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When you have an attachment to something...

Googling for vintage Pyrex bowls made in France in the 1970s...

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More violence against Jews in London - 3 teenagers, including the female pictured below, have been arrested for punching a Jewish man in the face.

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Mastodon won't let me make this into a poll, so I have to ask manually....

When I order from the Israeli restaurant near me and I get something warm and delicious to start my day, is it Chai or Chai?

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A 74-year-old Jewish woman was robbed and brutally beaten by two antisemitic intruders at her Paris apartment last month.

This is painfully reminiscent of the horrific murders of Sarah Halimi and Mireille Knoll in the French capital in 2017 and 2018.

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OK! Here it is, the list of "chill games." This is still a work-in-progress and I'm happy to take suggestions. Ever so many thanks to @pixouls for suggesting this project! I hope you all dig it!

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A Washington State area assistant Chief of Police - Derek Kammerzell - received only a 2 week suspension for displaying a swastika in his office

His defense? His coworkers referred to him as “German General” due to his last name & German heritage so embraced the nickname


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2022 is the year to become more unapologetically Jewish and stand up against hate, no matter who it comes from.

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Let's recommend Quicksy ( chatting app for newbies to get into free software and privacy. Quicksy has an easy sign-up using phone number, which gives same convenience as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and further it is free software, decentralized, federated and interoperable. I am able to use free software without being alienated from the society because of this option.

#xmpp #decentralization #FreeSoftware #quicksy

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The Labour Party doesn't hate Jews.... why would you ever think that???

Have I mentioned online how much I like watching Camping with Steve?

In this one he camps out with stuff you'd likely have at home already.

It looks like I can't get my daily driver notebook on Amazon anymore, but it looks like an independent seller sells it!

The Clairefontaine French ruled A5 notebook, with high quality (fountain pen friendly) paper.

The only thing that could make this notebook better is if the paper was also tearable so it came out clean.

Nonetheless, I use this notebook every single day and cherish it!

Despite the fact he follows me, I only now found @NicolasConstant 's Birdsite Live project.

It's so much what I need (and probably better than what I do now), but it's in some kind of Microsoft thing which makes it a no-go for me to develop the features I need in. :(

ugg, so sad!!!

Trippy Music Sunday

Infected Mushroom - Demons of Pain Remix

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After @BBCNews falsely alleged that victims of a recent antisemitic incident in London had provoked their attackers with an anti-Muslim slur, Jewish groups are demanding that it address its longstanding antisemitism problem and adopt @TheIHRA definition.

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The experiment came out interesting.

I had gas pain for both. I will get gas from certain foods (sugar) but rarely gas pain.

I speculate that the gas is perhaps produced in a different place.

It's not the end of the world, but pain is rare usually, and I had it yesterday and today.

..worth considering.

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On New Years eve, I drank a beer.

I used to be a beer taster, but since being diagnosed as gluten intolerant around 2006, I haven't had one.

But I didn't get very sick like I used to.

Today I had a cream puff. Actually I had three. We'll see tomorrow how I feel, but I have a theory on what's going on, and it may lead to a longer form blog post.

Short version: I'm probably fructose and FODMAP sensitive, not gluten intolerant

I think lists in Mastodon are cool, but I wish they were more flexible.

I wish my default view was everyone, then I could click groups and add/remove them as I want.

Then I could even tune the default view to include/not include groups as I go.

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I've decided to open up the code repo for my small game project, #LinkedOut, built with #AdventureGameStudio.

It doesn't *do* much yet - there's barely even an interview. But, you can keep track of the progress and see how it works.

Not what most people think about when they say "my cat sleeps in my bed".

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