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So... umm.. having pain and tingling in my fingers and toes.

Should probably look into that eh?

@librelounge Hey awesome folks.

First, I'd love if *you* want to be on the show. if you do, please msg or email

Please do not out folks who might not be out or want that kind of attention!

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I want to do a few @librelounge episodes on gender and Free Software.

I'd love to talk to female identifying and or trans folks, especially if you're working on something cool. Please talk to me!

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It seems that Google wants to make using app bundles a requirement for new apps on Google Play in 2021:

This would mean developers have to upload their signing keys to google play even though there's no technical benefit in doing that. You can achieve the same efficient download sizes by using bundletool locally and uploading all generated apks. But it seems google will stop allowing that and just wants your signing keys.

Nostalgia for the 80s (when most of you weren't alive)- Check.

Anime girl dancing - Check

Vaguely familiar music - Check

This will get me mad boots on the Fediverse

This is probably one of the most underrated shows in Comedy Central history.

Also, I miss NYC being open...

Health, Diet 

After gaining so much weight in the last six months, being back to keto feels so good.

One thing I think would surprise people who aren't keto is just how many vegetables I eat. A majority of the food I consume by volume is vegetables.

The rule of thumb is a majority of the food you should eat by volume should be vegetables, and the majority of the calories should be fat or protein.

A long time friend: I don't want to be racist, but...

Me: Then don't be.

I have some very concrete ideas on how to make Jitsi much better that wouldn't be too hard to do, but would involve more time to invest than I have...

I wish there were more of me, or more hours in the day. Or if anyone wants to work on making Jitsi better and wants an idea on how, ping me I guess!

Git's "master" branch is hard coded into the software, though you can use a template to override the behavior:

Luckily, once the branch has been committed to, you can move it to something else with:

git branch -m master main

as per

I hope that Git changes its defaults soon.

Downvoted on Hacker News for trying to give a reasonable perspective on trans folks.

That platform has turned awfully right wing and negative as of late...

TERFs, Free Culture, Hate Speech 

If you need evidence of it, go to her Twitter feed and you will see tweets chiding trans people about their genitalia, tweets mocking the trans flag, etc.

When these tweets began, I was dating a trans woman, and told Nina that. She continued to post these kind of hate filled statements anyway.

I still hope she'll change her mind about these issues. If she does, I will welcome her back with open arms, but my hopes around that are diminishing.

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TERFs, Free Culture, Hate Speech 

I've avoided talking about this because I prefer to build up rather than tear down, but in these times of meaningful solidarity, I feel it's necessary to openly discuss why it is that I stopped collaborating with Nina Paley, and that is because she is anti-trans. Period, end stop.

I had two tear-filled phone conversations about it, emails and other correspondence, but I couldn't convince her otherwise.


My Pinephone arrives today.

What are people's favorite Free Phone OS?

So far on my list to evaluate I have:

Ubuntu Touch
Sailfish OS
Graphene OS

Does anyone have experience with these OSes or Free phones?

The DA's delicate dance here is illustrative of a serious problem, he's afraid of the police.

Maybe it's time for the mayor to clean house, and if he can't, then Cuomo, who said that this was unacceptable.

The police are ambassadors of the law, and shoving a 75 year old man to the ground and watching him bleed from the head is not the kind of behavior that is acceptable, especially now.

This article from /. mentions a radical shift from Canonical in Ubuntu making it such that I can't recommend their OS anymore (and will need to move away from it myself).

Though there's no way I'd use Linux Mint, I'm curious to what other OSes I can use that don't require me having to fiddle much and have good hardware support?

Dear Lua,

foo = foo or "Foo"

Is not "the language provides argument defaults"


the mgt

After seeing the repeated police brutality this week across the US, including just today where police in Buffalo push a 75 year old man down, notice that he's bleeding from his ears, shrug and walk away, as other officers notice the man and do nothing- I'm finding myself at a loss about what can actually be done around policing in the US.

This isn't about training- it's a lack of basic human empathy. These people should not be in these positions, period, end stop.

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