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I feel like I'm really starting to understand this roam/org-roam/hyberbole mentality, but it's such a change from how I've thought of things in the past that I need some time to process how to use it in my daily life.

The idea is to basically "just write" and then let the system structure the notes. This is useful as I learn things or start writing ideas out.

The idea is that it would function nearly identically to a normal tamagotchi, except that by doing its suggestions, it thrives if you thrive.

It could even be based on something like

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I know a number of folks on the Fediverse have depression or other mental struggles.

What about something like a reverse tamagotchi that does things like remind you to take your medication and remind you of how great you are. In order to keep it healthy and grow, you need to acknowledge it and do what it asks.

Is this a crazy idea?

A Slashdot poll asked users favortie word processor. vi wasn't even an option, neither was Cowboy Neil

ActivityPub, Python 

If I don't want to implement ActivityPub from scratch, and I need it to be S2S compatible with Mastodon, is there a nice Python library I can use to quickly stand up a server and play with it?

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I have been using briefly a project called ytcc for watchig youtube videos

ytcc only checks wether some accounts I follow have published some new video

But I get NO reccomandations


the experience is dramatically different

playing with out neurocognitive wiring should be illegal

oh and by the way, not involving any browser in watching videos is another dramatic improvement

so much better. So much !

judaism, politics 

And for the reasons above, I empathize with the author of this piece on why young Jews are denouncing "Zionism"- a term that has been (as of late) misunderstood and used as a slur for those of us who believe in Israel's right to exist.

I don't agree with everything the author says about young Jews, but I share her frustration with the ignorance that these younger folks are showing.

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judaism, politics 

Someone I used to work with even told me that had to not talk about my identity, my race and my religion. These social pressures Jews face is real and serious.

And now many younger Jews are repeating the left's denunciation of Israel, and even policies that call for the destruction of the country, based largely on social pressures and acceptance.

I understand that desire to fit in and be accepted, but I don't feel I have that luxury when my safety is at stake.


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judaism, politics 

I see many people speaking on the conflict in Israel as if there is a unified singular fight. There is not. There are at least four individual situations that have come together, yet I see people spouting mantras even without being able to identify these places on the map.

And most frightening to me, I see the same pattern of Jews needing to take a litmus test or face expulsion from social circles. "Denounce Israel and prove you're one of the good ones."


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judaism, politics 

There's a lot of complexity for progressive Jews such as myself- who believe in social justice, who deeply oppose the right wing government that has been at power (while not a majority) in Israel for two decades, and at the same time knowing the lessons of history, knowing that we aren't safe, that we deserve self-determination.

I believe in Israel, even as I deeply disagree with its policies, just as I believe in the United States while being devastated by Bush and Trump.


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Today 5 years ago 12 people founded Nextcloud to create a complete Free and Open Source alternative to centralise proprietary cloud services and open core competitors. Together we achieved a lot more then what I dreamed of. Thanks to everyone who is contributing.

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Here's a quick Python script taking the BIPS-0039 word list, taking out an evenly distributed 400 words, and using that to build indices with Plus Codes pairs as an improved replacement over what3words.

9C3XGRC3+FC = "fruit boil member guitar judge"

I'd love a virtual background app for Linux that "works out of the box".

The best I've found so far is.. a python script?

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#GCC does away with the requirement for copyright assignments to the FSF:

I think it’s a wise decision in this day and age. 👍


My top 10 concept albums of all time. Not ordered because they're too different and incomparable

* Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness - Smashing Pumpkins
* Since I Left You - The Avalanches
* The Wall - Pink Floyd
* Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles
* Tommy - The Who
* Joe's Garage - Frank Zappa
* Deltron 3030 - Deltron 3030
* Computerwelt- Kraftwerk
* Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band - The Beatles
* Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd

Are there any of yours that I missed?

judaism, antisemitism 

When I hear the oft-repeated mantra "Being critical of Israel isn't the same as being antisemitic", I have many of the same thoughts that this opinion piece has, which is the line between the two is very blurry, and a lot of antisemitism is shielded in a protective cloak of "Critical of Israeli policy"

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Zabars has a podcast, but they don't have the RSS feed link anywhere I can find it.

Emailed them, no reply.

Guess I won't get to hear the Zabars podcast!

Has anyone experimented with making skills ala @mycroft or similar, but using a chat interface instead, such as XMPP rather than voice recognition?

I feel like many tasks I need to context switch for could be done more easily through a textual interface, such as:

"Add to todo, 'buy milk'"

'Schedule haircut at 2pm on Tuesday'

I'm looking for something to allow me to keep flow and then I'd modify later to be more correct.

Went on Twitter. What a hotbed of hate.

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