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so hey does anyone have any good youtubers that are nonbinary AND appropriate for children? Cuz my child's having a hard time finding representation and wants to watch things with enbies

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Apparently the Costco employees directing traffic through the store are now saying "Sorry" to people he has to hold back for a minute or two.

What kind of sick game are you playing, Canada?!

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My fiancee is at her local Costco buying supplies. Like the Costco here, there is a long line.

Where I dealt with people cutting in front of me and yelling, paniced, the shoppers are orderly and calmly helping one another.

Where I got yelled at by Costco employees to keep moving, she got offered bags in case she didn't have any, and help keeping her cart full of stuff she needs.

Canada is a utopian nightmare.

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We would love to do a show about the threat of the EARN IT Act (S. 3398).

Are there any experts on this topic who would like to be part of a discussion on this topic?

COVID-19, Dark humor, Sarcasm, Mineshaft Gap 

Planning on how to handle COVID-19

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On Twitter, "Bernie Bros" is still trending, even after the FBI said that many of these accounts online are part of Russian troll farms.

The FBI said that they're hurting Bernie's campaign this way, yet the NY Times only posted about how Russia is "helping Sanders".

The mainstream has done everything they can to make sure that this man doesn't get in power, which means we need to do everything we can to ensure he does.

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Obviously it's your vote, but I really encourage everyone voting today to not let Biden, whose speeches have felt more and more incoherent and gaffe-heavy over time, win the dem nomination. That feels like a path to a Trump shoo-in right now.

My partner just sent me a screenshot from Apple Podcasts. Apparently we have two ratings, one for five stars and one for two stars.

The five star rating and review is from a jfredrikson. Whoever they are, if they're reading this, your review is SOO NICE. THANK YOU!

Also if you listen to our podcast on a podcast aggregation service, please do rate us... it really helps!

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With Mayor Pete out of the race, the DNC is going to try to squeeze the canidates so the only remaining options are Sanders and Biden, and then give it to Biden at the convention.

The other possibilities I see are that Warren will try to woo DNC leaders into being the party uniter- but her recent negativity is going to make that really challenging.

If they don't somehow put a progressive in a prominent position, they'll lose the general election- pure and simple.

US Politics 

The DNC has invented an imaginary voter to justify its suppression of Bernie Sanders (and Elizabeth Warren.

It's time they get real with themselves, and the American people.

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GNU vs. OSI 

can't help but notice the stark contrast between how OSI handles problematic people on mailing lists and how GNU handles (or rather, doesn't handle) the same situation. ESR cofounded OSI and yet when we went bananas on their mailing list the mods kept the offensive messages off the list archives and banned him. GNU list moderators won't even ban known trolls that aren't even GNU maintainers!!!!! they just say "please be kind" endlessly and nothing ever changes!

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In this episode of Libre Lounge, @emacsen site down with Frank Karlitschek, the founder of @nextcloud to talk about #FreeSoftware and companies, the dangers of VC funding, 90s optmism about the Internet and the role of federation in the future of computing and society.

Check out this amazing conversation at

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The Swiss Federal Council has banned public and private gatherings of 1000 or more people over Coronavirus fears until March 15.

ROFLMAO I've never seen anyone so out of touch Biden: "The American people don't want a revolution."

US Politics, Democrats 

CBNC reporting how a Democratic "megadonor" wants to stop Bernie Sanders.

The coverage I've seen of Bernie in the large corporate media is attrocious- including and especially CNN, the Washington Post, NY Times and as On the Media Noted, MSBNC:

This just shows what a good chance we have to have a real progressive in the White House. We can't mess this up.

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re: salty, pinephone, techbros 

here's a pro tip, from an actual pro:

"works for me", uttered even in jest, is the absolute least helpful thing a project's developer can emit, and if you do this, you should not be surprised when people talk mad shit about your project. it's deserved.

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