They use Zoom but also CryptPad...


So confused. :)

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I'm attending a virtual Cypurr event 👍 but they're running it on Zoom 👎

It makes me sad. Kinda wish they'd set a better example.



One day soonish (hopefully) we'll have Datashards or ERIS or whatever we'll call it and it will do a lot of that.

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long, megagrrl changelog since last release 

* New: Fade out at the end of looping tracks * New: Playback pitch adjustment * New: Narrow font option for file browser * New: Support shuffling of playlists and entire SD card * New: High quality FM clock output - substantially reduced clock jitter * New: Easter Egg :) * Improvement: Support single AY-3-8910 playback on OPNA MegaMod * Improvement: Better behavior when loop count changed during playback * Improvement: Faster handling of very large playlists * Improvement: Faster ADPCM data uploads on OPNA MegaMod * Improvement: Add circular method of scrolling long text * Improvement: Better playback performance * Improvement: Better LED control performance * Improvement: Ignore Windows recycle bin files * Improvement: Better firmware update UX/reliability * Improvement: Better debug output for troubleshooting assembly problems * Fix: Various UI issues * Fix: Don't miss short channel key-ons for LEDs * Fix: Prevent playback hitches on tracks that write to Game Gear registers * Fix: Resolve rare PSG timing issues * Fix: Resolve rare settings file corruption * Fix: Resolve incorrect LED state caused by invalid writes to key-on registers * Fix: Stalled playback on some badly-made OPNA VGMs * Fix: Crashes on VGMs that use Mega CD hardware * Meta: ESP-IDF version bumped to 3.3.4 * Meta: Add mgu packfile creation script

😅 this is a big one. still not at 1.0 yet!!!

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releasing this later today probably, then finishing up a few remaining things (opna adpcm fades, opl3 fades, opl3 channel muting), then probably 1.0. then 1.1 will add better scrolling UX based on my experiences in several weeks of using mp3 players

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CW: LARPers 

As much as I want to enjoy LARPers, and like Mega64... this is what it's like being around people who are using the entire school/hotel/whatever to LARP and you're not in the game.

Tired (2007): Vi sitter här i Venten och spelar lite DotA

Wired (2021): Mi estas sur Mumble ludante Dota 2.


I may be projecting, because in my fiancee's case, she literally will go without moving the cat for hours to let it sleep, or whatever.

I love my cats, but I'm 100% okay moving them, even if it wakes them up. :)


You seem to have the same issue my fiancee does with my cats, which is not wanting to move them.

My solution is so much simpler... "It's okay to move the cat. The cat wouldn't think twice if it was in your position, and the cat won't be resentful if you move it gently. It's a cat."

I used to have a 135lbs German Shepard, who stood 5'10 on his hind legs. I was a a child and the dog was bigger than me. I never thought twice about moving the dog if necessary.

Mental Health, Abuse 

I had a dream about the person who was abusive to me for a long time and who I still have nightmares several times a week. But this time they agreed (at least for now) to be a Harvey.


Oh, won't you come with me
And a-take my hat?
Oh, won't you come with me
And we'll-walk this lad?
Please take my hat

Video game idea:

There's a lot of money in video games based on TV shows.

Mr Show: The Video Game


Software driven isn't any more accurate though, since a car's driving system involves more than software.

For example, I've been very interested in the OpenPilot project, which provides FLOSS driver assist.

The hardware platform for it, the Comma2, has only one sensor- a front facing camera.

It can't make decisions based on things behind or to the side of the vehicle, and that's due to hardware limitations affecting software decisions.

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It's Miyazaki's 80th birthday and because he loves us and wants us to be happy, Ghibli just release almost 2,000 hi-res images from their films for reasonable use. So get on that.


According to halacha, when eating a dish of mixed components, one need pronounce only the blessing over the main components, thus for a chocolate croissant one would say the blessing over the dough, and skip the blessing over the chocolate.But in the case of the Krembo, there is no consensus as to which is the "main" component: the biscuit, or the cream and chocolate. One solution is to bless over each component separately.

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Under kashrut, the dietary rules of Jewish law or (Halacha), some orthodox rabbis find significance to the order in which one eats a Krembo. The blessing over the biscuit is boreh miney mezonot, whereas the blessing over the cream and chocolate is shehakol nihiyya bidvaro.

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Telling someone that they should use X instead of Y is like going to your friend's place to look at their extensive VHS collection and telling them that Betamax is better.

(h/t ifixcoinops for the inspiration)

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