I woke up this morning to the soundtrack of The Gods Must Be Crazy in my head.

So many complex feels around that film. It's deeply problematic on many levels, from the Noble Savage trope, to the inherent white persepctive of the film, blatant sexism of the film- the critiques of it are many and varied.

And yet even though I haven't seen it in over a decade, it clearly has a place in my subconcious, and there are parts of it that touch my heart.

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Your phone's wifi signal can be used to identify your gait (way you walk). Your gait is unique enough that it can be used to identify you. If there is prior video footage of view, it can be matched to that too. Impressive research, scary implications nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2019/

I'd love to see more people talking about the differences between Sanders and Warren.

If nothing else, we need to keep the presusre on Warren to not shift to the center.

If we lose the election, at least we'll have lost with our values, but I think that we'd be more likely to energize voters with a progressive candidate.


@cwebber If so, a manger that could kill an unkillable method actor would be called an Everlasting Hobgob-stopper.

@Lofenyy I would like to see freedoms and democracy come to China. I hope it happens peacefully and with the least impact to those who are the most vulnerable.

Sadly history says that's not what happens.

@volt4ire I first read your post as "cage-free escargot" and I was thinking "Snails don't care about cages... snails don't have a concept of cages"

China is out to show everyone who thinks that they're a brutal humorless government that they're wrong, and anyone who disagrees will be banned!


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@Lofenyy Neither sysdtem is good in this case. The US required me to pay OOP and Canada, who knows if I would have gotten treatment and how long it would have taken.

For someone like me who was taking pain meds daily for such a long time and wasn't able to do many activities, quality of life matters though, and that's where Canada'a lack of funding its system really matters.

Canadians deserve better and Canada can do better.

@Lofenyy If I'd been in Canada, I would have had a long wait for the specialist, a long wait for the MRI and I'm not sure if I could have gotten a second opinion.

Yes, the surgery would have been free though.

It sucked to have to go to a private doctor for the procedure, but at least I had the option.

In Canada, a doctor is not legally allowed to do offer private patients.


@Lofenyy Reviewing the MRI, he said I was OK and didn't need surgery.

He said I should take an injection of cortisone. I asked what that would do and he had no answer.

This was the lead orhopedic surgeon at NYU.

I went to see a private specialist who said I needed surgery for a torn labium.

Turns out both sides of my labium were torn, and by bicep was torn and mangled. He couldn't even surgery orthopedically because it was so bad.

I had to pay him out of pocket for the surgery.


@Lofenyy I don't know other systems well. I've only lived in the US, and spend time in Canada.

The gf has lived in three countries, each with slightly different systems.

I've heard amazing things about France's medical system and yet they only spend a bit more than Canada.

The issues in Canada relate to things like my shoulder surgery. I went to see a specialist about it. He basically told me I seemed fine, but ordered an MRI.


@Lofenyy I have mixed feelings about Canada's healthcare system.

The US's is a tragedy, but Canada's is massively underfunded, effecting Canadian's quality of life as well as its economy. It's better than the US, for sure, but far from perfect, especially when the health issue is quality of life and not life or death.

The more time in Canada that I spend, the more cynical I am about it. It's better than the US in many ways, but not the paradise it is often portrayed as.

The gf is sick and since we're in NYC she had to see a doctor in the US. We didn't get to see an actual doctor, only a doctor's assistant and a medical scribe.

Somehow they can offer a perscription for drugs?

And got a lecture from said doctor's assistant on his "extensive research" on other medical systems and their "long wait times". He didn't ask about what countries she's been under (three different ones, for the record) or her experience, just mansplained at her with me in the room.

@Lofenyy @vk And I think about these issues a great deal.

I think about "Where is safe?" a great deal.

Not France, the country where I was born. Antisemitism is rampant.

The US? My beloved NYC has had many attacks on Jews, especially in the last two years, post Trump.

Canada? It's safer... I don't fear violence. I do have some concerns but they're less. Historically though, Canada has not been so great and I worry it may go back to its past.

I worry about being safe essentially every day.

@Lofenyy @vk Maybe 500 characters just isn't enough for me to say this part the way I want to but I have enormous respect for Germany's post-war reflection and addressing of both hatred and fascism.

This was not by accident. Not every country involved in the Holocaust did this work.

If there was a place where Jews could feel that people knew about the Holocaust, it would be post-WW2 Germany.

The symbolism of this shooting taking place in Germany is very intense indeed.

@Lofenyy @vk It depends on many factors. The scariest thing to me is it happening in Germany.

In the US I can see it easily. People can be convinced of lies, but Germans took the holocaust in, they did the work as a nation to reflect on it and see the harm.

So now, for this to happen... I don't know, and if can happen in Germany, it can happen anywhere.


This is a reality that I live under- fear for my life, fear for my loved one's lives.

You want me to put a content warning on a reality that I live under? No.

If it makes you uncomfortable to read about people being murdered for being who they are, then maybe that should tell you something. Instead of chastizing me for talking about it, support victims of hate.

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