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This a brilliant breakdown of the song "Genius in France" which is a musical parody omage to Frank Zappa, featuring Dweezil Zappa as guitarist.

slightly nsfw


Since people liked this Wendy Carlos video, here's one of her 19 years later, in 1989.


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I'm not a Signal user, but have you heard of Axolotl? It's a Signal compatible client. It's not in Alpine/pmOS repos, but there's a flatpak. It does have shortcomings though. More info on the Mobian wiki:



Yeah that would have been good. I'd loved to have seen more of the writers and their process especially.


My biggest gripe is they didn't address it at all in the documentary. They pretended it didn't exist, and that's in itself a form of bi erasure.

It's a fairly common TV trope:


And that's what makes it so dangerous- it has at its core these ideas that bi people are bi people are untrustworthy, etc.


I feel like in a way there's an analogy to be made between First Nation peoples and Jews. In the book "People Love Dead Jews", the author talks about how people love past Jews, but not currently living ones. The same goes here... if people care about First Nation or Native American people, there are living people to help and support.

That's where the priority should be- in helping actual human beings.


I never encountered this until spending time in British Columbia, and I feel mixed feelings about it.

Acknowledgment that the land is stolen is good- it brings awareness, but then why not call for right to return, or for reparations?

Also, land borders are complex. It feels like a North American fallacy to freeze time and say the land belongs to a certain people. Peoples throughout time fight over land. Look at Europe, the Middle East, or Africa.. Why is NA different?


My only gripe with it is that they whitewashed their own sexuality stuff a bit, saying they could have gone into the Garak/Bashir feelings, and that the only other expression of homosexuality was in an episode about Dax, but that's not true.

They did several episodes with "Mirror Universe Kira" is shown to be bi. The evil bisexual is a common TV trope, it's harmful, and it's born out of biphobia.

I wish they had addressed it. Instead they just ignored it entirely.

anime, spoilers 

This analysis of Metropolis (2001) is probably the best one I've seen


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FreeBoardGames.org is a free open source site featuring online traditional board and card games. They've just joined the Fediverse at:

➡️ @freeboardgames

Their site is at freeboardgames.org

The games can be played in a variety of modes, including public or private online multiplayer, and single player against AI. You don't need to register, just generate and share links as needed.

#FreeBoardGames #Gaming #Games #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #BoardGames #CardGames

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Is there anyone out there experienced in data forensics, who can work on #us #federal cases, who would be interested in working on the #legal #defense team? Please contact me privately.

#forensics #infosec



You can even use it from your browser. Just go to Create, then when it loads, hit Esc on your keyboard, then go to the sfx editor by hitting f4 or gong to the top and clicking the little speaker icon.


Legit question... have you played with the synth in the TIC-80?

It's pretty nifty!


There is a counter argument to be made about centralization, but I think that this belies a reality of life, which is we already have oracles.

When the government issues me ID, or asks me to pay taxes, that's an oracle.

Banks are oracles too... and the nice thing is we have ways of regulating oracles like banks.


When you think of how much work she put into her early compositions, it's absolutely wild.

Single channel... and all that manual work to reconfigure the instrument, which means she was laying down tracks one instrument at a time...

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