I'm doing a deep dive into documenting for a soon-to-be-released software project and in doing so, found a few parts of the standard I weren't aware of was in the standard. Therefore I'm now writing up a document distilling the AP spec so folks can check their own implementations against it.

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@emacsen oh hey, on that precise topic, have you already seen @darius's opinionated guide to reading the ActivityPub spec?

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It sounds like there might be some useful convergence there between your efforts!

@gnomon @darius I hadn't seen it before, thank you.

Sadly this writeup, much like other writups, is missing all the client to server interactions.

While I agree with C2S stuff in AP could be a bit better (and I've talked about ways I think it could happen), I am a bit frustrated by the idea that implementers should just ignore it.

I'll give it a B+ ;)

@emacsen @gnomon I spend 100% of my social media life on multiple AP enabled social networks that ignore C2S though, so that's the reality we're in

@darius @gnomon The document you wrote is for developers, therefore it's aspirational. If it's aspirational, then it makes sense to aspire to the full standard.

@emacsen @gnomon it's aspirational towards getting something minimally viable working. Furthermore I state explicitly that I like C2S and if people care about it they should read it but if you want to make a service that is compatible with pixelfed, pleroma, mastodon, it's not necessary

@darius @gnomon @darius @emacsen @gnomon Fair enough. We all make choices.

My minimal AP implementation doesn't do authentication. I've been deciding whether or not to add client support. The additional 100 lines in both client and server seem worth it, but we'll see how it goes.

My reason for writing the application is for a testing ground for some of the stuff I'm working on re-anti-spam and also Golem re-implementation.

@darius @gnomon I really should get back to this thing. I got "distracted" working on Datashards.

Nonethless I should finish it up in early 2020.

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