm scared to even give myself a buzzcut.

But I have at least a month before I can get a haircut.

I don't need to shave too, do I?

(no this is not me)

It makes me so frustrated when the cat projects his feelings onto others!

I'm bored. Fiancee is working (stupid time zones). Ate dinner already. TV is boring.

Guess I'll start building the Python MSDC library

My local Whole Foods doesn't even pretend it's a supermarket anymore. It's a warehouse with displays.

Before I'm misunderstood- I'm *not* suggesting that we throw up our hands and use Zoom.

Instead, I'm suggesting that we need to start realizing that simply building software isn't enough. Projects like Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap and Signal work because they're backed with hardware and bandwidth.

If we want a Zoom replacement, we'll need to ensure there is money to pay for the necessary components to pay for its infrasturcture and ongoing maintence.

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The sooner that people who are thinking about replacing Zoom realize that the problem isn't one of software but of infrastructure, the better.

The reason Zoom works so well on a technical level is that they have a lot of infrastrutcture to support the downmixing of streams- including a ton of processing power, as well as very good bandwidth between their data centers.

You could build an equilvient program, but without the hardware and connectivity behind it, it won't be as good.

I wrote up a short post on how @cwebber ilustrated how the AGPL breaks when someone uses Spritely-type programming.

I took Chris's ideas and simplified them so that hopefully anyone can understand.


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#FoldingAtHome does not release the client as #FLOSS, because of "client for several reasons, relating to client reliability and other issues".


Also, they mix up "open-sourcing" and "outsourcing" in their FAQ.


Proprietary Games, Switch, Adult Themes 

The dangers of content farms 

Cat pics 

Ran an Empty Epsilon game purely online today and it went great!

If you're a friend of mine and are interested in joining in the next one, please feel free to drop me a line.

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