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Hero Kids is optimized for kids aged 8-12. It comes with lots of visual material- maps, character cards, item descriptions, standees, etc.

I think these visual elements will be important, since very few English classes teach terms that are common in a fantasy setting, and the items will help ground the concepts in something the kids can understand, while the standees will help them visualize the situation.


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No Thank You Evil is great, but the built in material ages out at around age 10/11, making it a good candidate, but less than optimal.

Tiny Dungeon looks super fun, like a more organized version of Freeform Universal, and I'd love to run it at some point, but the freeform nature might actually get in the way with the language issue, especially for their first RPG. I actually hope we can play this in the future.


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The rub is that they're at an awkward age (9/10), in between child and teenager, and they aren't fluent English speakers, nor am I fluent in their native language. A challenge for sure!

I looked at "No Thank You Evil", "Hero Kids", and "Tiny Dungeon", as well as my knowledge of game systems, ranging from D&D (2ndR-5), Pathfinder, MSH, Gurps, Call of Cthulu, Savage Worlds, Dragonborn, Phase 4, Freeform Universal, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting at the moment.


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Since I know a bunch of folks play tabletop and either have kids or have family that have kids, I thought I'd share some investigation that I've done into kids and RPGs.

Now that I'm married, I have nieces and a nephew, and I want to share gaming with them. One of my nieces and nephew are coming to visit, so I thought I'd investigate RPGs for us to play together.


Reinstalling Ubuntu 22.04 on my framework laptop seems to have gotten it to sleep properly!

Not sure what's changed... but this is good news I guess!

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I'm hiring! Looking for an Senior Fullstack Web Engineer, #React and #NodeJS experience are a plus. We're a #Remote company who makes a cool legislation tracking tool and contributes to #OpenSource #CivicData . Would love to chat via DMs!



For anyone who needs it, a reminder that you aren't alone.

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I've uploaded season one of our #podcast, #2ClownsInACloset, to the internet archive:

You can now listen to it all at once there, or on our website:

We're currently plotting ideas for another season, to be recorded once the closet is no longer experiencing summertime temperatures. :)


It appears that Israel has had to cancel trips to Poland for Holocaust rememberance trips because the Polish government is objecting to the materials taught about the Holocaust, and they no longer allow the security escorts to carry weapons.

In Hebrew but you can use online translation (like I did)

Holocaust education is vital and this is a very upsetting situation.

I had a hell of a time getting the BIOS updated, but that worked- doing that involved taking the laptop apart, which the wife helped me with (am all thumbs).

Now something in Ubuntu isn't letting me log in, which I suspect may be some kind of error related to the fact I have to power it down manually all the time because the darn thing won't sleep properly.

I am in a console backing it up, I'll reinstall an OS, but honestly, at this point I need to buy a new daily workhorse :(

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I wanted to love this Framework laptop, but it's not going into sleep, and having other issues...

It's really nice that it's user repairable, but they don't have phone service, they don't have a simple depot policy for replacement, etc.

That's too much time without a functioning computer for me. :(

Maybe next time, or maybe their new version will be better. :( :( :(

I know I have some folks who follow me on the Fediverse who think I'm exaggerating or wrong when I say BDS is a front for antisemitism.

Let me ask you, if you saw an organization publishing maps of Gay/Lesbian or Trans families, LGBTQ+ centers, or schools with openly gay or trans children in them, how would you feel?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Nutrient Database, one raw fennel bulb weighing 234 grams (g) contains:

72.5 calories.
0.47 g of fat.
2.9 g of protein.
17 g of carbohydrate.
7.3 g of dietary fiber.
no cholesterol.

... is what I get when I type "Fennel macros" into Google.


@technomancy says luarocks is perhaps not the best choice.

Maybe lack of a good package manager is an impediment to larger applications written in lua?

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US Pol 

At work I'm porting holocaust edu content to a new cms. Every chapter is something the GOP is doing right now. Every. Single. Chapter.

Want to put a video on a website.

Need to make a somewhat sophisticate script.

Decide this is a good opportunity use Fennel for something useful.

Realize I need luaposix for some functionality.

Installing Luaposix needs luarocks.

Luarocks isn't in Guix.

Need to learn Guix package creation for reals.


Software development is basically one long "A hole in the bucket".

(original by Harry Belafonte )

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In college, I had a professor who had a slight fear that whenever he retracted the projector screen, that there would be some disparaging remark about him for everyone to see.

Naturally, a friend and I decided to show up early, before he got there, and write messages about how great and awesome he was.

Class starts, and he does the usual, but upon finding the message, he was all "It finally happened", and got super happy.

Stealth self-esteem boosting, yo.

Weird dream last night about a TV mini-series about the film Dune, but it was an pretense to get the actors parents on stage to talk about how they felt about their transgender children and examine their sophisticated anti-trans views were, by first sympathizing with the arguments, and then slowly, over three episodes, tearing them down one by one until the audience sees clear that they had been formed from ignorance, faulty logic, or in many cases, selfishness/narcissism.

I'd watch that lol.

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