Does anyone know of a place to get free mailing list hosting for a floss project- other than Google Groups.

@cwebber @alcinnz

Hi @alcinnz !

It's been a very busy time, but the plan for me next week is to find a service so I can set up a mailing list, and then start there, as well as having meetings.

Then we can begin to work through the process in earnest.

I look forward to you joining us if you're interested!

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Today 4 years ago 12 people founded Nextcloud to create a complete Free and Open Source alternative to centralize proprietary cloud services and open core competitors. Together we achieved a lot more then what I dreamed of. Thanks to everyone who is contributing.


@Lofenyy I think it's more complex than that, but I see your point in that the nuance is lost on these toots.


I agree that we can't judge someone based on their country of origin. At the same time, we can contextualize their actions, good or bad.

Not condemning racism in its most pure form- killing people of another race, is so clear cut in my mind... How can one not support it?

I think that for many Europeans, they remain convinced that racism is an "American problem", because they are so oblivious to their own attitudes. That's been my experience.

@CaribenxMarciaX Yes, it may be performative and without substance, but I think to myself, "How would I have felt if SuchAndSuch Company" had put out a statement condemning antisemitism during WW2?

And many of the statements are coming with donations. There has already been backlash, so even a thin statement of support is still a statement of support.

@sikkdays In a sense, it does indeed.

The difference is you can control your thoughts with mindfulness practice.

Source: Trained hypnotist and occasional meditator.

Turns out it hasn't been a "quiet day" on the Fediverse, my Mastodon instance was just broken.


I just woke up from a lovely summer nap where McDonalds had a new game, ala the Monopoly game, but because of COVID you didn't need actual game pieces. Because of McMillionare, the commercial made it clear that the game was made elsewhere and not at McDonalds.

But the lovely part of it was afterwards, @cwebber, Karl Kogel and myself were sitting around my kitchen talking about the security issues of it and impact on Free Software and working out how to stop it.

@bob Yes. This. It's why I want the focus of @librelounge to not be on the technology, but the individuals and the philosophical and moral grounding.

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My day of synchronicity:

I finally open up my laptop to see how easy it would be to replace the hard drive. It wouldn't be easy. I will upgrade the RAM though, and now I know what type it is.

I read about @ehmry porting Nix to Genode.

I listened to another @librelounge with yet another amazing guest, with whom @emacsen discusses how hard it is to upgrade laptops and briefly how cool Genode is.

@mplammers @redstarfish

If your issue is with *Free Software* then your rights to talk about Freedom extend to your own box. If your issues are other ethical issues, then that's separate. That doesn't make one more or less legitimate, but let's be clear on what our issues are.

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📺The Replay of the livestream is ready: Speedpainting Dragons - Livestream Krita Workshop.


#LGM2020 @LGMeeting #krita

@redstarfish This gets to two very different questions.

The first is whether one's ethical issues with Youtube are related to Software Freedom or something else. There are many reasons to dislike Google other than Software Freedom.

The second is whether or not we demand that someone else's software be free, even if the API is available to us.

If you can use a tool like youtube-dl, then the software is Free for you. Anything else is outside the original Free Software scope.

Censorship, Social Media, Free Press, Pandemic 

The attack on Social media by Trump could not come at a more inauspicious time as we see how not only did the press suppress coverage of the 1918 flu due to worries of criminal prosecution, but even the Post Office did.

social media regulation, trump, SESTA/FOSTA, birdsite links 

@cwebber @mindspillage That's not hard to do when the biggest social media companies are less than you can count on one hand, even if that hand has less than five fingers.

social media regulation, trump, SESTA/FOSTA, birdsite links 

@mindspillage @cwebber That, unfortunately, is not the way he thinks, and (sadly) the way things work.

As Trump has demonstrated, in a corrupt system, might makes right, and thus those in power can use laws to consolidate power through media control.

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Are you interested in an entirely #FreeSoftware and #FreeHardware laptop? How about if it's meant to be modified and upgraded?

In this episode of Libre Lounge, @emacsen sits down with Lukas Hartmann from @mntmn to talk about his history in Free Software, the MNT Reform project, and the future!

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