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Here are the Left Wing antisemitic messages I read almost daily:

"It's not Jews we have a problem with, it's Zionists"

"Down with Globalists!"

"We're only against religious clothing in public and religious killing practices."

"It's capitalism we're against, you know... Rothschild, Soros..."

"We're against settler colonialists! Go back to Europe!"

"Jews aren't the real Jews!"

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I'm not the biggest fan of Democrats, but it's good to see Biden calling out antisemitism and Nazism


I like that he says "wherever it hides" rather than the usual "right wing" claim I so often see.

It's an at least somewhat implicit acknowledgement of the pervasive nature of the problem across the political spectrum.



I've seen and experienced anti-Zionism so much in my life.

I think the Left/Right polarity is insufficient to express my political views, but in my experience, it's been the leftists who have told me to my face that Zionists are unwelcome.

Having worked for a left-wing US political figure in the past, I've felt the most betrayed by the left. This is why i think "Jews Don't Count" is such an important book, as it addresses this issue directly.

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If Leftist allyship with Jews is conditional, it's not allyship.

If you're expecting Jews to magically agree with everything you also despise about Israel, or come personally apologize to you every time a settler chops down a Palestinian olive tree, you're not interested in being our ally, you're interested in scoring clout.

Defending Jews also means Zionist Jews, and believe it or not, most of them are probably left-of-center. We're not your perfect victims.

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Anybody who comes to learning about antisemitism trying to update their list of Bad Jews will only come away a better antisemite. It's an ironclad rule.

People who find real connections to real people will learn how and when they should be defending Bad Jews, so ultimately they get rid of the entire Good Jew/Bad Jew dynamic.

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It's an awful world I live in that when I interview someone, I have to ask them whether they hate or " "

At the same time, I've had casual antisemitism thrown at me in the last year in ways I never expected, so now I have to ask. :(

I haven't done game prep for over a month, and it's both fun and a little intimidating.

I've started to use AI to help with prompts. I'll feed it the plot thus-far and have it come up with a few places the plot can go. Then I'll refine that, and pull the game back towards my story.


Thanks! may be what I was looking for!

A quick

Dear Gentiles,

Please don't say "Jews are God's chosen people.", and especially don't say it to a Jew.

It doesn't mean what you think it means, and it's somewhat offensive on multiple levels.


The issue with Pleroma is that it often (not always!) used by less than good folks. That includes a lot of "shitposters" as well as paedophilia, homophobia, transphobia, antisemitism, etc.

The more time that goes on, the more I'm convinced
@Are0h is right that the mere use of Pleroma has become a red flag.

I don't think that should mean it's an automatic block, but it's a big warning sign.


There are good reasons for collective action, but not all collective action needs to be, or should be, formalized into a capital-U Union.

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The Jews as 'settler colonials' is an important part of anti-Israel propaganda. Once someone believes this to be true - then everything becomes unfair. It also strips Jews of all rights (because they are aliens) and allows for violence against them. Really dangerous.
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Heya players using a

I'm looking for a virtual tabletop that's extremely simple.

Owlbear Rodeo is too complex for my needs.

I'm looking for something more akin to or one step above

Any suggestions. Strong preference for FLOSS.

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a gentle request 

if you're going to post a spotify ad please include the word spotify in the text so our filters can catch it

thank you

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