@bob I liked it because I resonated with the protagonist's feelings of lonliness and despair.

And the antagonist of the film is apathy.

re: the Bots. Clearly someone at Lucasfilms saw the film as well


If you've seen this film and think of it as fondly as I do, reply.


@schaueho My apologies! I seem to have recalled it having been closed then re-opened.

I swear I thought it was in the latest release (as of a week or two ago).

Kanban is something I need and there's a deep question of using another kanban then tying it to whatever I use, or using a built in kanban.

I'd rather not need to work twice.

My apologies!

Can any users show me how to find the new kanban in the new version? I'm on the demo site and I can't figure out how to access it.

Help greatly appreciated!

@AbbieNormal @librelounge I don't have a specific one or setup.

That would be up to you to figure out.

I don't have the bandwidth to work all this out, which is why we'd love the help.

@AbbieNormal @librelounge Can you set up a system that takes audio (like an mp3 or ogg vorbis file) and then spits out a transcript?

Bonus points if it is timestamped so I can feed it into Audacity.

@mkb @jaranta @privacytools

I *really* like the work done by CyPurr and @falsemirror In fact Rory has been hired by the EFF for their amazing work.

@librelounge did a podcast about it:


(full disclosure, I'm one of the hosts of the podcast)

@AbbieNormal @librelounge

Would you be able to help me set up a system to do transcriptions for folks who can't (for whatever reason) listen to our podcast?

@AbbieNormal @librelounge I've heard that some language learning systems suggested the NPR show Car Talk.

It was a hillarious show about cars and car repair by a couple of former MIT nerds turned mechanics.


I'm arbitrarily stating that Car Talk is the bar where we're trying to aim our comprehension level at :)

@AbbieNormal @librelounge Also we've considered transcripts.

I'd love to use a system like DeepSpeech to do them and then possibly let our listeners clean up the transcripts where necessary.

Would that help?

@AbbieNormal @librelounge That sounds frustrating. Is this something you experience with other podcasts as well?

@bob We have some nice ideas for DNS replacements, but they're challenging to bootstrap.

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Now out, @emacsen sits down with @mollydb@status.fsf.org for a deep conversation about Free/Open Source Software Advocacy, economic inequity and a societal approach to Free Software advocacy.

Listen today!


uspol, warren / sanders 

@ebel The only standard I'm aware of would be the filename (minus extension) then a separator, then a two letter code, ala:


If you have many files, I've also seen the directory route of:


Then you can offer links between docs.

This is imperfect, but I think it's what I've seen and probably good enough for most uses, without getting very complicated.

@ebel When you say plain text, I assume you mean long form text, as in documents, and not something like UI elements?

Wasted day, but going to shower and work on Datashards's new implementations.

Cleaner code and huge boosts in storage efficiency await.

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