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I've finished a blog post about Brave's false privacy. I give you arguments that will prevent yourself from falling for Brave’s marketing lies.


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Wishing @davidrevoy a very happy birthday! Grateful for his friendship, courage, and generosity.


The salesman even told me, if I was looking at different model, he would have 100% negotiated with me, thousands of dollars off the price, and he even complimented me on my negotiation skills, including knowing all the terms for the salesman tricks that they use, and even dealership skills.

He wanted to know if I had a background in sales and or cars.


I'd never done it before (I don't have a driver's license, this is for my wife). I spent months reading articles, watching videos, learning specific terms about cars, factory ordering, and so on and so on.

Ultimately because of the chip shortage and the car we wanting being in such high demand, there really was no wiggle room. I negotiated $250 off MSRP. I could have asked for more, perhaps, but it would have been hours for almost no substantial benefit.


The same thing happened to us. The salesman said end of June. I called two days ago, now he's saying first or second week of July.


No one but me will need to now any of this- users of the library won't need to know or care, but there's a Store, which is a collection of data. Stores connect to Clients via Transports (HTTP, or Bluetooth, or filesystem, LevelDB, or whatever).

Clients may also need to be future proof through accepting multiple Suites.

Adding this "Transport" abstraction cleans up the way both Stores connect to other stores, and Clients connect to stores.

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This morning I was struggling with how to write some Datashards code, and I decided to make a diagram. When I did, the complexity began to melt away when I started adding two new abstractions. Suddenly everything fit nicely.



I don't know the Liberal party enough to say that.

The more complex issue is that far left parties tend to be antisemitic, such as Labor in the UK, and that has affected Annamie Paul before.

With the rise in antisemitism in Canada over the last few weeks, this was probably considered by her opponents to be a good opportunity to try to tear her down.

There are other issues as well- more nuanced and complex ones, but this is my broad strokes analysis.


Well you can't have giglioranananomicom.com because that's mine


Thankfully, and by the most narrow of margins, a Black Jewish Woman is able to keep her position as leader of the Green Party of Canada, despite attacks from opposition trying to drive wedge issues (primarily around her Judaism) and oust her from power.


If you buy one, at least buy one with two separate ducts, one for in and one for out.


nyc, racism, sad. funny ending(?) 

This is an oldie, but New Yorkers take racism seriously.


I do love the GoFundMe to send a Mariachi band...

resharing Pepper&Carrot on monetization platforms 


Nina Paley believed that social media campaigns (encouraging comments, etc.) was helpful.

Not sure I agree but it's also an option.

But yes, we need a way to address it. This is a flaw in CC, I think.

resharing Pepper&Carrot on monetization platforms 


As it doesn't credit, and does edit, it's a copyright violation.

DMCA or similar could be used here.

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Nextcloud is looking for a designer with web-design and optional html/css skills. Full time or part time. Remote work is also possible. nextcloud.com/jobs/


In retrospect, I'm not sure if I'd do it the same way. The problem is that there are two entirely different ways of mapping sidewalks- one is as separate ways, and the other (my proposal) was to do it as part of the street).

There are benefits to both.

Ultimately though, I think the OSM data model is complex :(


> move out into the middle of nowhere

...like every Marvel character (Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Captain America, etc.) including Thanos.


Thanks French for making the adjective and noun of this word identical minus an accent.

It's not confusing at all to have it say sugar, no sugar.

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