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@emacsen @librelounge @cwebber I really took to heart some of the stuff you guys were keying into about unintentionally alienating people through shared culture. I think a lot of times that has been an impediment to my own learning. Going into my project I had that in mind, but not to the extent that you talked about. It made me really examine how much I was doing that. The rest of the show was awesome too but that is the thing that really stuck for me in practice.

@cwebber is right in his latest post on his Patreon ( patreon.com/posts/libre-lounge ). Our latest episode of @librelounge captures what we think the show can be, both a celebration and a serious reflection of ourselves and FLOSS. There will be plenty of fun shows coming up on light hearted topics, but shows like we did this week are what really excite me about working on this podcast.

@thaj @librelounge Thanks! I'd love to hear more about what specifically it made you think about!

@ebel @cwebber Put my money where my mouth is and set it up! @librelounge is tooting!

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Yes, the Libre Lounge podcast is on the Fediverse!

@ebel @cwebber We have a Mastadon account set up but I've been focused on getting the show out yesterday. It'll be announced by the next show.

The lastest episode of Libre Lounge with myself and @cwebber is out! Hacker Culture, Past, Belonging and Inclusion librelounge.org/episodes/episo

@cwebber I thought we were counting the episodes in binary and look forward to our seventh final episode. 😉

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I had a lot of things I wanted to do today, but instead I ended up writing a giant list of "good free software games" for some Libre Lounge episodes

The upside: there's more good FOSS games than I realized/remembered

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I started the Libre Lounge numbering scheme at 00001 but @emacsen switched it to 001 and is probably right... if we make it to 1k episodes at 50 episodes a year, that would take 20 years

BUT on the upside I got @emacsen to commit to a "Chris Was Right" episode if we make it to episode 1k

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@cwebber @drwho Interesting. I've been thinking lately that maybe the "one single stream" problem is part of the problem. It's hard to make a single application that does *everything* well- microblog, long form blog, events, etc. Maybe it's better if every app does one thing really well and we view them either in separate apps, or do some kind of handoff, but that means either a single inbox that filters or yes, streams (as per the spec).

@theartguy Better yet, for anyone who can, self host and for those who can't, privacy policies tell your users what they should expect.

@drwho I would appreciate it if you did. I want to keep up with you but since I don't think AP supports channels or filters, it's a bit annoying. Maybe @cwebber will tell me I'm wrong about filtering.

@dthompson You can! The tricky part for me has been getting an optimal resolution.

Just spent 40 mins trying to fix a monitor on Ubuntu that's no longer displaying the correct resolution. Can't tell if it's the monitor (works under windows), a driver issue, an Nividia issue or what. Worked yesterday! Tried several drivers!

I really wish there was an easy way to connect Emacs to an Etherpad Lite instance or page. org-mode on an Etherpad would be amazingly useful for me!

@scolobb @cwebber Good point! We need to do a whole thing about the Emacs ecosystem.

@mysteryfish @greg @cwebber I think this is part of the problem- that it's not discussed, that Emacs users can be insular and that it the learning curve is super high. Good discussion points all.

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