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I'm an American who is deeply sad about the state of the nation. If you hate the United States, feel free to unfollow me.

I'm a proud Jew who believes in the need for a safe place for Jews to live, in other words, a Zionist. I am deeply unhappy about the current government in Israel. If you hate Israel, feel free to unfollow me.

@librelounge @filip @cwebber The one big thing I've been thinking of *not* doing is Django because I have some other AP related projects in Flask/Quark but maybe keeping Django is the right thing to do here... Thoughts?

Surgery yesterday went okay. The pain block is still partially in place so I'm numb. Can't use or feel my right arm.

Doctor said the damage was worse than he thought.

I will be reducing my social media and general internet presence for a while. If you need anything, ping me directly.

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Really enjoying listening to backlog of episodes of @librelounge.

e.g. a discussion on human rights and how they relate to free software / free culture.

For me the intersection of ethics, politics and libre stuff is very important. Looking back I think I got into it for the fun of it but the philosophy always attracted me. I want to know if and how we can mobilise it as part of a transition to an egalitarian future, and what I can do to be a part of that.

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@cwebber I don't know how familiar you are with all this, but basically,
• Plan 9 is an OS, the next project of the Unix team at Bell Labs after Unix; like Unix but better, simpler and with native network transparency
• plan9port aka Plan 9 from User Space is a port of Plan 9 userspace programs/utilities to run under Unix
• GNU Hurd is a Unix kernel based on microkernel architecture that can be used instead of Linux
• now it is possible to run plan9port on top of GNU/Hurd Unix systems too

This is an excellent guide put out by PyCon on how to maximize your enjoyment of their conference. Other conference organizers could learn a lot from this:

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I've since been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity and FODMAP sensitivity. Because of these and other reasons, I've switched to a restricted ketogenic diet.

While nothing will address all my food sensitivities, I've lost weight, gained energy, and can be in social situations again without worrying about pain or gas. It's changed my life.

Sometimes these diets aren't a matter of not caring, but of necessity.

People need to find the diet that works best for them and their body. [2/2]

I get frustrated when people say there's no excuse but to eat vegan.

I tried being vegan years ago, but spent every day of it in excruciating pain, stomach cramps that woke me up in the middle of the night, acid reflux so bad that it required prescription medication to control, gas pains that would leave me balled over in pain, and uncontrollable flatulence that was extremely embarrassing (especially at work!). Every day I took tons of pills and they only masked some of the symptoms. [1/2]

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Biden has all the appeal for a presidential candidate as a stale loaf of wonderbread IMO

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Joe Biden kicks off his presidential bid with a fundraiser hosted by Comcast's chief lobbyist

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Interested in hearing the Libre Lounge folks take on Instant Messengers? Their history, their influence on Free Software, and their emotional impact? Join us for "The Rise and Fall of Instant Messengers"

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Note: "serverless" has nothing to do with distributed network / P2P

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Testing an asynchronous http client in Python is not super easy.

Found a post that I hope will help...

Learning about 8 bit computers for a possible project. For all of the ways that I fondly remember computers of the 80s and how easy they were to understand, lack of things like standards and modern interoperability make so many things difficult to the point of absurdly complex.

Even modern microcontrollers are so much easier to work with...

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Want to learn more about ActivityPub, extensible file formats, and how parsing files is like learning another language? Check out this week's episode of Libre Lounge:

Basshunter 2006 hangs out on IRC and plays DoTA on Ventrillo.

Emacsen 2019 hangs out on IRC and plays DOTA 2. Also does a podcast using Mumble.

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