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I love watching slow tv of trains.

I don't love the screeching sound trains make when they brake.

Inadvertently because of @natalie I'm worried about my kidney.

Hey folks...

I've been using my Wingsung 699 for months now, and I love the size, but I do find that the cap is an annoyance, which is keeping me from being all-in on the Pilot 823 Custom.

Now I'm wondering about the Pilot Vanishing Point.

Does anyone have this pen?

I love but I've now spent 30 minutes reading various answers of how to integrate in projects :(

According to this, Israel has chosen silent fireworks out of respect for people with PTSD.

How awesome is that?

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NEW: What does Jewish law say about abortion?

Like most questions of halacha, it depends whom you ask.

From @thislouis:

Original Tweet:

I have resigned from the HOPE conference's Code of Conduct/Incident Response Team.

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Boost post from my employer: Want to #visualize the semantic environment of a file or a graph of all imported modules? You can write a #Javascript parser and extract the AST. A quicker way is this lean #degrapher our colleague Arne crafted with #unixtools. See how it's done: — me blogging for #work :-)

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New Pepper&Carrot derivation: a short scene animated coming with a fully detailed #krita and #b3d making-of. A project done by Purism's Creative Director @francois .

You can read the full making-of here:

I really liked the result and all the production tips on the article (the compositing!). A very good resource if you are interested into animation with Free/Libre and Open Source tools.

#MastoArt #CC-By-Sa

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I've got a new blog post up at Meedan (where I work). It's about longform git commits: what they are and how they can make your life as a software developer easier.

My spiciest git take is you should ban "-m" from your git repertoire and go full verbose invoking a text editor from the CLI to write commits.

I'm technical. I *could* spend the next month and a bunch of time/money to make this whole website and signup form and email server and all this. It would be a ton of work, but I'm capable of it.

But for a non-technical person, this would be extremely daunting. It might take them months, even years, just to do something like sign people up for a newsletter.

It would be so hard to convince someone that this is the right thing to do.

Heck, even I'm not sure what to do here. :(

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They also offer a form you can stick on your website to let people sign up, which is what I want, while I'm working out technical details.

Here's the rub... That form is an iframe that uses some javascript and it has a bunch of trackers in it.

I really don't want those trackers. I don't want to track people. I just want a signup form.

Which means I either just accept this tracker crap and force users to use it, or spend a month just to make a form that won't work as well or look as good :(

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Now quite CW but technical rant...

I want to create a newsletter for my new project. Doing your own email is hard. I've done it for >20 years. I know how hard it is. I'd rather let someone else do it.

There are companies that offer low volume newsletter (mail + campaign management tools, etc.) for very little money. They also help with the email spam issues. Signed up.

The signup form and confirmation page, etc. are all customizable and easy to make look really nice.


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The resolution that occurs doesn't need to be the exact same as what I imagine, but I try to think of a resolution and work backwards to how the players could get there.

Then I think of another resolution, and how the players could achieve that.

And finally a third resolution.

I prep my notes with three, filling in lots of details along the way.

Then during the session, when the players invariably do something I didn't expect, I have everything I need to improvise.

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I feel very lucky to be making a character-centered tabletop RPG campaign. When I work on my notes for the next session, I always write out my character's internal struggles and base the plot on that.

This leads to phrases like "Stepping Up", "Trust", "Loyalty".

Then I think about the world going on in the game, outside the players , and find a way for the players to be part of the action

Lastly, I try to come up with a concrete objective or possible resolutions.


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if there's anyone wanting to #learn #italian I'm ready to have some chats both written and spoken


A update...

A couple of weeks ago, my Wingsung 699, my daily driver, was leaking in my hands, making it unusable for writing.

Last week I got some food grade silicone grease and applied just the tiniest amount to the inside chamber and most importantly, the interior threads holding the base and the tip together.

No more leak, and I actually have a better experience with the ink inside the chamber too.

Yay for a simple, and relatively inexpensive fix.

Eid Mubarak to my Muslim friends and followers.

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@emacsen @oblomov I'm not sure what the answer to your original question is, but have you come across the Logical Fallacies wiki? I find it useful for pinning down this type of bad faith argument

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