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The Online Abuse Playbook

There’s a well-defined pattern to how marginalized people are attacked online. If we can understand it, we can help stop each other from participating.

From 2016, but still relevant.

Happy Kirsten Gillibrand has left the race for president. According to this artlcle, this benefits Warren most.

Ultimately the easiest way to win this IMHO will be for Sanders to throw his support to Warren, perhaps in exchange for a political appointment in the new cabinet.

Then we can see a real competition of ideas and the opportunity for the US to course correct.

If you're wondering why Jews are under attack so much, then I suggest you think about this artcicle about how Jews are mobilizing once again to fight against the ICE raids, just as we fought for the civil rights for blacks in the 1960s:

This is part of Jewish law. Helping those in need is a higher commandment than even praising God according to Jewish law:

People who have compassion to others as a core value are dangerous to facism.

There have been four violent attacks on Jews in New York in the last month including this one where an Orthodox man was assaulted with a cinderblock:

If this is a surprise to you, ask yourself why you don't hear more about these attacks, or why so many media outlets are calling these attacks "possible bias" rather than hate crime.

You can change this. You can get the word out. Don't let these attacks go without attention.

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White guy I do not know messages me to compliment me on being a woman coder.

When I tell him that was not appropriate he whines about how is he supposed to meet anyone.

I wish the XO-1 was hardware upgradable because it would be an amazing gift for a neice of my partner.

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There is a double standard when people talk about the abuse of men.

Men are "supposed" to be stoic, in control, & strong. This toxic interpretation of masculinity allows for abuse to continue.

"Men can't be abused because they are men but men defending from abuse is violence."

Tried the "nu" shell today. It has some really nifty ideas about handling data.

Sadly it crashes, entirely crashes, way too easily.

Hopefully they can fix this. It would be really nice...

I've had a real challenging in explaining Datashards to people because it's explaining a primitive for a thing that doesn't exist.

I'm convinced that the only right way to do this is to write lots of demos and do something like Douglas Engelbart's 1968 demo of user interfaces.

(link for people who may be unfamiliar: )

Apparently most Americans are waiting three years to replace their phones.

I'm going to be waiting a bit longer to replace my Pixel XL with either a PinePhone or a LibreM.

I have a LibreM on order but the company is increasingly worrying me.

The PinePhone looks good but we'll have to see when it comes out and what the software looks like

In the meantime I will have to get the Pixel's battery replaced because it's getting on in years.

Has anyone had experience with battery replacement?

Just had to block another lefty anti-semite. This time the narrative was

If Israel didn't exist, it wouldn't been attacked by all the Arab countries, so it shouldn't exist and then it wouldn't need to worry about it.

Basically it's like saying "If you weren't {black|gay|trans|a woman...} then you wouldn't have been attacked, so kill yourself."

People wonder why I'm so sensitive about this stuff, especially from the Left. That's why.

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