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I should mention this is me offering to GM, do all the prep work, make pre-gens, offer cheat sheets.

And when I suggest maybe using a simpler system being told "If it's not D&D proper, I don't want it".

After this third iteration, I'm somewhat frustrated.

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People IRL "I wish I could play D&D"
Me: "Okay! Let's do it!"
Me: "We have a room booked and our start date is __ and time is ___"
People: "Too much pressure. I have no time. I quit!"

This has happened three time in the last few months.


And yes, it's harder if you knew the person pre-transition. And it's also harder if they're earlier in their transition and their presentation resonates in your brain as different from their preferred pronouns. It's harder for them too.

And it may be hard when telling a story and they went by a different name/pronouns in that time. It may be confusing.

But it's really not a big ask to call someone by the name/pronouns that they want.

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On the topic of pronouns, deadntwoames, etc.

It's really not difficult to call someone thier name. As a cis person with an unusual name, I've had people try to "rename me" to make it easier for them and I've insisted that my name is my name. Same deal.

If you slip up, then correct yourself, apologize and move on. Trans people know it happens, and while they might be annoyed, they're not likely to string you up if it was a one time innocent mistake.

It's your sincerity that matters most.

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Debian, anti-trans 

There are some people in Debian who insist on misgendering and deadnaming trans- or non-binary people. There are others who get upset if the first group is criticized or told to stop. All of these haters are part of why I don't want to be in the Debian project anymore.

There are also people in Debian who are kind, wise, and suppotive to a degree that is incredible. Unfortunately, it's not enough to undo the damage the haters do.

I'm not going back until the haters are gone.

This isn't always the case, though I've encountered it as much IRL as I have online.

The Guile folks at FOSDEM last year were a wonderful exception to this, and it was really great to meet some Lispers who weren't jerks. I just wish they weren't the exception, but rather the norm.

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I love the Esperanto language, but I found that its community was highly agressive and toxic. I still love the language, but have no interest in being part of its community.

Similarly, I love Lisp's beauty, but find the "classic" Lisp community full of petty argumentativeness and bitterness that every time I put my toe into the water, I'm reminded why I don't want to stay long:

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On this episode of Libre Lounge, @emacsen sits down with @technomancy to talk about programming in modern Lisp languages (including and especially #fennel-lang), making video games, and DIY keyboards!

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If you listen Libre Lounge, do you also go through the show notes and click the links?

Trancy music 

Coding on a cold rainy day in Vancouver be like

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Inspired by the @librelounge episode with @falsemirror, every other Monday in our home we have dedicated to improving our freedom online.

Last week I fixed problems I had with my password manager, and this week I fixed my Nextcloud instanace.

The gf also improved her computer security, and we're both using the time to help us migrate off proprietary services.

It's good to have time set aside for these things, and we feel accomplished at the end of the night.

friend in need 

I know a lot of my followers enjoy the @librelounge podcast. One of our guests (and my personal friend) Sean is in need.

You may remember him from episode 22 ( ) is in need during the holiday season.

If you can help him, I'd really apprciate it.

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New mini-episode up where Serge talks about a friend who has passed, Star Trek, and what we in the User Freedom community can learn from a science fiction and a life well lived.

One of my favorite musicians of all time, Harry Nilsson, on the Smothers Brothers Show, a radical and biting comedy show in the form of bubblegum Americana

No case statement and no default function argument values make Serge something something...

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