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This video on shipping container home is very enlightening on why this trendy fad is nonsense.

Hey Fedversians,

Would anyone be interested in a potential Datashards talk and or hackathon in either NYC or Vancouver, BC?

If so, shout out!

it's always sunny 

I realize I'm dense but I only realized today that Jack is the nightman, and Mac is the dayman. That means his mom (Bonnie) is the toll troll.

This show is so dark...

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TruthSocial, Fediblock, pol adjacent 

As you may have seen in the news today, Trump's media team has set up their own social network "Truth Social".

What they aren't admitting is it's actually just a Mastodon instance with all the Mastodon branding removed, including all of the messages acknowledging that it is FOSS, as required by the software's free open source licence. This is breaking the terms of the licence, and is essentially stealing the software from the volunteer community which made it.

This kind of behaviour cannot be accepted by anyone who believes in FOSS. Keeping to the requirements of a FOSS licence is fundamental to building software together. If powerful people get away with stealing FOSS, people may be reluctant to build FOSS in the first place.

Hopefully someone will take legal action, but in the meantime we can block these instances in case they try to federate:

#Fediverse #Fediblock #TruthSocial #Trump #MastoAdmin #Mastodon

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unpopular opinion, drm 

I just tried KDE Bigscreen and was very disappointed.

It wants me to use No way I'll sign up for that.

It's big selling point is that it supports DRM, but it doesn't make it easy to use netflix, hulu, etc. by default.

I honestly think that our best hope here might be something like SteamOS where they might have motivation to support "apps". I don't love DRM, but I don't want these proprietary boxes (Roku, NVidia, Apple TV) either.

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"This document is about actions, and about bringing a change."

@EU_Commission's Antisemitism Commissioner Katharina von Schnurbein @EUAntisemitism on the first-ever comprehensive EU Strategy on Combating Antisemitism & Fostering Jewish Life.

Watch here-

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"I attended a Holocaust class that invited us to consider the Nazi perspective class in middle school," writes Elliot Friedland in a new opinion for the Forward.

"The experience was enraging and humiliating."

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The Galicia Jewish Museum recently launched a virtual tour of their moving exhibit “Sweet Home Sweet: A Story of Survival, Memory, and Returns” .

Take a walk through time, and view the stunning images from pre-World War II Poland.

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I watch lectures and science videos and programming lectures, but here's a One Hit Wonderland on the song Mambo Number 5. I haven't laughed this much in a while.

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In March 2021 Gab founder Andrew Torba wrote "Gab is not an antisemitic platform".

Today Gab posted this vile, antisemitic, racist tweet to their nearly 400k followers.

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Secret Open Source Fact: "Pinephone" is actually pronounced like "minestrone". (thanks, @gnomon )

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it is absolutely wild that the head of the federal reserve does not have to have their stocks held in a blind trust:

this is the person who can tank the market just by picking up their coffee mug funny during a press conference, that person is allowed to play the market.

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Just a sampling of the daily messages we receive on @instagram.

Nearly NONE of these users are removed @InstagramComms @fbnewsroom. WHY??

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mel brooks, history of the world part 1 

History of the World Part I was so good.

Not sure why the Spanish Jews are speaking Yiddish, but *shrug*.

Please Mel... you can still cancel part 2... it doesn't need to happen!

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🇬🇧 At the “Tech Conference” I explained why it is time to ban surveillance-based ads and why we should have a right to choose our timeline algorithm!

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This video is about replacing classic board games you played as a kid with better versions.

I really learned a lot of new games!

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Another reminder on anonymity. When Twitter analysed the racist abuse following the Euros this summer, 99% of the accounts they had to suspend were *not* anonymous. 99%.
Anonymity is *not* the problem.

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