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The Central Park pop-up hospital is being run by the homophobic Christian fundamentalist leader Franklin Graham (son of Billy Graham) gaycitynews.com/anti-lgbtq-fra

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@schmittlauch Canonical S-Expressions would take you about a day to write an implementation of, maybe less.

Ping me on IRC if you want help there.

@schmittlauch We're using csexp for Datashards, and the alternatives we've considered are Preserves and CBOR.

We've also build a protocol pattern called 3:rpc around csexp that *could* be used with either of the above in theory.

There's nothing wrong with ASN.1 or Messagepack though.

@mmin On one of the last days that NYC was suggesting it was OK to go out, I got a haircut.

It wasn't the best haircut I've ever gotten- it wasn't my normal barber- but it was a haircut.

I just know that this is going to last longer than I'll need another one.

Doing hair is hard work. It's a lot of standing- it's a lot of detailed work with your hands, and your compensation can be literally nothing for hours at a time.

Today I'm going to give myself a haircut for the first time...

The fiancee wants me to shave it all off. As weird as this sounds, I'm scared to even give myself a buzzcut.

But I have at least a month before I can get a haircut.

I don't need to shave too, do I?

(no this is not me)

It makes me so frustrated when the cat projects his feelings onto others!


Also a question you didn't ask "Is English your native language?"

No native English speaker in the US, Canada, UK or Australia says "cross-sed", they say "crost".

I'm bored. Fiancee is working (stupid time zones). Ate dinner already. TV is boring.

Guess I'll start building the Python MSDC library

@sikkdays The second one should be more accurately "crost" as in "crust" but with an o sound

My local Whole Foods doesn't even pretend it's a supermarket anymore. It's a warehouse with displays.

@ebel The short answer is "I don't know".

More importantly, though, this is not for the feint of heart.

Here are a few resources to look into and you'll see why:

Here's a short video:

A short article:

And some slides:

And some thoughts about FLOSS tools:

It looks like it *could* be done, but AFAIK we don't have it now.


You could easily self-host a program that does what Zoom does, but you'd also need to have the same high power machines to do the video processing, and you'd need the bandwidth.

What Zoom is doing that makes it work is downsampling and combing the video streams into one stream, which is much easier for a regular computer to handle.

You'd need a very powerful machine, and a very good connection with lots of bandwidth and low latency to handle so many AV streams.

Before I'm misunderstood- I'm *not* suggesting that we throw up our hands and use Zoom.

Instead, I'm suggesting that we need to start realizing that simply building software isn't enough. Projects like Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap and Signal work because they're backed with hardware and bandwidth.

If we want a Zoom replacement, we'll need to ensure there is money to pay for the necessary components to pay for its infrasturcture and ongoing maintence.

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The sooner that people who are thinking about replacing Zoom realize that the problem isn't one of software but of infrastructure, the better.

The reason Zoom works so well on a technical level is that they have a lot of infrastrutcture to support the downmixing of streams- including a ton of processing power, as well as very good bandwidth between their data centers.

You could build an equilvient program, but without the hardware and connectivity behind it, it won't be as good.

@namark @kragen @cwebber @phoe @ivan

I feel that we've veered way off track of my original point, which was just that we can't simply argue that the solution to shipping software around is always going to be to ship source code. It's a nice idea in theory, but it bangs up against practical limitations, thus we'll eventually need to ship binaries around, and once we do that, we need to think of what the implications of that are in an AGPL-ed world.

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