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@sophia Thanks for the thread. Disliking Stallman based on his personal actions or beliefs doesn't negate his contributions to the world. Good people do shitty things and shitty people do good things.

Free Software is far bigger than Stallman. Did you happen to catch our podcast about this topic?

@sophia I don't see a thread, only your post. Thread URL?

@sophia I'd like to hear more... Are you saying fuck Stallman or fuck Free Software? Something else? Context please?

@zge Thanks for this, I'll be sure to bookmark it.

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@emacsen I tend to find this quite wierd behaviour, undisciplined/incoherent maybe.

As Poistone said[0]:

"Racism rarely, [...] constitutes a whole system that seeks to explain the world; whereas antisemitism is a primitive critique of the world of capitalist modernity. The reason I regard it as being particularly dangerous for the Left is precisely because antisemitism has a pseudo-emancipatory dimension that other forms of racism rarely have."


@zge "In These Times". Their story is basically that "Rich Israeli Supporters" (ie Jews) are part of a conspiracy that creates worldwide suffering.

This is an old strategy around Jew-haters, to say that Jews are part of a worldwide leadership conspiracy. Screw them.

Just had to unsubscribe from yet another left-wing news org due to antisemitism. I wish the far left could rid itself of the conspiracy theories and other hate speech around "Jewish control".

@Maltimore I'd be interested in this too. Then add Guix to the list as well.

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@rysiek Brussels, the day after FOSDEM:鈥

Still no published list of speakers, but I know @cwebber is one and I assume @bkuhn and/or Karen Sandler and/or Deb Nicholson will be speaking.

@Wolf480pl In some cases, teaching them to fish is great! But imagine if you're a poor mother of three children working two or even three jobs to make ends meet. Hearing "Learn how to do it yourself" can be like hearing "If you want to heal your sick child, first go to medical school".

That doesn't obligate you to take any action. You may still decide not to implement it for them (your time is worth something too), but our answer can't always be to require others to learn programming.

@Wolf480pl If we're talking about helping an underprivileged group, then if the thing they're asking for is more than you can do, you can explain it to them in those terms. "I want to help you but I'm not able to do so... maybe you can find another way to get this done?"

And if not, if they simply demand with no reciprocity or understanding, then that's called entitlement. We can't fix someone else's entitlement, only understand it and act accordingly. 3/3

@Wolf480pl To further our global goals of Freedom, we need to be aware of and consider issues of accessibility in both the software we develop, as well as the way in which we interact with those in our community.

As this applies to people who demand things from us, we should look at who they are and the historical context. Are they a minority/oppressed/disabled or underprivileged group asking us to help them get out of this situation? 2/3

@Wolf480pl These are each separate issues, so (like you) I need to address them separately.

First, we must look at the situation of software usability and accessibility If software is Freely licensed but requires a lot of training to use, it will be effectively out of the hands of certain people where time is an asset they don't have to spare, for example poor people. Being accessible is part of being welcoming, especially to minority or underprivileged people. 1/

@dthompson @cwebber @librelounge There are hundreds of Free Software games and I know just how few I've played. Glad we could help let you know about a few.

As for the out to, will definitely think about it!

@Wolf480pl This is a complex topic between legality and practicality. Someone who has the right to travel has that right, but the right does not guarantee a plane ticket.

Free Software is about the legal right. It is the underpinning. The practical issues are important but when we say that it's all or nothing, we don't move forward.

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Starting off the year with a fun episode about Free Software Video Games! Give it a listen!

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