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A few weeks ago I posted here that the #decentralized blogging platform @PlumeDev had some of its right-to-left (RTL) rendering issues fixed by @ahangarha. I myself had also fixed many little CSS issues related to #RTL for @Mastodon in the past.

Well, expect such kinds of things to happen less often in the future, since #GitHub has mass-blocked many accounts of Iranians* at various levels; This applies not only to Iranian residents, but also sometimes to Iranians living abroad.

* And not only for #Iran, but also for #Cuba, #Syria, #NorthKorea, and #Crimea.

#Mastodon #Mastodev #Plume
#SanctionsAgainstIran #Microsoft

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Do you want to see spam and hate speech off the Fediverse? Think there must be a better way than continuing to click Mute and Block all the time?

On this episode of Libre Lounge, Chris and Serge talk about the work they're doing to protect the Fediverse from Spam, Scams and Online Harasment.

Does anyone here know how to get org-mode's markdown export to properly export metadata like TITLE and AUTHOR?

This seems really basic but it's not working.

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Gerry, a new font based on US voting district shapes

(only) 5 letters require using two districts to build the letter

Ohio, Illinois and California all feature 4 times in the fonts

"No Rights Reserved", so like CC-0?

The US government is holding American citizens (I've seen at least three cases) claiming they're not citizens and detaining them unlawfully for extended periods - weeks, months, years!

We've seen the US also revoke some citizenships!

I don't feel safe crossing the US border.

Had a good conversation with @cwebber today. We discussed some details, which has resulted in me scaling back some code I was writing (which I guess is a good thing?)

The nice thing about working with @cwebber is that even if I don't agree with them, it feels collaborative.

I still think we have a long ways to go with before it's ready, but it's gonna be awesome.

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Turns out those delicious keto cereals are loaded with processed fiber, which is linked to increased cancer. :(

...orders keto Honey Grams....

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Remember that time MS bought GitHub and I decided to take a "wait and see" position on the issue?

Well, I've seen.

@librelounge @cwebber @Gargron Just FYI the episode isn't out yet (it comes out Friday). I'm still editing it.

When I lived in Washingon, DC, there were occassionally TV commercials clearly aimed at Congress.

This week's epiode of @librelounge is about the work @cwebber and I are doing re: Fediverse spam and abuse and while it's interesting to everyone, I'm especially hoping that AP implementers listen, especially @Gargron (since this work got fast forwarded due to a pull request)

I think it might be time to get serious about running infrastructure like Nextcloud and email at home and then using a VPN on a VPS to present the data to the world.

Disadvantages: 2x the bandwidth, no hardware backups, serious latency issues for some applications.

Advantrages: I own the physical hardware

If the packets are being passed with their SSL envelope, I won't lose any protection even if the VPS is compromised.

Any thoughts?

According to this Reddit Post, 87% of all human languages are either Subject-Object-Verb or Subject-Verb-Object.

Lisps are Verb-(Subject)-Object(s) while most other languages have some form of subject-verb-object ordering (especially OO languages).

I genuinely wonder about this issue of readability.

Wondering about a good travel laptop (ie something I would feel safe if it got stolen while traveling) but functional.

Ideally it would be something where I could wipe it and build from scratch easily (maybe using Guix) and store my data in some kind of encrypted way or even on an SD card?

My main uses would be web and coding, with maybe video watching. I'd even accept needing to read email from a web based app while traveling.

Outdated Science 

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Jews just study. It’s what we do. When there’s a down moment, nothing to do, we learn something, anything. A Jew goes off to school and is asked when she gets home, “Did you ask a good question today?”

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Be the crow you want to see in the world!

• collect shiny things
• hop happily down the street for no apparent reason
• scream loudly when you see your friend


I'm a huge fan of third wave psychology (I sometimes wish I'd persued it as a career), but this article presents a critique of the recent upsurge of "mindfulness" and assumptions it makes.

Apparently banks are weasels when it comes to safe deposit boxes. Real food for thought for those of us who use them....

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