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⛔ Some people think that if they just keep trying enough times to write #discrimination into #OpenSource, the world's problems will all disappear.

🎁 Others of us know that #FreeSoftware - for everyone, yes, even our enemies - is the only proven way to guarantee #tech can be used to protect #humanRights, fight #fascism, and save the #planet and ourselves.

:boost_requested: If you think more people should realize the difference.

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BQN, Syntax Highlighting, FLOSS 

Just got my first PR merged into PrismJS, and wrote a blog post about the language I contributed, BQN!

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There are already many awesome Nextcloud apps out there. Do you want to be the developer of the next great app? Join the #Nextcloud app development contest and win 500€, a Nextcloud mug and a free trip to our conference.

#developer #php #contest

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request for resources 

My synagogue doesn't have any harassment or 'what to do if someone does bad shit' policies. Trying to correct that.

Does anyone have resources/examples/etc so I can put a good draft in front of the board?

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The Conservatives have made ArriveCan a sort of political punching bag, but in many ways, for all the wrong reasons. They focus on how glitchy it is, or how it's missing features, but they aren't focused on how dystopian it is to need to do this at all.

The Liberal government claims this will replace kiosks at the airport. I genuinely don't feel good about this.


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Some . To get into Canada, ether as a tourist or as someone living here, you have to use this app called ArriveCan, which they said was part of the pandemic prevention measures.

Now the government is saying the app is here to stay permanently.

This app is glitchy, has privacy concerns, is not in many languages, and most importantly *requires the use of proprietary software*.

It's a huge mess, and you have to use it for every crossing, even if you have Nexus!


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Google Scholar: “We won’t list your old work if you have no University E-Mail address”.

Arne: “That research is real anyway, but my last work with KIT is from 2020, I have no KIT account for my physics research anymore. Here’s my email address.”

Google Scholar: “Not a university address.”

Arne: “I have an address where I teach informatics.”

Google Scholar: “Technically correct, the best kind of correct.”

Arne: 🤦‍♂️

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I forgot the password for my account on #libera chat

Is there anything I can do to recuperate my account ?

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Hey #gitea instance admins. Do you have SSH for your Gitea instance enabled via OpenSSH? Then be aware that you should add `AcceptEnv GIT_PROTOCOL` to your `/etc/ssh/sshd_config` file! This enables Git Wire Protocol v2 for Git over SSH.

If you're using Gitea's Internal SSH Server, this behavior will be enabled in v1.17.1

Boost are are welcome for awareness.

Something that I encounter quite frequently when talking about Jew hate/antisemitism is the "All Lives Matter" response. This usually comes up in the form of something regarding Palestinians- even when the topic of Israel isn't being discussed.

This also has an insidious little cousin argument, which is the "Good Jews" argument, couching Zionists as "Bad Jews" and anti-Zionists as "Good Jews" worthy of protection.

Both of these are antisemitic Jew hate and neither is okay.

Some of the problem is the grill that this apartment came with has not had a proper cleaning in a *long* time. It smoked immediately, and was full of black ash, suit, grease, etc.I cleaned it as best as I could without specialized tools, and I saw a difference (blue flames vs the mess of orange and yellow flames), but I know I'll need to clean it again, and I am just not adept at the needs of a grill and I need practice.

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I tried grilling a steak yesterday and it did not go well, unlike grilling the veggies, which came out perfectly.

I am thinking of going back to sous vide for prepping the steak, then only finishing on the grill, and I'm wondering how sacrilegious this is for grilling folks.

There's goes another cartoon I can't enjoy anymore.

I'll throw this on the Mimi and Eunice pile.

health, keto, diet, weight loss 

I think many people think that keto looks like Atkins images of steak swimming in butter with a fried egg on top.

That's Atkins, and it might get you in ketosis, but it's a lot of fat. Keto doesn't need a lot of fat to work. Keto only needs a low amount of carbohydrate, and protein. That's it. The fat can come from either external or internal sources.

Fat is used for satiety and flavor. that's all.

And fasting is keto, whether you "do keto" or not.


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health, keto, diet, weight loss 

Some keto insights I've had over the last few days.

First, I didn't use a calorie tracker with keto before, and the difference has been significant. Knowing the nutritional value of foods means I can make much better strategic decisions to say in my targets.

Secondly, I think many people would be surprised at how little meat I eat. Most of the time, it's roughly 6oz (170g) a day . That's all

Thirdly, I think people would be shocked at how little fat I eat.


Happy BC Day to everyone in British Columbia.

Since I do have a bunch of Vancouver folks who mutually follow, would anyone be up for one day meeting up and hanging out to talk about the Fediverse, Free Culture, Free Software, etc?

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A bit of a painful

One of the most painful things to me is when someone says they support indigenous rights, but they don't include Jews.

Jews are the only people who are indigenous, but are told we aren't and even sometimes accused of colonialism.

It's yet another example of how

It's so bad that when I read "pro-indigenous" I cringe in fear of this racist bias because it's so common.

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