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Twitter, Hate-Speech 

This is my last straw with Twitter.

If they can't see that this should be removed, I don't want to be on their platform.

CW: Very evil antisemitic cartoon.

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Twitter, Hate-Speech 

@liw Yeah I was thinking about simply deleting old Tweets other than about very specific topics.

Twitter, Hate-Speech 

@cylb The challenge for me is that sometimes I need to contact someone from a company and they only have a Twitter account, or I want to get a guest (I have three lined up in addition to the episode I hope to release this weekend) and I only find them on Twitter.

OTOH I see so much hate speed that Twitter takes on action whatsoever on. On the Fediverse I can't stop another instance but I can isolate it from me, and I have, but on Twitter I'm far more stuck.

Twitter, Hate-Speech 

At the end of my rope with Twitter.

There's so much hate speech. The problem is some people and companies are only on twitter, so I'm concerned about cutting off an important avenue of contacting people and or companies.

I've considered deleting my history.

I'd love to hear others views.

@ebel I'll tell you that I sometimes tone police in person.

When someone is too loud or intense for me, I will sometimes say to them "I want to hear what you have to say, but the intensity and volume of your speech are making that hard. Can you take it down a little so I can better be present for what you're saying?"

Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't, but usually people understand that I'm just trying to be present for them.

@ebel I am going to suggest two things:

1. If the other party is coming at the situation in good faith, then using as term like "Tone Policing" is a good one as they can see/understand it in its historical context. They can see that they may not be aware of what they're doing.

2. I generally try to avoid labeling who/what someone is rather than that they're doing. "You are substance deaf" implies the situation is unfixable (also offensive to the actual deaf).

@ebel I also highly recommend this segment from On the Media on the topic:

The Problem with Civility

@dankwraith I'd like to understand this critique more.

> the money holding it

Does the program hand you the monkey, or does it hand you a reference to the monkey?

Medicine, cancer 

@drwho Hugs and support on offer.


Do you blame the people or the company who took the action?

Let's use a more contemporary example then of email. Google will block email servers without explanation, which has pushed many people to outsource their email rather than have it be a liability for their organization and thus is killing email.

Would you agree in this case?

@polychrome A similar argument has been made about XMPP.

Google adopted XMPP in Hangouts and provided federation, only to then kill federation.

There were people who had been running their own XMPP servers who then shut them down because using Google was easier, thus they killed XMPP.

@django @nextcloud

It's a weird thing because I love Nextcloud and I know that Frank has a commitment to Federation, so this mis-statement strikes me as very strange.

And I love Mastodon and run my own instance, but they don't own the entire Fediverse.

At the same time, it's sort of like saying "I'll send you a GMail"



Fediverse followers, or ActivityPub followers, not Mastodon followers.

Let's not forget Nextcloud has an ActivityPub server built in. Maybe you should be posting from that? :)

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@brown121407 I couldn't get any of the nightly images to download!!!

Spent 30 minutes trying to install Guix on my new laptop. The thing goes to the partitioning part, then goes back to the beginning :(


@bob While I certainly don't like Biden, and think that he's a terrible candidate, there is no guarantee that Trump won't win the election in the US and as terrible as Biden is, Trump is far, far worse.

While voting is a personal matter, suggesting people not vote in what is clearly going to be a close election, is a bad idea.

Made my first successful Club Mate clone based on the workshop. The difference is my recipe only has ~1 calorie per serving.

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