This article puts into words some of the observations I've had around some people in my life and the disconnect between words and actions around friendships:

@gnomon @liw The issue is just the ones that put episodes out of order. I keep encountering this problem.

Sad sad.

@rune It's not so bad. For DVDs, I'm simply using MakeMKV to rip them. With ~12tb of storage, I can go ahead and keep them in their original form.

For the Blu-Rays, I have decided to run some post-ripping re-encoding.

I don't own any more CDs, sadly. They were lost in a series of bad situations.

My biggest pet peeve are DVD/Blu-Ray companies who choose to put their episodes out of order on the disks.

I'm looking at you Warner Bros. and your Justice League Unlimited Complete Series (among others)!

One area of agreement I have with some of the folks who are not in favor of the client to server protocol is that it's not just a small change from server to server (S2S) to Client to Server (C2S). There's a sizable chunk of the requirements that's just the C2S stuff.

I also agree that the C2S stuff should ideally have been in a separate document. There's a lot of overlap but having them both in the one spec makes it harder to read.

@darius @cwebber

I have a sizable DVD collection that it's time to rip to the computer. I still believe in owning your media, but the convenience of online services makes it easy to stop caring about these things...

For the arguments about the environmental impact of physical media- I agree, but DRM and "streaming" make it such that only by owning your media can you be assured you'll have it!

@darius @gnomon @darius @emacsen @gnomon Fair enough. We all make choices.

My minimal AP implementation doesn't do authentication. I've been deciding whether or not to add client support. The additional 100 lines in both client and server seem worth it, but we'll see how it goes.

My reason for writing the application is for a testing ground for some of the stuff I'm working on re-anti-spam and also Golem re-implementation.

@darius @gnomon The document you wrote is for developers, therefore it's aspirational. If it's aspirational, then it makes sense to aspire to the full standard.

@gnomon @darius I hadn't seen it before, thank you.

Sadly this writeup, much like other writups, is missing all the client to server interactions.

While I agree with C2S stuff in AP could be a bit better (and I've talked about ways I think it could happen), I am a bit frustrated by the idea that implementers should just ignore it.

I'll give it a B+ ;)

@trashHeap While you're right that this is a common misunderstanding of what Stallman said, it's also an issue that needs discussing and addressing, because it underlies privilege.

Only wealthy people can afford programmers, and people working 60 hours a week can't afford the time to learn.

@kensanata It's more than they're different forms of freedom.

In the United States, everyone is free to own a yacht. The freedom *to* own a yacht is not the same as the financial means to.

But what is important int his article (and sorry @cj for not replying to this before) is that it points out how unless we make the freedoms of software freedom accessible to all, they're limited to the privileged.

Even time to learn is a privilege of the wealthy.

I'm doing a deep dive into documenting for a soon-to-be-released software project and in doing so, found a few parts of the standard I weren't aware of was in the standard. Therefore I'm now writing up a document distilling the AP spec so folks can check their own implementations against it.

@rmw @librelounge Great!

I was actually just thinking about this yesterday and came up with a very simple way to provide synchronization across clients in a way that doesn't require a central server. In other words, no central agent would be required to store all your personal data, and you'd still be able to synchronize your media across all your devices.

I don't think that's the starting place. Let's just come up with the absolute simplest version and then build up from there.

@freakazoid @cwebber Yes, I think Golem/Magenc (or what I want to call Data Shards) is a good way to store such things as software and also private data.

It's something I'm looking into doing as well.

@freakazoid @cwebber I don't know what you mean. Maybe I don't understand what you want to do.

@freakazoid @cwebber Have you looked at Chris's Golem? I'm reimplementing it in Python

@enkiv2 @nolan This is a Mastodon server issue.

The AP spec specifies a client to server protocol right in it, but Mastodon chooses to do its own thing instead, fragmenting the community.

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Do you like Dungeons & Dragons? Do you like Free Culture? Find out about how the two intersect, and how Free Culture encourages more diversity in role playing games in the latest episode of Libre Lounge:

@nolan @enkiv2 I would love if Mastadon would support the ActivityPub C2S protocol and then such a project could be used with a wide variety of services!

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