@paperdigits I have many thoughts on PowerShell but overall my feeling about a shell is that it should feel as transparent as possible in most circumstances. Otherwise you might as well live in Python or Perl all the time.

What excited me was the idea of this nu shell rewriting basic tools to spit data out in more complex ways and also being able to parse days formats so they could be used alongside traditional feeling tools.

Maybe they'll get their act together... I'd love to see it!

Tried the "nu" shell today. It has some really nifty ideas about handling data.

Sadly it crashes, entirely crashes, way too easily.

Hopefully they can fix this. It would be really nice...

@gnomon I spend a lot of time in Vancouver, so I'm aware of the exchange rate.

I'm also aware of how everything in Canada costs 25 - 30% more than in the US.

There's a local shop here that I like... I'll ask them if they can order a battery and do it, or look for the shop you mentioned here.

@freakazoid Hi Sean,

Did you get a chance to look at my python library?

I've had a real challenging in explaining Datashards to people because it's explaining a primitive for a thing that doesn't exist.

I'm convinced that the only right way to do this is to write lots of demos and do something like Douglas Engelbart's 1968 demo of user interfaces.

(link for people who may be unfamiliar: youtube.com/watch?v=yJDv-zdhzM )

Apparently most Americans are waiting three years to replace their phones.

I'm going to be waiting a bit longer to replace my Pixel XL with either a PinePhone or a LibreM.

I have a LibreM on order but the company is increasingly worrying me.

The PinePhone looks good but we'll have to see when it comes out and what the software looks like

In the meantime I will have to get the Pixel's battery replaced because it's getting on in years.

Has anyone had experience with battery replacement?

Just had to block another lefty anti-semite. This time the narrative was

If Israel didn't exist, it wouldn't been attacked by all the Arab countries, so it shouldn't exist and then it wouldn't need to worry about it.

Basically it's like saying "If you weren't {black|gay|trans|a woman...} then you wouldn't have been attacked, so kill yourself."

People wonder why I'm so sensitive about this stuff, especially from the Left. That's why.

US Politics, Trump, Hate Speech 

US Politics 

US Politics, Trump, Hate Speech 

re: Nutrition, Health 

Nutrition, Health 

Nutrition, Health 

Nutrition, Health 

Nutrition, Health 

Nutrition, Health 

Nutrition, Health 

@freakazoid That's awesome.

I'm having two issues and they both stem from imports I think.

My repo is:


I can't get the darn thing to install right. If I use python setup.py develop it works, but not install.

I can't figure out why.

Relatedly on this branch:


And my goal is to be able to run
python datashards/stores/magencstore.py

But I get weird import errors.

I thought I grokked python but this is baffling me.

Thanks so much!!!!

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