FLOSS accessibility (-) 


..One solution to this might be to have people functioning on grants, where the externality of the funding can supply the work being done and not subject them to either market forces, or take from someone's personal time.

FLOSS accessibility (-) 


I agree that accessibility is an important and overlooked topic.

The challenge is with FLOSS, it's either written by paid folks or volunteers, and it's roughly the same equation.

If it's paid folks, they're doing the same analysis as the proprietary folks in terms of who will benefit.

If it's volunteers, they're needing to prioritize their own time (and sometimes others' time), and so they have to make hard decisions.

One solution to this might...


The open issue on it points to the fact that they aren't using a generic OAuth library but instead seems to be using Google and Twitter specific ones. Therefore adding another would be another thing to support.

But I agree with you that not supporting arbitrary OAuth is frustrating.

There is a possible solution I found yesterday but it's very convoluted. I could use frontend's JWT support and then tie it to something else...


It seems only supports Google and Twitter OAuth2 and not arbitrary OAuth2. Frustrating...

Anyone have experience and or can think of a way around this?


No worries. As for the bitrot perspective of @anne - I understand the viewpoint but disagree for a few reasons.

First, FLAC is well documented. The spec exists, multiple implementations exist, and Unix software tends to be compilable decades in the future.

And bitrot on the media, I think is handled at the block/filesystem level, not at the data level.

But it's worth considering for sure.


FLAC and APAC are both lossless.

Flac can handle samples up to 24 bit, 192kHz audio storage.

APAC can do up to 32 bits, 384kHz.

But honestly, I doubt your recordings are at that level, because almost nothing is actually recorded at those rates.

And remember, there's no point whatsoever to put your sample on a higher quality format.

That's why I suspect FLAC will serve your needs just fine.

Thinking about compression and audio formats makes me think about if gzip/bzip were lossy.

What a fun world it would be.


Seems I'm wrong and flac uses its own container format (not ogg). Either way, they both store metadata.

Anyway, I'd look at flac/apac because wav files are huge, and piping a flac file to your analyzer will be almost nothing computationally compared to the added work to store large files.


I would be looking at FLAC or ALAC. Both offer compression without being lossy.

For speech I don't think you'd find any significant difference between the two, and FLAC might end up being smaller.

There's no reason IMHO to use WAV as an archival format. It offers no compression and no other benefits that I see.

At least with FLAC, you also get the ogg container in which to store metadata (WAV doesn't offer that as far as I know). ALAC also offers metadata I believe.

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University of Minnesota banned from Linux kernel development and a purge begins:

"Because of this, I will now have to ban all future contributions from your University and rip out your previous contributions"



Yes, WAV is proprietary in theory, but the spec is out, nearly 30 years old, and has many Free implementations.

What's your use case?


What makes wav not open? Are AU (ie Sun) audio files also not open?


> That's how it ends, Doc. Not with a bang, or a whimper, but with a "thwack." - Mr. Gone, The Maxx

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🐧 I'm one of the Guest of Honor at Penguicon 2021! 🎉 I'll participate to talks and I'll also give a Krita workshop. You can find more information here: davidrevoy.com/article834/peng

#penguicon #penguicon2021 #krita

@ajroach42 @mntmn

While the XO-1 was cuter, I feel like the MNT Retorm is actually the more true FLOSS platform, designed specifically around this kind of experiment.

I wish I'd get mine soon :)



The pixel Qi were one of the biggest selling points of the XO Laptop.

Maybe somehow @mntmn can work with them to make a Pixel Qi add-on to the MNT Reform.

That would be something really special!


Sometimes a parrot talks.

Yes... some birds are funny when they talk.



I don't know what media you consume :)

Star Trek is the largest mass media show I know and Q is the thetefore the best example of a trickster god. Sorry!



You didn't watch Star Trek: The Next Generation?



I've been re-watching the show Soap, and also the idea of the "devil" in Judaism is that he' an angel who looks for the best in humanity but must play a role, the role of prosecutor.

My own view is that I love trickster god figures. If you're unfamiliar with others, Q from ST:TNG embodies this idea well.

Trickier gods often position themselves as opposition to help us overcome something, or exist to be defeated in myth.

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