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I've seen a bunch of references recently.

If you haven't seen this Sideways video on the Matrix soundtrack, do yourself a favor and watch it.

Even if you aren't into soundtracks, seriously, watch it!

Crack slaw and guacamole- it's what's for lunch

Is there anyone else who uses Helm 90% of the time vs memorizing the key bindings?

It's certainly not all bindings but I find I memorize fewer once since Helm

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Kiwix is a free open source app for offline viewing and searching of Wikipedia, Gutenberg, StackExchange etc. It lets you use and distribute physical copies of websites entirely offline.

You can follow at:

➡️ @kiwix

The app is available for Linux, Mac, Windows, Android and iPhone/iPad from

#Kiwix #Wikipedia #ProjectGutenberg #OffTheGrid #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Android #iOS #Linux #Mac #Windows #Activism #Books #Academic #Apps #SelfHosting

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What are some good Fediverse "guides"/lists of instances?

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Debugging my new UI library:

Fennel Markup Language - Immediate Mode User Interface

1. Anchoring works!

2. Alignment works! (without padding :/)

3. Margins are broken AF (see red boxes)


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@craigmaloney @davidrevoy I’m using the Memoir package from LaTeX via Emacs Org Mode with some adaptions. See for the setup and for the actual text.

Page 101 is at line 1452 in the source file:

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@davidrevoy Thank you for allowing me to use Lecture in the 1w6 rules! It is a wonderful fit, and it makes “then the GM says »it’s a rainy friday evening — what are you doing?«” feel so much more relaxed.

Thank you for allowing us to share your art! →

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[PRIVACY|GUIDE] Increase your Privacy : ALTERNATIVE tools and platforms email, chat apps, maps, search


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Here's an opportunity to write some FOSS graphics history, everyone: "VGC Illustration" presents a technologically novel - and having tried it I will say *artistically superior* - approach to illustrative vector graphics. It's developed by a 1 (soon 2) person team that has serious industry and technical research credentials (Pixar, Siggraph) while at the same time being fervent open source lovers and actually developing their research as FOSS since years. Boris (the lead dev) has now fully dedicated his life mission to making VGC Illustration (and soon Animation) a sustainable open source business, and all he's asking for is pretty much peanuts considering the magnitude and scope this could soon have. If the kickstarter (which started only an hour ago and is already 10% funded!) does not work out, VGC is probably dead, so I think this is a lifetime opportunity for us to give support to establish a new powerful player and unique technological cornerstone in FOSS graphics. To conclude: Please, for the love of FOSS, throw money at this! :)


If one day Emacs is in Guile, and systemE is in elisp, which is a frontend to guile, and then there's a white rabbit with a pocketwatch whose late and bottle that says "Drink Me"

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If you think and Shepard are too mainstream, just jump right into the init deepend


RPG thoughts 

One of the thoughts that "keeps me up at night" is the difference between the MSH Universal Table and the Phase 4 MasterTable.

Since I'm assuming most folks haven't played either system, I'm curious if other people have any thoughts on the probability layout of the Phase 4 Master Table (attached) vs the MSH Universal Table

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I've actually wondered why no one has taken the Protonmail approach to their own mail storage.

There are whitepapers and the client is FLOSS.

What is complicated/in the critical path of this?

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And then there's the whole "unbreakable encryption" line of marketing — also false.

I wrote about it in 2014:

Kobeisi did in-depth analysis in 2018:


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