@dottorblaster Turns out there's match available and it's just as good, if not better, so I'm satisfied for now.

No case statement and no default function argument values make Serge something something...

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@tty Yes! THIS.

And I'll be if the first to admit that writing this kind of software is challenging, but it's really important. Thank you!

@rfox An 8 bit bar is better than a 2 bit saloon

@drwho It's very sad. DC Fontana also died last week.

On a similar topic, I just found out my friend Greg Schnitzer, an executive producer of the fan series, Star Trek New Voyages died two years ago.

I'm editing a mini-episode of @librelounge about him and about what we can all learn about being good to each other from Star Trek.

@paperdigits The tricky part about distributed is that it doesn't have a discreen meaning.

For example the fediverse is distributed. So are batch processing systems.

What I'm talking about is specifically two abilities:

1. That all the data from the server is located also on the client and can be used without connection to the server, essentially that they have a two way syncronization.

2. That the content of the server could be reconstructed by taking data from the client.

@draeath I'm concerned proxy doesn't capture the functionality I'm expressing.

My IMAP example does a two way syncronization though, so it's not just a cache, it's a full usable copy.

Same with git. It's not just a cache but a fully functional copy with syncronization.

Is there a term for services that let you entirely replicate data such that being offline isn't an issue?

For example, when I use git, even if my git server is blown away, my local copy can simply override the central one.

Similuarly my imap syncronizes locally to a maildir, so if my imap server died, I'd be able to put it back.

This is how more things should work IMHO, and i"d love to know the nam ofthis feature so I can talk about it.

Here we have a person whose from an older generation expressing many of the ideas that we hope people would embrace around around gender and identity, and the headline they chose is hilighting his not understanding a very specific, modern term and using that as a way to ridicule him.

How about instead of that, we say "Wow this person is espousing the kinds of views we want people to have, even if they use a different vocabulary than many of us use today?


terrible awful cursed bedsheets with, uhhh, necrophilia themes? 

@Lofenyy A lot of my keto stuff is a modification of a bad food into something that I can fit into my way of eating.

Maybe you can do the same with whatever you're doing!

@Lofenyy Can you find a food that'll scratch the itch?

Last night we had really bad whoopie pie cravings but were too tired so made mug cakes from a mix we'd preparred a few months earlier (emergency mug cake mix).

I'm going to try to record a show tonight about my friend Greg Schnitzer and the ways he informed me as a friend.

Some shows never make it to air, hopefully this one will be good enough.

@liw Mad respect for you but I think that what often gets lost in these conversations is the idea of a threat model and comparison.

Is Signal better or worse than [fill in the blank]?

Is it worse than a verified OMEMO on top of XMPP where you run your own server? No.

Is it better than plain text? Heck yes!

Is it better than WhatsApp? Heck yes!

And I can get people to use Signal in just a few minutes.

Let's not make the great the enemy of the good.


@Lofenyy It's also relatively high in sugar. I used to be a big fan of the stuff, but no longer.


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