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It should be no surprise that Amazon has done everything they can to make going to Whole Foods a wholly unpleasant experience, but especially since COVID, I feel like I'm shopping at a warehouse.

I keep thinking "If it's going to be like this, I might as well shop online" and then I realize that's exactly why they've done this.

Then I'm just sad.

Inbox Zeroed!


Org Agenda... exploded.

Shifting deck chairs on the titanic?

If you go to someone and present them with an expression of concern over something they've done and try to get acknowledgement and boundary setting and their response is to turn it around on you and or spin it as an accusation- that's the sign of a dangerous person.

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Arguably we pay to those projects by spending time doing things like editing and writing Wikipedia, creating commons for Archive, replying to questions in #Debian or helping to find and fix bugs in apps etc.

Yes, they also need some money for server costs etc, please donate if you have the money, but it’s not as if those orgs are gonna put all of us volunteers (which could include you♥) on a payroll any day soon.

Let’s be careful so we don’t turn commons culture into a pyramid scheme where all the money goes to Linus and Jimmy while there are thousands of people that are collectively doing a lot of the labor and getting zilch.

Does anyone on the Fediverse knows of a good audio editor?

I want to release Libre Lounge out but I'm stuck in a mental rut editing the audio. But if I could pay for someone to do it, it would be done faster and we'd have more episodes.

If you're an audio editor or know of one that would be willing to edit a 45-1 hour long podcast, let me know.

Boosts appreciated!

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Comic villain scared straight


Some have asked why I changed my tune about Biden, where previously I didn't support him and now I'm supporting him by default.

The answer is that I don't think Biden is sufficient for the kinds of progress the US needs, but I see the contrast between the two candidates as stark and clear. It is the distinction between having a functioning democracy and not.

There need to be real significant change in the US, but to do that, we need to have basic rights such as voting.

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I neglected to mention using the postal service to try to shut down the votes.

And I also neglected to mention Trump suggesting voters commit a felony by voting multiple times.

And Trump talking about sending the military to "guard" polling places, creating voter intimidation.

Also Barr is suggesting that Republicans get on election committees and be part of the process of throwing out votes.

These are not the tactics of a functional democracy, no matter the outcome.

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This article in Forbes outlines a strategy by Republican lawmakers to bypass the electoral polling entirely.

The first phase was suppression by gerrymandering. Next was throwing out voter registration. Then came claim the vote is fraudulent. Now we have an attempt to bypass the democratic system entirely.

What we are witnessing is the disintegration of democracy in the United States.

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Last week I upgraded my mail server.

This week I'm hoping to change MUAs after 20 years.

In the 90s and very early 2000s, I used vm for emacs. I switched to mutt for many years, with notmuch to help me. I tried to use gnus for a while.

Now I'm trying mu4e.

The real question for me is being able to still move mail around between folders so that I can still use mail on other platforms (the web, my phone).

Some young children can't wipe their bottom when they use the bathroom.

But how does this even happen?

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Let me be clear- not all lefties do this, but I'm very scared of the left in many places and their antisemitic rhetoric that is wrapped up in anti-Israel sentiment, just as I'm scared to death of right-wing activists chanting "Jews will not replace us!" in the streets.

It's increasingly scary to be a Jewish person in the world today.

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Hey lefties who hate Jews and conflate that hate with Israel to keep the flames of hate fueled.

You and Trump have something in common.


A common question that comes up is what is the distinction between anti-Israel policy feelings and antisemitism.

The answer can be found in how criticism of Israel differ from criticisms of other places, holding Israel up to a different standard than other countries, then we're left with the conclusion that there are ulterior motives.

In this set of birdsite messages, we see examples of how Israel is treated differently to other countries.

Every so often I talk to my old coworkers and I realize what an amazing boss @genehack was.

My mail migration is over... Now it's just cleaning up all those places I have mail configs (phones, etc.)

I plan on moving mail servers this weekend.

I don't think I've been this stressed about a computer thing in decades...

I feel like bookmarks are good but insufficient. What I really want is something more akin to a personal Wayback Machine.

Does anyone know of a tool to do that easily? I could write a web scraping tool easily but I feel like this must already have been done.

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