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This a brilliant breakdown of the song "Genius in France" which is a musical parody omage to Frank Zappa, featuring Dweezil Zappa as guitarist.

slightly nsfw


Since people liked this Wendy Carlos video, here's one of her 19 years later, in 1989.


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I'm not a Signal user, but have you heard of Axolotl? It's a Signal compatible client. It's not in Alpine/pmOS repos, but there's a flatpak. It does have shortcomings though. More info on the Mobian wiki:


anime, spoilers 

This analysis of Metropolis (2001) is probably the best one I've seen


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FreeBoardGames.org is a free open source site featuring online traditional board and card games. They've just joined the Fediverse at:

➡️ @freeboardgames

Their site is at freeboardgames.org

The games can be played in a variety of modes, including public or private online multiplayer, and single player against AI. You don't need to register, just generate and share links as needed.

#FreeBoardGames #Gaming #Games #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #BoardGames #CardGames

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Is there anyone out there experienced in data forensics, who can work on #us #federal cases, who would be interested in working on the #legal #defense team? Please contact me privately.

#forensics #infosec

One thought I've had recently is that people have the idea that distributed is the same as verifiable, as in "The distributed blockchain is superior because it's verifiable".

This belies the fact that we have many ways to verify claims without distribution and consensus models. We could simply verify crytographically, as we do in git, with a completely open/transparent model.

There's so little need for distributed ledgers...

This was just the pick-me-up I needed this morning. You have to go to Birdsite, but it's worth it.


Bed Bath and Beyond, and then Michaels, were selling this pillow, but it looks like Michaels doesn't want to sell it anymore, so I have to point to Pinterest...


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Why is biking so easy and widespread in Finland, but not in Canada?


My wife has my yarmulkes with her in Vancouver.

I asked her to keepah them safe for me.

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idk who needs to hear this but don’t beat yourself up over every aborted personal project you’ll never pick up again because you don’t have the energy

you did something (initially) fun, you’ve learned a thing or two, the experience is valuable, and you’ve gained another topic for conversations. you’ve put your time to good use.

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If we choose to not vaccinate Africa, more variants will inevitably arise. That is simply how it works. Selfishness is not a sensible policy for public health.


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I get told several times a week by that "antizionism isn't the same as antisemitism".

To me that sounds like "Hating 85% of Jews and wanting 50% of Jews to die isn't the same as wanting *all* Jews to die."

Technically true, but a distinction without a difference.

antisemitism, canpol 

Based on the request from my wife, I've decided to take the weekend off from any antisemitic news.

Sadly came back to my Mastodon to see some asshole comment "How is this antisemitic? Jews, especially Israelis, commit genocide"

Yeah... how is it antisemitic to say Jews commit genocide....

We 1000% need better tooling around hate speech on the Fediverse.

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