Memorable episodes:

Spock as a kid

The crew gets giant plant clones

The ancient ship filled with evil

The devil lives at the edge of the universe and is just a misunderstood guy


TAS genuinely has some of my favorite (and most memorable) episodes


Tangential, but I think very relevant...

What do you think of the recent string of rulings and calls for removal of Kosher food and defunding Hillel and asking/requiring Jewish students to pledge "anti-Zionism" in college campuses around the US and Canada?

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This is very important indeed.

Rather than focusing on ESR, though, I will say that I think the FLOSS community has lost something of its social cohesion and stories.

The FSF used to be good at the culture and stories, mostly because they too were taken largely from MIT, but it's stagnated, and the culture's frozen.



Let me be clear on this... As Americans go, I'm fairly left wing. I have made my politics clear many times and stand by them.

With that, the left is pushing Jews to the margins. They're supporting hate crimes against us, including violence and murder.

So when a right wing org comes up, the left needs to take action. It needs to rid itself of antisemitism so that Jews feel safe again. Jews have a long history with the left,. It's time for the left to step up for Jews.


With the explicit intent to oppose BDS and other antisemitism that's taken over the left in the US.

I don't know if it will help, but the status quo is unacceptable and the left hasn't addressed the situation sufficiently.

Perhaps this group will have a right wing bend. If so, that would be in line with what we're seeing from the right, which is an explicit courting of American Jewish voters.

The left needs to make itself welcoming to Jews again.

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I usually solve problems by myself.
But recently, I have come to think that relying on others to solve problems is not a bad idea.
Because when a kind person helps me, I naturally want to help others who have the same problem.
Kind people make me a kind person.


As much as I don't like Heinlein, I don't think we can call Stranger in a Strange Land a dystopia, unless you have *really* strong negative feelings about polyamory.

..and martians.


Acupuncture by Zoogz Rift

It's not on any of his albums, sadly.

It's really okay. This is super obscure stuff.

I'm enjoying some Wesley Willis.


No. Just sad there's no copy of this song anywhere other than apparently maybe Uncle Floyd has it :(


Looks like Uncle Floyd took down the only copy of Acupuncture by Zoogz Rift.

It's not on any studio albums. :(

Does anyone know how to watch a youtube video from the old Youtube on archive.org?

The page comes up but not the video.

Do I need an SWF player? Will something else grab the file and convert it for me?



Every morning you greet your project management tool....

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Relatedly in the 1990s I remember seeing many hosts named fnord, which was always frustrating as you can't have blank hostnames. it always filled me with a sense of dread.

@technomancy @hisham_hm

I encountered the word first in Unix forums in the 1990s, then when reading The Illumintus Trillogy!, and other scattered places in 1960s sci-fi.

Yes, I did read Stranger years later, but by then it was more of a "This is the origin of a word I already use regularly".

I can understand if I *only* saw it one source that I'd feel differently. I just... didn't.


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