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I know some folks like RSS feeds, but I wonder genuinely if there are more people using RSS feeders than ActivityPub powered applications.

Anyone have any data on this?

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Fairphone make smartphones that are as ethical as possible. You can follow them at:

➡️ @Fairphone

Fairphone has:

-Fair wages and conditions for everyone involved, including those digging raw materials

-Recycled materials as far as possible

-Parts user repairable/upgradable as far as possible

-Hardware and software support as long as possible

-Support for de-googled OSes, incl. partnership with @e_mydata

More info at

#Fairphone #Smartphones #Hardware #Activism

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steam deck, right to repair 

Valve has put out a new video showing a teardown of their new Steam Deck console. The thumbnail literally says "You shouldn't do any of this." The video itself explains the (perfectly valid) reasons why, but also shows how to do it properly if you're gonna do it anyway. They also mention that you can buy replacement parts directly from Valve.

This is honestly a really great stance for a hardware manufacturer to take on the Right to Repair movement. WARN, don't restrict.

See, Apple? Is that so hard?

Wow.. Viva Pizza has Kedeem grape juice as an option for beverage


Is there a term for the toxic behavior of when someone insults themselves or typecasts themselves to avoid criticism?


Alice: You forgot my birthday, again.

Bob: I'm a terrible boyfriend, you should find someone else who will love you right!

This turns the situation around and makes Bob the object of pity and implies that Alice's desires are unreasonable.

Is there a term for this?

mh, stress 

Honestly, yesterday was so much worse a day than I could have imagined when it began. I had issues with customs, issues with my COVID test that kept me up most of the night, but most significantly, 5cm of raw sewage in my kitchen sink and dishwasher!

But yesterday is over. Today is travel.

(still, my poor wife has to deal with the raw sewage)

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mh, stress 

Most stressful day in a while (since the days around when I came to Canada and wasn't sure I would be let in until 5 minutes before the flight).

I can get through this...

One of the frustrating things about living in Canada (vs the US) is the lack of products or higher cost.

Want cat food? The selection is better in the US.

Want a specific pillow. The brand exists in Canada but the model only exists in the US.

Want a lozenge made in British Columbia? Cross the border to Washington State and get it for 40% less.

It's something I encounter about once a week.

Sadly they didn't fulfill the order and there was no cheese foam.

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Do you like Mario?

Do you like It's Always Sunny?

I'm not sure if you'll like this.

Spent two weeks coding a new project. It's significantly harder for me to make a website about it...

I just don't have an eye for visuals...

The right rum to go with my Cthulhu flask (and visa versa).

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hate speech, uk, politics 

This is crucial because what the BBC and Standard are doing is ignoring the core reason he was fired- for making inflammatory statements that make the life of Jewish students unsafe, and for accusing Jews of being part of a vast conspiracy (that also being an antisemitic trope).

By reporting it in in this way, two large UK news agencies are essentially creating a "Israel vs the truth" narrative, which is exactly the kind of rhetoric that David Miller was fired for.

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hate speech, uk, politics 

One of the challenges I have in talking with people about hate speech and antisemitism, particularly in the UK, is showing how it's hidden in the reporting.

Professor David Miller was fired from U. of Bristol for antisemitic comments. He also claimed all Jewish groups on campus were "lobbying groups" for Israel.

But the BBC and the Standard say he was reported over "criticism over Israel"

The Commodore 64 was released in 1982. It took 14 years for Nintendo to catch up with the Nintendo 64, released in 1996.

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