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covid, canpol 

Canada has barely vaccinated any of its population. The US is vaccinating more people per day than Canada has so far.

While Canada does suffer a long tail problem, a majority of the Canadian population live within 100 miles of the US border, and 82% of Canadians live in cities (Toronto, Quebec, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, etc.).

Compare to Israel, a much poorer country, which has vaccinated 50% of not only its own population, but also Palestinians.

Step it up Canada!

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@federicomena @brainblasted hey, in a nutshell; on Linux only the Wacom have a good support as far as I tested the model I owned. Huion, Xp-Pen and other quickly are frustrating because of bugs or heavy config. So I advice old Wacom cintiq; bought on second hand market; so it's enough old for the driver to have been on Debian, then Buntu, etc...
I made an article: , and other blog post on hardware:

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new Book: Learn Multiplatform Assembly Programming

by ChibiAkumas

covers Z80, 6502, 8086, ARM, m68k assembly programming

with nice graphics, created with free software

Presentation by the author:


I've always found cars unintuitive, but at the same time, I think this is probably a bad idea.

Free Mobile OSes 

I've heard about marketplace alternatives for proprietary apps on Free OSes that don't use Android Marketplace.

I don't want to use proprietary apps, but sometimes there isn't really a choice.

Does anyone have a link to one of these marketplaces for things like Lyft, banking apps, etc?

Have you ever watched a moonbeam as it slid across your window pane?

This story about the cops using copyright directives on websites to stop distribution of police brutality videos has the entire thing backwards.

The answer is to then require these police forces to pay royalties as a public performance.

That will stop the practice very quickly.


Trudeau's interest in helping curb housing prices seems somewhat disingenuous to me. Many of the investors in Vancouver are buying with little care about ownership- renting just offsets costs. It's a hedge against a situation in their unstable home countries, largely China, though other countries as well.

If Canada wanted to address the real problem, they'd go after real estate money laundering, like they did with casinos.

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Python 3.9 is coming to #Blender 2.93. I'm committing the library files to SVN right now.

#b3d #Python #upgrades

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I thought Heart was/is a Canadian band, but no, they're from Seattle.

That explains why they're not one of the 7 or so bands on rotation on Canadian radio.

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Since end 2020 banned linking in FB posts to stating "violation of community standards". Multiple people filed complaints but nothing happened, no responses, no explanations, nothing. Please help (RT/like or comment how to proceed). Thanks!

getting old 

Fiancee: This website says I need to download an application, "Anaconda"

Me: Like the song. ANACONDA!

Fiancee: You like Nikki Manage?

Me: Who?

Fiancee: She sings Anaconda.

Me: No, Heart sings it.

Fiancee: Do you mean Barracuda?

Me: I guess so. BARRACUDA!

wetting your appetite 

Just working on documenting and styling and I'll have a fun little website released in the next week...

sounds like a distasteful joke, but isn't 

Now that I and my cat have been reunited, he misses that he can't hide in the bedroom closet.

He sits at the closet door and cries at it longingly.

Something something my cat and the closet.

mental health 

When people understand that predators don't look like predators, but instead look like the most fun, charismatic people they've ever met, then I'll be happy.

I really wish I had an eye for visual design...

Back when I played DDR (2002ish), there were Free Software DDR games. I had a pad and everything.

I wish there was a Free "Just Dance" clone.

I've been thinking about the things that I spend time doing that I don't currently have automated, and a big one of them is banking- paying bills, transferring funds to accounts, etc.

And that's really because none of the retail banks I know of offer that. If they did, that would be a real game changer.

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