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Surely you've been wondering, when on earth is @librelounge going to talk about ActivityPub? Especially since I'm co-host and that's a major part of my work!

Well, here's an episode that's *entirely* about ActivityPub!

It's the second in a series about federation. There's more coming!

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@librelounge The reason we put off talking about federation and ActivityPub until a few months into the show was actually because we wanted to make sure we had enough of a feel about how to do these shows before we tackled a topic that's so important to us. I feel like now's a good time though!

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Okay @librelounge listeners, time to get real... Doing video was way harder than I imagined, so I'm going to release the next episode tomorrow sans video. But...

I should have the start of a post about ReviewPub out later that day, and hopefully a video in a few days. That's my hope/goal. No more delaying the episode though.

The hardest part of editing @librelounge is that I'm so used to working with audio in the background and I can't do that while editing audio. :)

How do they get video games into such small amounts of memory? This game developer shows some of the tips and tricks.

One of the things I'm learning as I get older is the long term effects of chronic injuries. Waking up in pain with parts of my body shaking has become almost normal.

I just recorded a video that I hope to release along with the next @librelounge episode. Now to actually edit!

My awesome friends and followers... There's just half an hour to help support diversity in role playing games!

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Do you care about diversity in role playing games? I know you do!

It's the final 24 hours of my friend Sean's kickstarter where he's making a zine all about diversity in tabletop role playing.

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It seems that after I unleashed that CHIP-8 emulator for #emacs someone else felt pressured to unveil their Gameboy emulator:

After some tweaking to get the code to byte-compile, I've made it run at 1.6 FPS (author claims 1 FPS interpreted). Thanks to frameskip you can actually see things move. Here's a recording of Tetris in demo mode:

I just deleted my Facebook account.

I feel both free, but also a bit sad. It was how I connected with many people in my life. But Facebook is just too evil. Still feeling some mourning.

The history of Lisp is the history of computing, which shows how women's contributions are looked over/past. Also lisp is cool.

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So uh some super exciting news in our personal life... yesterday @mlemweb and I just bought a house! We got a good deal on it, it has plenty of space (even though a lot of the spaces are kind of delightfully weird), and it's in a part of town we're happy with. Excited to have a place to finally, finally settle down in after so many years of moving. Broke it in with our first tabletop game night last evening.

(If I've seem background distracted lately, this is a good portion of why!)

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Since seeing this comic a long time ago it has really changed the way I interact with the world around me, I now say "Thank you" rather than "sorry".

I stopped apologising for existing and for taking up space as a result I have stopped minimising myself.

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