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I wonder how hard it would be to bottle my own drink. I love Club Mate, but I have my own preparation that is calorie free and tastes darn good.

The problem is that making it at home is kind of a pain.

It seems only supports Google and Twitter OAuth2 and not arbitrary OAuth2. Frustrating...

Anyone have experience and or can think of a way around this?

Thinking about compression and audio formats makes me think about if gzip/bzip were lossy.

What a fun world it would be.

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University of Minnesota banned from Linux kernel development and a purge begins:

"Because of this, I will now have to ban all future contributions from your University and rip out your previous contributions"

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🐧 I'm one of the Guest of Honor at Penguicon 2021! 🎉 I'll participate to talks and I'll also give a Krita workshop. You can find more information here:

#penguicon #penguicon2021 #krita


Sometimes a parrot talks.

Yes... some birds are funny when they talk.


He was just trying to get us through this situation to the next one, playing a role of the bad guy to motivate us to see the truth, the truth of ourselves, or the way we're harsh on each other, our inner demons, etc.

Free of that, he showed me that I could live hundreds or thousands of lives, and he showed the strings that bind these lives together.

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Last night was one of the strangest dreams I've ever had. I was someone else, a teenager, and I'd died, along with many other teenagers, in an accident. And the man in charge was torturing us.

And I realized that it wasn't him who was torturing us but him simply making our ideas manifest.

We were the ones torturing us. And when I realized that, his whole demeanor changed, and I saw him for who he was, not the devil in the Christian sense, but somewhere more like the Jewish sense...

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Then at runtime, each object in the tank (fish + crabs and other objects) would be displayed on the screen, along with some Z value for objects being in front of each other.

Sadly there's very little about the "Roe" format but I wonder if something like this could exist today without the need to pre-render..

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video games, el-fish, rant 

One of my favorite games as a child was El-Fish. It wasn't so much a game as a simulation. The idea was that you could place special fish inside a virtual fishtank.

You could also breed fish together and even simulate "mutations", all on a 286.

The way this worked was the game would take your roe file, which contained some kind of "genomic" data and then render a fish, frame by frame into a final .fsh file.


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We're looking for a family car, our first new car, and the Toyota RAV 4 Prime checks all our boxes.

The problem is the darn thng seems to be very sold out, and there are literal waiting lists months, even years long for it!

For a car we need, that's too long to wait...

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I love that there were two links to my book "The Mediocre Programmer" on Hacker News, but no comments and very little uptick, but someone posted a link to the introduction and suddenly there was a (wrong) opinion on the internet they could spar with.

Keep being adorable, HN.

Link to the book if you're interested:

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@emacsen Yup, you can ask me about both since I maintain all relevant code for them in FFmpeg, or you can ask xiphmont on freenode for Vorbis (pretty sure he's forgotten a lot now though) and jmvalin on freenode for Opus (he got hired and rarely if ever responds). You can also ask mark4o, who's the current maintainer of libopus, but he's not all that knowledgeable on the codec internals and isn't very active.

Anyway, all audio encoding/decoding code is perfectly deterministic, the only non-determinism comes when muxing.
FFmpeg will save the current date into the file, which you can forcefully disable by using -map_metadata -1.
opusenc will randomize the stream's starting serial number, which you can just disable by manually specifying --serial <number>. Should be the same with vorbisenc.

Does anyone have a connection to the folks who make the Ogg codecs?

Working with @plexus today it looks like vorbis and opus may not be deterministic and I'm wondering if there's a way to force them to be.

I know some people object to all proprietary games, but I very much enjoy Dota.

And the soundtrack is genuinely beautiful.

This is the flute version of the menu soundtrack.

It on its own is amazing.

Had a dream with "Within You Without You" (which I haven't heard in many years) in it.

I wonder how I much I owe in royalties.

I really love the XO-1 laptop. I have a few sitting around.

I really wish there was a way to retrofit modern hardware in that case. replace the motherboard and battery at least.

They were so genuinely cute..

This is just a feeler for now, but would people be interested in helping organize a Free Culture conference online?

If so, could you drop me a line?

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WTF is this?

CW for link: police brutality, a lot of police brutality.

Police is not great in many countries, but friends in the US apparently have it _sooo_ much worse.

I wish clothes had stats on them. I'd probably dress like this too...

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