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Things I like about personal blogs:

- angry geek comments that make no sense to anyone but other geeks
- laughing reading said comments and nodding in agreement
- learning of cool things w/ tools I already know
- learning of cool things w/ tools I *don't* know
- just learning
- Being able to comment, say hi, what's up
- Getting help from enthusiastic folks (as opposed to an unenthusiastic people, like my third grade math teacher... anyway)
- DnD! Emacs! Weird shit!

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"Hitler should've killed you all. I'll kill you. I know where you live."

A woman spit on and verbally harassed an eight-year-old Jewish boy and two other children in Brooklyn, New York, over the weekend.

@NYPDHateCrimes is searching for the assailant.


Original Tweet: twitter.com/CombatASemitism/st

My self-hosted Nextcloud broke during an upgrade.

This happens enough that I'm starting to feel like this may not be the right tool for me.

50% of my needs for Dropbox are handled in Syncthing, but some 20% of the time, I need to share documents with external parties in a secure way, with a "share-link" that is specific to them and has an expiration (ie a read capability).

The other Nextcloud features, I can find solutions to, but breaking this often is proving challenging.

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Just 3 days after Jews were held hostage in a Texas synagogue by a gunman convinced Jews control the world, former (D-GA) Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is sprouting atrocious antisemitic conspiracy theories on Twitter! t.co/ACFrIhdFST

Original Tweet: twitter.com/StopAntisemites/st

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When you say Jewish institutions are evil because of an association with Israel, you put a target on all Jews; when you put a target on synagogues, your followers will go to synagogues with guns.

My latest for Newsweek:

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Turns out that the smell that I thought was a neighbor making delicious coffee was the bag of Zabars coffee my wife took out of the luggage and put in the kitchen for me.

@ckeen @msh @lordbowlich @groovestomp

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#bash tip: use ^foo to say run the last command, but remove the string “foo”. ^foo^bar means “replace “foo” with “bar” in the last command.

The problem with getting good at making my own coffee is that unless I find a really good coffee place, I always think "I could do a lot better".

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@emacsen I use waypipe for this sort of thing on Wayland. In fact I packaged it for Guix so it can be used on any distro easily :)

Seems that in the shuffle of getting everything to Canada, I lost my ink in the move.

So I guess I'll be going to a pen store some time this week.

When I was in college, I used to ssh into my dorm room desktop and forward X11 to a PC in the computer lab and run an Emacs session there because it was easier to focus outside my room.

Now, 25 years later, I genuinely don't know how to do that kind of thing anymore.

X11 is dead. VNC on Windows appears not to work and there doesn't seem to be any functioning "client<->server" emacs package.

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A fountain at Santa Rosa Memorial Park in California is a monument to Lillian and Emil Judd, both Auschwitz survivors, and 12 other family members who perished in the Holocaust.

Last week, it was vandalized for the second time in less than two years.


Original Tweet: twitter.com/CombatASemitism/st


If you wanted to host multiple services under one domain, for example both lemy and mastodon, what naming scheme might you use for this?

Or would you register N domains, one for each service?

And what's the naming convention for mastodon, lemy, matrix, etc?

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I want to be clear: Jews everywhere believe that the rest of the world doesn’t care if we live or die, if our children are afraid to step outside, if our synagogues need armed guards.

Please please, non-Jews everywhere prove us wrong.

Original Tweet: twitter.com/HenMazzig/status/1

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Attacks on synagogues and Jews don’t happen in a vacuum. They are product of a culture that portrays Jews as superhuman, as oppressors, as a danger to the common good.

Lots of people who fueled this climate need to take a hard look in the mirror.

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antisemitism, cursing 

If you think that antisemitism is only a problem of some other group, you're wrong.

If you are a Christian and you think antisemitism is a Muslim problem, you're wrong.

If you're a left-winger and you think antisemitism is a right-wing problem, you're wrong.

We're human beings and we're suffering, we're dying and we're scared.

I was told by people in the FLOSS community to be silent about these issues. To that I say fuck you. This is who I am, and I will speak up.

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antisemitism, cursing 

I'm so fucking sick of hearing about how antisemitism isn't a problem with this community or that community, or it's not as big a problem as I make it out to be.

Today, during Shabbat services, a gunman took a rabbi and three others hostage.

Most synagogues have armed guards. Some have metal gates and security perimeters.

Churches don't have this.
Most mosques don't have this.

They don't need it. They aren't under threat like Jews are.

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