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Gonna add a working score as well as the ability to properly die and have a game over to Spaaaace (the terminal shooter game) then push the code and do a write-up on my blog. That's my plan for the weekend.

Then I'll focus on the distributed programming stuff in Goblins (unless we hit the $500/mo Patreon goal, in which case I'll add enough polish to make this a satisfying game).

Seems like it'll be a fun weekend...

Handed out >2,000 peices of candy (50lbs worth) yesterday.

I've been using PaperWM since last night and I love it. I think it may be the window manager i"ve been looking for all this time!

More to come but I think we finally have a winer!

Been thinking about desktop environments. This demo of a desktop has a lot of old ideas but packaged up very well.

Some people have mentioned PaperWM. If you've tried it, can you tell me your experience?

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purism, rant, negative, hardware 

Fevery, sweaty, sick.

This is awful. We couldn't get flu shots because we were already sick, and so I am fairly sure this is thre flu, just under a week after coming off from the cold.

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Addams Family (1991) 

Bareburger has a "Plant Based Egg" topping for their burgers. Stop playing god, vegans! Plants should not lay eggs!

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Rape, medical experiments, and forced abortions: One woman describes horrors of Xinjiang concentration camps

concentration camps, rape, violence, China 

Been playing the original Diablo lately.

At the time I didn't realize how very tile-based and "turn based" it is. The abstractions of turn based especially are hidden by the fact that turns are milliseconds.

It makes me realize how simple (by today's standards) that game is and yet how incredibly compelling it remains, more than 20 years later.

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I don't have much resources in English, but I'd say a good approach would be to go to a university library and skim through analysis textbooks, until you find a few that suit your learning style. I personally find that physical books are really a plus in terms of learning.

Other than that, always keep in mind that reading articles is hard and challenging, so don't give up and you will eventually grasp all the concepts you need!

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I've begun reading academic papers and I have a fairly embarassing admission to make: I don't have the math background to understand many of them.

I have to keep a cheat sheet of symbols near me when I read them to be able to remember what they mean. Similarly, I understand log and sin, but I don't *grok* them, and I don't intuit math and I know it's holding me back

Does anyone have recommendations on resources? Maybe Kahn Academy? Something else?

I know there hasn't been a lot of talk lately but it's because @cwebber and I have been incredibly busy and also in research mode.

I should write up a post on what's going on soon and post it.

I woke up this morning to the soundtrack of The Gods Must Be Crazy in my head.

So many complex feels around that film. It's deeply problematic on many levels, from the Noble Savage trope, to the inherent white persepctive of the film, blatant sexism of the film- the critiques of it are many and varied.

And yet even though I haven't seen it in over a decade, it clearly has a place in my subconcious, and there are parts of it that touch my heart.

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Your phone's wifi signal can be used to identify your gait (way you walk). Your gait is unique enough that it can be used to identify you. If there is prior video footage of view, it can be matched to that too. Impressive research, scary implications

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