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Self-proclaimed champions of free speech platform Gab blocks over some speech they didn't like :OMEGALUL:

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Tech enthusiast: "I want smart lights, smart tv, everything, and connect them all to my digital assisstant!"

Tech worker: *looks wistfully into distance* "I should get a small place in a little town, with a garden, make my own furniture."

Okay actually I clearly have too much. I'm going to do my best to release *some* version of in the next couple of weeks even if it's missing a bunch of features.

This week I'm also packing to go visit my sweetie who lives in Vancouver.

What a busy summer. I'm:

1. Writing an example ActivityPub server with a ton of docs as a toy
2. Continuing to edit and produce @librelounge
3. Writing a white paper on anti-spam on the
4. Writing Data Shards, along with @cwebber
5. Last week I began writing .io with @rmw
6. Had shoulder surgery

I feel like I'm missing a few things too...

Super hungry this morning. Keytones between .4 and .7 but glucose at 106!!!

Time to fast... for a few hours at least.

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One of the parts of the Golem/Shards demo that @cwebber didn't address is scalable query routing.

That's what I've spent part of today thinking about.

Reading a Wikipedia article on Gnutella, one of the resources mentioned is a Gnutella specification... oh a Yahoo Group, now seemingly inaccessible.

Don't use proprietary services to host Free Software pls. k thx.

This is an awesome set of ezines about distributed systems from a class (from @lindsey on birdsite)

This article puts into words some of the observations I've had around some people in my life and the disconnect between words and actions around friendships:

My biggest pet peeve are DVD/Blu-Ray companies who choose to put their episodes out of order on the disks.

I'm looking at you Warner Bros. and your Justice League Unlimited Complete Series (among others)!

One area of agreement I have with some of the folks who are not in favor of the client to server protocol is that it's not just a small change from server to server (S2S) to Client to Server (C2S). There's a sizable chunk of the requirements that's just the C2S stuff.

I also agree that the C2S stuff should ideally have been in a separate document. There's a lot of overlap but having them both in the one spec makes it harder to read.

@darius @cwebber

I have a sizable DVD collection that it's time to rip to the computer. I still believe in owning your media, but the convenience of online services makes it easy to stop caring about these things...

For the arguments about the environmental impact of physical media- I agree, but DRM and "streaming" make it such that only by owning your media can you be assured you'll have it!

I'm doing a deep dive into documenting for a soon-to-be-released software project and in doing so, found a few parts of the standard I weren't aware of was in the standard. Therefore I'm now writing up a document distilling the AP spec so folks can check their own implementations against it.

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Do you like Dungeons & Dragons? Do you like Free Culture? Find out about how the two intersect, and how Free Culture encourages more diversity in role playing games in the latest episode of Libre Lounge:

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Had a dream I was in a French train station and there was a family singing for money. The song was in English and French "No, you are not alone". "Non, tu n'es pas seul".

The song was happy, earnest, with such love and caring.

I wish I was a musician so I could turn this into a real song, because I don't know music and I only heard the chorus anyway.

I looked for a real song with this melody, I don't think it exists.

Hackers, Freedonians and Everyone Else...

You may not know me but I produce and edit a Free Software podcast called Libre Lounge. I want to take the podcast in some new directions, either LL itself, or a new podcast with a similar aim, but to do that, I'm going to need some help- production and editing especially. If you have those kinds of skills and can help, please send me a direct message or email me at!

Listening to this NPR story about Full Employment:

While the story presents a picture of increasing worker rights, they neglected to mention that the other way to address full employment is to increase the labor market through decreasing the social safety net ala welfare reforms of the 1990s.

If you require people to work (even if they're sick or it would harm their families to do so), then you decrease their individual or collective bargaining power.

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