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Escapism is my mind' way of dealing with extreme stress, but it makes for some lovely dreams.

My first dream was involving me in my childhood town/home driving around with a writer on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict (who looked like Karl Fogel) and also Nathan Fielder.

My second dream was a combination of Frasier and The Good Place. staring Kelsey Grammer on a date in a restaurant with a beautiful woman and wacky mishaps in the restaurant around her food and getting her back to Earth.


I'm disinclined to use FreedomBox for this application but what LDAP server and configuration does it use?

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555 Books sold since the release a week ago! Thank you 🎉 My 'Special Launch Offer' sale ends in ten days. Will it reach 1000? That would be amazing. Get them while they're cheap 🙂


Oh that's a shame.

What I'm looking for ideally is some way to unify the authentication for things like my Jitsi, Nextcloud and things.

What's a good solution for that?

Has anyone here set up and used ldap? I'm thinking of using it as authentication for my jitsi instance but have never set it up.

The guides I see online are mostly about AD and Unix authentication.

Any guidance?


I agree it's not great scholarship, but as a storytelling device, it's been fairly well proven to be extremely popular.

Star Wars and The Matrix are core examples of that myth in action.

And the Harmon Story Circle works very well as a plot device for him and others.

It's certainly not the *only* storytelling device, but it's a good one.

@civodul I though this was one of those "What are ____.. Wrong answers only" posts.

Much sadder reality. :(

frustration, customer service 

Just so the whole story is here...

The website said to delete the server, I had to call customer service.

The first customer service rep asked for my customer ID and PIN, which you get from the website.

She then made a customer support ticket- something I could do from their site.

The second one wanted the name of the server, and then send me a ticket on the website where I had to reply "I agree".

All the credentials I provided were from the website.

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frustration, customer service 

Rackspace has really changed.

I have a server with them that needed deletion (it was my old mail server).

They made me call in to their call center, where I spoke with two people.

They required that I be logged into the website and read them information from the website to them.

When I asked why I needed to call, they said it was "added security".

But all I provided them was information that was available from the website, so there is no added security.

Next week I'm going to add DTMF generation so you can call out to a phone conference.

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There's no person in the whole world like you, and I like you just the way you are. ~ Mr. Rogers


Also an implementation of the sealer pattern.

@cj If you'd like some help with the email server, let me know.

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someone posted a thorough guide to doing raymarching in #fennel and #love2d

it's a lot more sophisticated than the gritty wolf3d-style raycasting algorithm I blogged about last week, and mixes in bits of Fennel tutorial at the same time as being a graphics tutorial. a fun read.

love to see this stuff pop up in unexpected places.

Health, SAD 

@freakazoid I rarely go out because of COVID and I live in an apartment. But before that, my levels used to be at 8. I was on prescription Vitamin D for a while.

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