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Canada claims to be pro-LGBTQ+ yet it has labeled the Proud Boys a terrorist organization.


There are many people calling for a new political party in the US for Republicans who feel unhappy because their party doesn't represent them. This would split the Trump party folks from the others.

I have unfortunate news for anyone looking to start a political party in the US... the American system of government has been optimized to prevent the success of any third party, of any political viewpoint, and thus to encourage collaboration and collation.

The US isn't parliamentarian.

TIL that the music in that lalalala internet meme from the early 2000s is from Petit Love by (yes the Butterfly song people from DDR).

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Let me elaborate a bit, because I want people to understand..

I don't mind if hardware is a little bulky in the name of Freedom. For example, I've heard the Fairphone is slightly bulky, but all the parts are replaceable.

I know the MNT Reform will be bulky, but it's part of its design.

The LibreM is so huge, and so heavy that it's just not usable as a phone.

If it had been sold as a development environment, fine, but this isn't a phone that people can use.

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My LibreM just arrived.

Long story short, this thing is so thick and heavy as to not be usable as a phone, period.

I hate to say it, but this thing is a joke- a very expensive joke.

I read about all the problems Purism had, and what a disaster it was internally, but the finished product is even less of a viable product than the Neo Freerunner.

The PinePhone is too slow to use, but at least it has the appearance of a normal phone.

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Many people get COVID-19 and are show no or only mild symptoms, and they won't be caught in the BC testing regime.

This means the Canadian COVID numbers are going to be somewhat less accurate than the US ones. How much is very hard to quantify...

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One thing I've learned recently is that the Canadian COVID numbers may be somewhat artificially lower than in the US due to the way they're counted.

In New York at least, testing is]widespread, both antigen and PCR testing. People are encouraged to be tested regularly even if they show no symptoms.

In BC, only people who are symptomatic are asked to be tested. Even if you're been exposed, you are asked not to get tested unless you feel sick.


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if you feel bad asking for help remember how good it feels to give help

New computer only has one HDMI port.

New monitors only have HDMI ports.

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The gaming PC's fans have never been quiet but they're especially grindy. Yesterday the thing needed to be shut down for no reason and then came up "BIOS CORRUPTED".

It's a good thing this thing is being replaced in two days...


The dream of the 90s is alive in Biden.

I'm using Mobian on one of my phones (a PinePhone)

Some thoughts:

1. The installer was a pleasure. No weird incantatious or risks. Just a nice normal install.

2. I do need a few apps I don't have, and the software installer gui doesn't work. Specifically I need Signal, a maps app, and maybe maybe an Android emulator.

3. This phone is just too slow to use right now. It's just not usable.

4. I can't wait to try this on a faster device!

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