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Read an article about how the DMCA is being used to fight people from allowing people to use their own modified health devices.

Explaining DMCA to someone, I found an old article about myself. I've been thinking about this stuff for over twenty years.

Would love if Mastodon supported editing posts, rather than just "delete and re-draft" so spelling errors wouldn't be there forever.

Does Pleroma support the Modify activity?

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GF says my cat Crispin is dusty. I don't know what she's talking about.

Made a political contribution to Bernie Sanders this morning after realizing that my support of Elizabeth Warren was thinking about who I "thought could win".

Warren is still great, but I want to support the candidat who most fits my views and values.

Bernie 2020

Hate Crimes 

This doesn't even mention the anti-semetic attack on the subway last week....

Nor the attack in the deli in Jersey City, just across the river from NYC.

US Politics 

There is a serious issue where the various media powers are choosing to deliberately block Bernie Sanders from not only being elected, but being visible as a candidate!

It's called Bernie Blindness, and this Reddit comment collects the evidence for it.

I've also seen it in the 2016 election by the Washington Post.

This is very serious:

me seeing my cat (Crispin d'Familiar): "Jump into my arms!"

me thinking to myself: Given infinite time and an infinite number of Crispins, there is a Crispin that will jump into my arms.


me again: Given an infinite number of Crispins, there will be a Crispin who replies back, "No, jump into MY arms."

Just made the girlfriend sit through Star Wars Holiday Special. :)

Ignorance, Cultural Erasure 

Disney is trying to be woke, but in doing so, they're ignoring major issues.

1. Sephardic Jews are not "Latinx"
2. Sephardic Jews don't speak Yiddish or have Ashkenazi customs, "Bubbie", "Gelt", etc. Why not show actual Sephardic customs?
3. The whole "Hanukkah episode" thing also bugs me The only time gentiles seem to portray us (Jews) is on this most minor holiday, rather than on the holidays or customs that matter to *us*.

I should mention this is me offering to GM, do all the prep work, make pre-gens, offer cheat sheets.

And when I suggest maybe using a simpler system being told "If it's not D&D proper, I don't want it".

After this third iteration, I'm somewhat frustrated.

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People IRL "I wish I could play D&D"
Me: "Okay! Let's do it!"
Me: "We have a room booked and our start date is __ and time is ___"
People: "Too much pressure. I have no time. I quit!"

This has happened three time in the last few months.


And yes, it's harder if you knew the person pre-transition. And it's also harder if they're earlier in their transition and their presentation resonates in your brain as different from their preferred pronouns. It's harder for them too.

And it may be hard when telling a story and they went by a different name/pronouns in that time. It may be confusing.

But it's really not a big ask to call someone by the name/pronouns that they want.

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On the topic of pronouns, deadntwoames, etc.

It's really not difficult to call someone thier name. As a cis person with an unusual name, I've had people try to "rename me" to make it easier for them and I've insisted that my name is my name. Same deal.

If you slip up, then correct yourself, apologize and move on. Trans people know it happens, and while they might be annoyed, they're not likely to string you up if it was a one time innocent mistake.

It's your sincerity that matters most.

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Debian, anti-trans 

There are some people in Debian who insist on misgendering and deadnaming trans- or non-binary people. There are others who get upset if the first group is criticized or told to stop. All of these haters are part of why I don't want to be in the Debian project anymore.

There are also people in Debian who are kind, wise, and suppotive to a degree that is incredible. Unfortunately, it's not enough to undo the damage the haters do.

I'm not going back until the haters are gone.

This isn't always the case, though I've encountered it as much IRL as I have online.

The Guile folks at FOSDEM last year were a wonderful exception to this, and it was really great to meet some Lispers who weren't jerks. I just wish they weren't the exception, but rather the norm.

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I love the Esperanto language, but I found that its community was highly agressive and toxic. I still love the language, but have no interest in being part of its community.

Similarly, I love Lisp's beauty, but find the "classic" Lisp community full of petty argumentativeness and bitterness that every time I put my toe into the water, I'm reminded why I don't want to stay long:

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