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Hamas has broken the cease fire by sending children's balloons filled with explosives (so when a child picks it up, they are blown up).

Then they fired rockets, and so now the IDF has responded.

This was to be expected now that the new Israeli coalition government has come in. Hamas can't stand the idea of a representative Israeli government.


I wish this guy hadn't given away all the secrets in purchasing dice! ;)

canpol, racism, police 

The Canadian police are, on the whole, a lot less corrupt than US police, but it seems one Vancouver officer is butthurt at the mere idea of systemic racism.

This is a shame because all the encounters I've had with the Vancouver police have been incredibly above board and professional. There's always one I guess...


Haiku hasn't yet released a 64 bit version have they? Meaning that Haiku is a 32 bit OS.

The BeOS minimum requirements were also a Pentium.

If there was a modern browser and wifi on Haiku, it would be a very interesting low platform for sure

antisemtisism, human rights 

Since this has gotten more attention than most of my posts on antisemitism, then let me also make it very clear.

If your idea of helping the Palestinians is "Destroy Israel" or "Kill Jews" or BDS, or "I'm not racist, I'm Jewish Critical" any of that, kindly go fuck yourself.

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Israel has finally created a coalition government without Bibi. This is no small feat, and while the PM will be an extreme conservative, there are provisions to keep everyone in line.

What this won't mean is any radical departure in policies. It can't because the coalition is so broad, and so fragile, with Arab parties, far left parties, religious parties, etc.

But it also means a potential new start and opportunity to live Bibi-free for the first time in a long while.

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I am delighted to launch the 'Libre Tech Shop' - a unique shop for products that respect your freedom to learn, hack, extend and do things yourself.

Check out the online shop at:

The background story behind this launch:

Here - you'll be able to buy liberated computers, hackable mechanical keyboards, private and secure home automation solutions, wireless routers, spare parts and much more.


I thought everyone knew this by now:

On 26 May 2021, it was reported that Freenode took control of approximately 700 registered channels – including those of Gentoo Linux, Raku, Elixir and Haskell – which had migrated or intended to migrate to Libera Chat. This came after Freenode modified its off-topic policy to prohibit "inappropriate advertising" several days prior.

Basically if you mentioned Libera, your channel was taken from you.

antisemtisism, human rights 

Hey folks, if you think that supporting the rights of Palestinians is incompatible with supporting Israelis or Jews, kindly fuck off.

Supporting human rights is supporting human rights.

I primarily talk about antisemitism because in the circles I travel in, the progressive left, antisemitism isn't often spoken about or acknowledged- but I am equally sensitive to the plight of the Palestinians and their desire for self-sovereignty and safety.

re: racism, antisemitism, erasure 


Opinion pieces aren't random. They're chosen by the editors to reflect opinions, often in association with the news outlet.

As for the piece itself, it erases Mizrahi identity as a "fiction of Israel", and specifically of "European Jews"- perpetuating the myth that Jews aren't from the middle east, both in the "myth of Mizrahi Jews" and also the "myth" of Jews from Europe being from the middle east.

It has other lies as well... it's pure racism and hate

racism, antisemitism, erasure 

Al Jazeera is apparently unsatisfied with simply claiming Israel shouldn't exist, now they're claiming my wife and her family don't exist, erasing thousands of years of culture.

I know some of you folks on the left take Al Jazeera for "news". They're the same sort of "news" as Brietbart.

joke, "you're making it worse, Serge!" 

I think @davidrevoy overworries about his accent and being interviewed. His English is just fine.

But then again... children's books...



Thanks. I really appreciate it.

I just found out several of the tests I had for the stuff I had worked on months ago failed but in ways I didn't notice. So it's back to testing each component.


A lot of people talk about being ADHD, but fewer talk about being learning disabled. I'm ADHD, Learning Disabled and also "Gifted" (which just means I have a high IQ in spots).

The problem is when I don't 100% get something, I can be stuck on it, and then anxiety kicks in and it can get me very stuck for an extended period, as it is right now as I'm debugging some code I wrote months ago, but was apparently broken.

Bigger than the bug is the anxiety of it being broken and me not fixing it.


rsync, not because it will do the least reads, but because you can pass it --ignore-errors.

It would be something like

rsynv -rvP --ignore-errors /src /target

@cj .

..Better known as the White Power Hour staring Privilege McBowtie


me: "What is my cat doing there?"
*turns to cat* "What are you doing with that other cat?


And I guess I'd say I'll see you soon
But the truth is that I see you now
Still talk to you like you're around
And I guess I say you left too soon
But the truth is that you never left
'Cause I never let myself forget

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