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Several pieces of email we've gotten to @librelounge has been spam by someone wanting us to link to an article or song of theirs on our podcast.

I've been using this as an opportunity to tell people about Freely Licensed works, and why we would be happy to check their music/article out, but only if it's Free.

Maybe one day someone will actually change their license to fit our requirements. :smile:

There is a way for Microsoft to show that they're good actor in the space- by relinquishing control and placing core things in the hands of non-profits like Software Freedom Conservancy.

Once they separate out the control from the financial, I'll be much more willing to believe them, but based on their history, it's hard to accept that now.

They could also do something like GSoC. That would also be a great benefit. They already let OSM use Bing Imagery, so it wouldn't be a huge leap.

Bloomberg thinks that Microsoft has won over Open Source. I can't speak for them, but they certainly haven't won over me or any Free Software folks I know.

Every action they've taken is in line with their Halloween Document goals. They've embraced through acquisition, and they've put themselves in the line of information and fiscal flow through controlling Github and now this payment system.

The risk to our community by them taking it away is too great to ignore.

I remember when people wanted to use Bitcoin as a currency, but Coinbase is now pretending it's an investment platform. They also want personal details that not even my banks have in order to send money to other BTC addresses, a functionality it used to have. Bye bye!

Reading a debate on Reddit about what should happen to Comcast now that they've been found to violate the law >400,00 times.

Some people are saying the corporation is criminal, other say that it should be broken up or nationalized. People complain there are "never repercussions".

If we want real change, then I have a simpler solution- jail time for and seizure of assets owned by senior executives.

If we had real repercussions for white collar crime, that would be an actual deterrent.

Hackerspaces can and will outlive Maker, and Free Software will outlive Open Source, because ultimately movements built on community, principles and people will always live longer than those built on brands and trends.

Don't be sad about Maker Faire. It's just an opportunity for you to create your own community-driven event in your area.


Mixed feelings about Maker Faire shutting down. I feel sad because it was a cool event in principle, but the corporate sponsorship and corporatization of it made me uncomfortable in the same way that Hackerspaces became "Maker Spaces".

If that pattern seemed familiar to how Free Software became co-opted to become Open Source, you have the same man to thank, Tim O'Reilly.

But what this shows us is another clear lesson that we can't build community on "benevolent corporations".


No @librelounge this week as @cwebber is on vacation, but I recorded a show that will be a very different change of pace. I'm curious to see hoe people will react. It'll be released next week (hopefully)!

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The last episode of @librelounge is a real lesson for me as a producer in giving people what they want.

Our audience has made it clear that they want the human element of Free Software. They want the why, they want the emotion and history and the ways that who we are impacts us.

I was worried that if we got too non-technical, we might lose people, but it's our most technical users who have cheered the loudest.

I will keep this in mind as our show continues to grow and evolve.

Hey Fediverse, I see that Mastodon has a Report interface. Can someone show me what the Activity for that is, and where reports are send if they're sent to another server?

Wow this post blew up!

For anyone who liked it... I co-host a podcast about User Freedom with @cwebber called @librelounge which you can check out at

A few months ago, Microsoft decided to collaborate with Google and drop its web engine in favor of Google's.

Earlier this week, Google blocked all ad blockers, and now Microsoft has de-listed UBlock Origin (a powerful ad-blocker). Without real choice, monopolies will dictate what you see and do on the Internet.

Real choice comes with Free/Open Source Software.

On episode 21 of @librelounge we talked about how Unix programs communicate with each other with primitive data structures.

What else could exist? Well, just look at episode 17 where we talk about about rich data structures on the web and linked data!

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us concentration camps 

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solitary confinement, trans rights, deportation 

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solitary confinement, trans rights, deportation 

Google seems to think that only Enterprise customers deserve to control their own computers or have privacy. If you use Chrome, it's time to switch browsers.

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In the most recent episode of our podcast, @cwebber and @emacsen take a walk down memory lane about 8 bit computers, DOS and Unix command lines and the way that the imagery and mystique of the terminal may be holding us back.

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This game engine built on top of Jay McCarthy's excellent DOS (Delimited Operating-system Simulator) package:

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