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I know there hasn't been a lot of talk lately but it's because @cwebber and I have been incredibly busy and also in research mode.

I should write up a post on what's going on soon and post it.

I woke up this morning to the soundtrack of The Gods Must Be Crazy in my head.

So many complex feels around that film. It's deeply problematic on many levels, from the Noble Savage trope, to the inherent white persepctive of the film, blatant sexism of the film- the critiques of it are many and varied.

And yet even though I haven't seen it in over a decade, it clearly has a place in my subconcious, and there are parts of it that touch my heart.

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Your phone's wifi signal can be used to identify your gait (way you walk). Your gait is unique enough that it can be used to identify you. If there is prior video footage of view, it can be matched to that too. Impressive research, scary implications

I'd love to see more people talking about the differences between Sanders and Warren.

If nothing else, we need to keep the presusre on Warren to not shift to the center.

If we lose the election, at least we'll have lost with our values, but I think that we'd be more likely to energize voters with a progressive candidate.

China is out to show everyone who thinks that they're a brutal humorless government that they're wrong, and anyone who disagrees will be banned!

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The gf is sick and since we're in NYC she had to see a doctor in the US. We didn't get to see an actual doctor, only a doctor's assistant and a medical scribe.

Somehow they can offer a perscription for drugs?

And got a lecture from said doctor's assistant on his "extensive research" on other medical systems and their "long wait times". He didn't ask about what countries she's been under (three different ones, for the record) or her experience, just mansplained at her with me in the room.

Today is the holiest day of the Jewish calendar. It's the day of self-reflection and atonement, and on this day, shooters around the world have targeted Jews.

When I say my people are under attack in large and small ways, this is no exageration. Please don't be part of the hatred towards Jews, and be mindful of the micro-agressions that we face and listen when a Jewish person tells you that something is antisemetic.

If you care, please pass this along.

Made the mistake of reading some of the backlash against Blizzard on Reddit.

It soon devolved into a bunch of crap about how pro-democracy speech was the same as anti-gay speech and the "intolerance of tolerance" and other nonsense.

Reddit used to be interesting... back in 2005/2006. What a cesspool now.

Debugging while sick with a bad/cold/fever...

Using sanic for a new Python project, found my pytest-sanic tests failed. Tracked it down to pytest-sanic and then to aiohttp client bug. Bugs 3+ layers deep suck.

Code put away for now. Back to soup.

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Linguistics, Esperanto, Gender 

It looks like the Esperanto community has partially (though not entirely) settled on the pronoun "ri" for gender neutral or gender unknown people.

For a long time folks used gi and there was a debate about the appropriateness of using an "it" pronoun. Some felt it was wrong due to dehumanization, while others felt that this interpretation was just because of English.

Being sick sucks. Both me and the gf are knocked cold. All I was able to do today is make soup. Other than that I slept. Too much to do in the next 3 days to sleep tomorrow

Travel Health Complaints 

After over 24 hours of traveling yesterday, I'm conjested and sick, and I need to travel again in 4 days.

Too conjested means the CPAP doesn't let me rest.

Time to make soup

Went to sleep at 1am. Up since 4am.Jet lag sucks.

Small rant 

On @librelounge sometimes we put on episodes that are outside of what our audience normally thinks about.

Our CyPurr episode was one I think every person in the Free Software community should listen to, but the download numbers for it are 1/4th the amount that we get when we cover a more geeky topic.

For me what differentiates LL from other shows is the "big picture" or moral issues/considerations, so it's sad those don't get more love.

I'm in support of Warren, I'm in support of Bernie. I want to see the US move to a more Canadian (or better yet, European) style nation with a stronger social security network and less corporate corruption.

But when I see people saying "Let's install Communism", I can't support it. While the current Oligarchy is awful and must be replaced/reformed, Communism has always lead to fascism and oppression in an even more direct and bloody way.

Last day in Israel for this trip. Gonna be a good day but ready to be back in North America and be with my kitty cats.

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Some thoughts on the Canonical S-Expressions format we use currently in Datashards:

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