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🤔 What's best for a new desktop computer with GNU/Linux nowadays? I'm looking for performances (CG arts/Krita), only Free/Libre drivers and around 1K€... Hard to find trusty infos... If you have advice/recommendations, pls lmk.👍


Escapism is my mind' way of dealing with extreme stress, but it makes for some lovely dreams.

My first dream was involving me in my childhood town/home driving around with a writer on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict (who looked like Karl Fogel) and also Nathan Fielder.

My second dream was a combination of Frasier and The Good Place. staring Kelsey Grammer on a date in a restaurant with a beautiful woman and wacky mishaps in the restaurant around her food and getting her back to Earth.

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555 Books sold since the release a week ago! Thank you 🎉 My 'Special Launch Offer' sale ends in ten days. Will it reach 1000? That would be amazing. Get them while they're cheap 🙂 davidrevoy.com/shop

Has anyone here set up and used ldap? I'm thinking of using it as authentication for my jitsi instance but have never set it up.

The guides I see online are mostly about AD and Unix authentication.

Any guidance?

frustration, customer service 

Just so the whole story is here...

The website said to delete the server, I had to call customer service.

The first customer service rep asked for my customer ID and PIN, which you get from the website.

She then made a customer support ticket- something I could do from their site.

The second one wanted the name of the server, and then send me a ticket on the website where I had to reply "I agree".

All the credentials I provided were from the website.

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frustration, customer service 

Rackspace has really changed.

I have a server with them that needed deletion (it was my old mail server).

They made me call in to their call center, where I spoke with two people.

They required that I be logged into the website and read them information from the website to them.

When I asked why I needed to call, they said it was "added security".

But all I provided them was information that was available from the website, so there is no added security.

Next week I'm going to add DTMF generation so you can call out to a phone conference.

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There's no person in the whole world like you, and I like you just the way you are. ~ Mr. Rogers

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someone posted a thorough guide to doing raymarching in #fennel and #love2d


it's a lot more sophisticated than the gritty wolf3d-style raycasting algorithm I blogged about last week, and mixes in bits of Fennel tutorial at the same time as being a graphics tutorial. a fun read.

love to see this stuff pop up in unexpected places.

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When I saw the “Open Letter to Apache #OpenOffice” by #LibreOffice developers, I felt for them:

Two days later, this “answer” suggests that #Apache is actively trying to harm the development of a free “office suite”:


Health, SAD 

One thing I didn't know was that Vitamin D supplements effect Magnesium levels. Upping my Magnesium seems to have helped the spasms, etc.

And going on light therapy again is regulating my sleep. Always October...

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I'm excited! Tomorrow will be the big release of the English books of Pepper&Carrot (3 comics and Artbook). Stay tuned!

I really wish I could be in Vancouver with my fiancee right now.

In the meantime, this five year old clip from Last Week Tonight will have to do


The post I made on Twilio has really helped my self-confidence and helped put me on a path of recovery from humiliation and being made to feel small.

Realizing that I can just buy a new light therapy lamp, rather than struggling to keep the one I have standing upright every single day.

Wondering if one day I can fulfill my dream of playing Xybots online in real time with friends.

And or in VR :)

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