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Has anyone experimented with making skills ala @mycroft or similar, but using a chat interface instead, such as XMPP rather than voice recognition?

I feel like many tasks I need to context switch for could be done more easily through a textual interface, such as:

"Add to todo, 'buy milk'"

'Schedule haircut at 2pm on Tuesday'

I'm looking for something to allow me to keep flow and then I'd modify later to be more correct.

Went on Twitter. What a hotbed of hate.

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#Google employees admit in lawsuit that the company made it nearly impossible for users to keep their location private:

They even pressured OEMs to "bury" such settings, and kept their own employees in the dark: "Even Google execs and employees in charge of location data were confused about how privacy settings worked."

Is that what they call "improving" #privacy of their users?



I had this song stuck in my head last night as I couldn't sleep:


It's by the same group who made the song A Beautiful Mime, which was used as the theme to Mad Men.

It's 4:30am. For nearly two hours each time I try to sleep, either I wake up from the smell of pot from outside, my wife's phone buzzes until I wake up, a cat walks on me or cries, or my wife cries out in her sleep from a nightmare.

I'm already exhausted and the day hasn't begun.

I think asking people to self-host is too high a bar, but expecting third parties to always be on the user's side is simply not possible, as shown by Tutanota, which is being court ordered to monitor messages for one specific user.

And once you have one user monitored, you open the flood gates for all other users.


Early on I was like "Screw the economics, this is life and death!" but now all adult Canadians have access to the vaccine in Canada, which means the risk of hospitalization or death is very low, and will be lower in a month's time.

If the US keeps going and, for example, signs the bill bypassing BC for cruise ships, that alone will have a $2B USD impact on Canada.

I don't think that waiting much longer is a good idea. Not thinking about it will arm Doug Ford, and that's a bad thing.

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It's a tricky situation. Several provinces are under some fairly strict lockdown procedures, including BC, where we can't even travel outside of the city without an essential reason.

At the same time, the liberal party in Canada is extremely anti-American and I believe this is playing a part in the border closure.

Opening the border on the US side is a way to excerpt soft power, as well as give the US an economic boost.

Economic argument in the following message.

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It seems that the US and Canada have not come to an agreement about the border.

Trudeau wants to keep the border closed until 75% of Canadians are vaccinated and the US is saying it's time now, as there is wide vaccine availability and adoption.

The US is going to open the land border with Canada unilaterally on June 22nd. Americans and Canadians will be able to enter the US from Canada, but the Canadian side will still be closed.

I'll give my personal take in the reply..


So many dreams last night. Dreams about the Food Theory channel, about Casio watches, but my favorite was about a dream I had where I was talking to @davidrevoy over IRC about this website where people would try to reduce their carbon footprint while traveling, for example by taking the train instead of flying, flying to a nearby city instead of going directly. People would rack up points.

Awake, this actually sounds like a bad idea, but in the dream it was pretty cool!

Today is a day I wish I could just be hanging out with friends and play Empty Epsilon with filk music on in the background.

The downside of my system is that I have my daily planner out all the time, but I still go to the computer for calendar events , and I still have to transcribe todo items.

My longer term task todo management is lacking. I'm currently using Personal Kanban for those items.

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In case anyone is curious, my daily system is that I have a running todo list ala the Cycle System- which I've been using for well over a decade (maybe 15 years?) and then I also have Time Blocks, that is time I set aside for certain tasks that require deep focus.

The todo list is managed in org-mode, but I haven't found a representation of Time Blocks on the computer that I find is faster or easier to use than writing it out.

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I've found that no tool (not even an Emacs mode) makes the type of daily planning I do simple/straightforward.

My choices are therefore to write one, or to just keep doing what I've been doing and use a partially analog system.

The benefits of writing down my schedule every day and writing out certain tasks in the morning is also meditative, so I see no reason to spend time coding it.

There was a time when I could set up a file server with NFS, Samba, etc in an hour or less. That was a long time ago.

Now I'm giving up and using a pre-made solution, either freenas or openmediavault or similar.

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here are 1500+ uncensored "behind the scenes" photos and videos of our work at MNT Research (some stuff going back to 2015) including MNT Reform and Amiga graphics card prototypes. the first bunch are unsorted (no date), but then reverse chronological


I've been looking up new words and their roots, I wanted to find the root for volapukajxo, meaning "nonsense" or "gibberish" and I couldn't find it, All I found was "Volapük" so I looked it up on Wikipedia.

Turns out it was another conlang from the same era.


It would be like if Linux had an error message saying "Kernel BSDed".

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uspol, political activism, Washington DC, facial recognition 

Political activism works. The DC facial recognition system is shutting down.

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