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This is obscure, but listening to this old Johnny Dollar Episode:

I hear Daws Butler, the original voice of Fred Flintstone.

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Specifically the Romans measured things in "libra" (which is why the symbol for Libra is a scale), but people under the Romans who used Proto-Germanic heard the phrase "libra pondo" (Latin for "the weight measured in libra") and just started being like "haha oh yeah this thing is X pondo heavy". So the word "pound" is derived from the Latin word for "weight" ("pondus") but we use "lb" because that's how the Romans abbreviated libra, the actual unit of measurement they used.

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Doesn't explain why I've been barely able to get out of bed for two days...

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According to this test, I don't have COVID.

Maybe I'm just lazy.

It makes me deeply sad that this post gets more attention than most of my posts about antisemitism.

Some folks are there when I post about hated towards Jews, and I deeply appreciate you, fellow Jews and allies alike.

I'm all about the struggle against all bigotry and hate.

That said if you follow me but only favorite or boost this, and not all the hatred that Jews deal with every day that I post about regularly, then I think I know what you are and I'd like you to unfollow me.

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Bigotry is disgusting in any form, by anyone.

Yeshiva University, a Jewish university in NYC, is refusing to recognize a PRIDE club on its campus. The case is now with the US Supreme court.

In the meantime, in anticipation of losing this fight, they're suspending *ALL* student clubs on campus.

Fuck them very much for this act of hate.

Antisemites on Tiktok and elsewhere have started to dress as Orthodox Jews and filming themselves harassing Holocaust survivors and actual Orthodox Jews.

I have no words :(

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Meet master_me, a new LV2/VST3/CLAP plugin and standalone app to provide one-click mastering for live streams to get loudness just right

On the Fediverse, every so often I have to block people for being anti-Jewish.

On Twitter, every so often I find out someone I've followed is anti-trans and I have to unfollow or block them.

It's so sad and frustrating, on both ends.I can't imagine what it would be like if I were a trans Jew.

People who love , does it not concern you that Synapse is really the only real server implementation?

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I think after my meeting, I'll go to the Urban Faire (note the spelling @robertwgehl ) and pick up broccoli, an onion and some cream for a broccoli cheddar soup.

Probably some chicken and other things too while I'm there.

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I think I'm officially getting sick.

Very tired, headache, etc.

I just want to sleep and have soup.

This analysis of not only the speed, but specifically the failure mode of different reverse proxies was interesting (to me at least):

According to discussion here, no.

So then it's basically back to Synapse for me, at least here...

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Does anyone here use Rocket Chat, especially with its Matrix compatibility layer?

I'm specifically trying to figure out if I can use Rocket Chat (which seems easier to set up) and do E2E encrypted chats with regular Synapse/Element users.

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