What are technologies / embellishmetns which seem like they'd be cool or appeared popular at the time, but just died?

3DTV and talking appliances/cars come to mind.

I'm aiming for features which seem to go one step too far.

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@dredmorbius Google Wave

We've even considered doing a show about it.

@emacsen @dredmorbius I should have remembered Google Wave before I asked for that G+ invite back in 2011. I should have seen it coming. :)


@starbreaker @dredmorbius In all seriousness about Google Wave, it was a fascinating technology.

Looking back now, it was a shift in Google's strategy from "Place we make cool stuff" to profit-focused company that killed it.

Also they chose to release a barely functional reference implementation. But there are still some things in Wave that it would have been/ would be amazing to see in ActivityPub/the fediverse.

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