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The US model was still small, but not TINY like in Europe.

BTW, looks like they now have a European EV model.



Fixed. It'll update to the website in a few minutes.

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@checkervest I just learned that the animated movie Iron Giant was taken from a book Ted Hughes wrote for his kids after their mom, Sylvia Plath, had committed suicide. And the theme of having a body that can be a tool of love or a tool of destruction (or both) can be seen as a way of coping with the suicide (or addiction, or other destructive issues) of a loved one. :empty_heart:

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I'd love both of your help in helping make Babka welcoming to trans and other non-gender conformist Jews when we launch.

I could genuinely use the help...

Also I wrote a thing.


After writing another thing:


As an invitation for these conversations.

What does"Balancing on the Mechitza" tell us about the trans Jewish experience?

What can a cis Jewish man learn from reading this book?



BTW these cars were in heavy use when Car2Go was in operation. We took them fairly often in Vancouver.

They're cute little cars for sure. I just don't think you'd want to buy a new one.

You can probably find a used one online (eg Autotrader) and give it a test drive.


No big loss TBH. The Smart fortwo that was in North America (mostly Canada) was so much bigger than the European version as to not have the same convenience (eg being able to park in a motorcycle space), and wasn't especially cheap either.

It needed to be smaller, cheaper, or electric. It was none of those things.

The Roadster was cute as hell, but the performance of it was supposed to be just awful.

I still want one. :)

antisemitism, communism 


These messages aren't for you @dgold- they're for anyone who might think, just for a moment, that you might be right.

You aren't.

And your screed about Israel- with no basis in reality, shows it. I'm no apologist for bigotry, but when we throw around words with big implications that can harm millions of people- I get serious.

Don't like a policy- work to change it. There's a lot about Israel that need changing, but you're spouting hateful nonsense.


antisemitism, communism 


The image of a communist utopia that the Kibbutzim projected was just that, an image, an illusion- designed to cover up racial superiority, abuse and who-knows-what else.

This is always what happens when one group decides it can steal from its membership, when it decides that the good of the "group" outweigh the rights of the individual, controlled by an elitist leadership, whether that's the Soviets or the leaders of a Kibbutz, or a cult leader.


antisemitism, communism 


I held onto this because I didn't know if I wanted to go down this road, but I think I should...

I talked to my (Israeli) wife about this topic, and she told me story after story about the Kibbibutzim, their Ashkenazi racism, their abuse of members, stories of how people were kept from their property, in one case someone had to escape with only the clothes on their back because "the community" owned everything.


Spent a big chunk of the evening fighting with and OpenResty.

When I was running the code run from Fennel, I'd get:

"lua entry thread aborted: runtime error: /usr/local/tc/root.fnl:14: attempt to yield across C-call boundary"

I manually compiled the fennel code into plain Lua and the error went away and the code worked.

I think I'm just going to compile this code into Lua. :)


If you waited this long to only be alive for a few weeks, you'd be loud too.

antisemitism, communism 


I'm European born to a European family. It's imperfect AF, especially now, but many of the people who talk about how awful capitalism is are talking about the US.

I'd argue Israel is more Socialist than the US. Maybe you think it's not enough... That's fair.

I don't think we'll agree but we can agree to keep on disagreeing and arguing- which is a beautiful Jewish tradition. :) <3

antisemitism, communism 


Also, I've heard people argue about what is "real communism" too much- people tell me Russia wasn't real communism, Cuba isn't real communism, China isn't real communism.


As for being a minority- yeah... That's life in the diaspora :)

antisemitism, communism 


Not allowing for the accumulation of wealth through nationalization makes escape harder- and escape is essential.

It's that simple.

Socialism as practiced in Europe is a dance between companies and governments- a push/pull that often (though not always or often enough), provides better outcomes for the people than if left to unfettered markets.

Communism is pure centralized control and ownership.

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