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Oh Heinlein is a complete [pejorative] but it's also used heavily in one of my favorite books, the Illuminitus! Trillogy, alongside other words that we don't see as often today.

The "culture vs author" debate is one in which I think there's a constant debate. For example, continuing with the Shakespere example, I'd be 1000% in favor of canceling Shakespere.

Yet do we see people doing so?

I chose people <35 because SIASL is >60 years old now, and that's 2 generations.


I understand that viewpoint, but as someone who uses grok a great deal, and who used it even before reading SIASL, I disagree.

Words go beyond their original usage. Many words in English have their origin with Shakespere but we don't say "Oh that's just from that English author."- they're just words we use.

And shared stories especially, those are really the center of culture.

As for dystopian and panopticon, etc. I genuinely don't know what it is you mean here. Maybe elaborate?


I am too, which is why I'm asking people younger than me :)

Geeks under 35, do you use the word grok?

One of the things my wife and I discuss often is whether or not we want to have kids, and if we did, whether we'd raise them in the US.

The problem is where might they go to school...

While antisemitism on university campuses is also prevalent in Canada, due to the sheer number of schools in the US, it seems worse.

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The devtools will soon be available to everyone, without registration!

Along with a fresh coat of paint, more data/stats and an extensive public api, #fediDB will help #activityPub developers diagnose issues and test compatibility with a suite of developer tools 🚀

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Pepper&Carrot by David Revoy. Absolutely adore his artwork and the community David has built around a free and open source comic. I love it so much that I'm proud to be part of that community.

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I hear you, and I realize it's not the solution you're looking for. It's just one I use probably a few times a week. It gets the job done, it runs on multiple platforms (yes I even run this on Windows), and gets around CORS and also some browser limitations.

As for your "no module named", the command I referenced is for Python 3.

If you're still running Python 2.7, then upgrade (seriously 2.x is well past EOL!), but in the meantime:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer


You expressed earlier that you don't want to run a web server.

I don't know what your use case is exactly, but I often run a local web server to do things like display presentations and other small things. It's a one-liner that calls Python and voila, web server.

python -m http.server

Hey tech folks who run teams!!!

Do you collaborate with non-tech folks?

Do you onboard them to your tech stack (ie teach them to use tools like Git, Markdown, Nextcloud, etc.)?

Do you try to accommodate them (ie put workarounds for them)?

Do you handle it some other way?

I'd love your thoughts!

Uspol, 2024 fear 


I don't actually fear the US breaking up as much as some. While I do think it would be sub-optimal, it might be a better outcome for some places, possibly.

One thing that I think Europeans and others don't always realize is just how powerful US states are.

The GDP of just New York state is roughly the GDP of Canada, and greater than that of Italy, for example.

This would allow the states to possibly update their infrastructure, etc.


Step ladders are too dangerous!

Megaphones are too loud!


The company Bloomberg was investing in was/became Uber.

If we look at NYC as a model of somewhat sane regulation, that's what Uber did. They destroyed the value of the Medallion, then they took over the local market, even despite NYC regulating them heavily.

Now the city limited the number of such services but it split the market by the number of existing cars on the road, hence Uber and Lyft got the lion's share.


The only thing I can think is Uber is waiting desperately for more regulation of private car services so it can snap up those spots, a bit like medallions in NYC, but around the world, then use its monopoly position for its fleet, but then for driverless cars.

Otherwise, I don't see the long term viability plan.

I don't know if you agree with me, but this is an example of VC money skewing the market dramatically and hiding the real cost.


There were some really innovative players in this space that Uber and Lyft have killed.

In Vancouver we had Car2Go. It's gone.

In NYC we had Gett, which promised more money to drivers. It's gone.

Then we had Via, which paid its drivers a flat hourly rate and was significantly cheaper than Uber/Lyft. They pivoted business models during the pandemic.

Cabs are still pretty bad, and hiring a car is still a pain in the butt (even when it's cheaper than Uber!)



I actually wonder sincerely what Uber's long term strategy is. They're the Charter Schools of cab companies. Taxis need to adhere to a very strict set of regulations that Uber doesn't need to in most markets.

Uber chooses its customers, sets its own pricing, and has virtually none of the liability- pushing that on its driver fleet.

And Uber has increased its prices somewhat dramatically in 2021 and did so again in March.

I wonder at this point if they have a long term plan...


It's been struggling to wake from sleep for a while. Now it just doesn't boot at all and shows a green/red sequence on startup.

The screen wakes up then sleeps, as does the power button.

It's gone from being frustrating to useless. :(

I hope it's an easy fix. I'll be honest and say it's not been the best laptop I've owned. Not the worst either, but not the best...

@oct2pus @natalie

He got snippy when I pointed out that his snippyness about Linux was shitty, when we're exactly the kind of people he is...

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