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One of the thoughts that "keeps me up at night" is the difference between the MSH Universal Table and the Phase 4 MasterTable.

Since I'm assuming most folks haven't played either system, I'm curious if other people have any thoughts on the probability layout of the Phase 4 Master Table (attached) vs the MSH Universal Table



Fuck you Vancouver... fuck you that this is the view from the bedroom when I wake up. Fuck you.

Photo of NYC Subway sign saying

You still have to wear a :mask:
even if you're vaccinated

Thanks for wearing your mask - MTA

Photo of a NYC subway advertisement saying

Banks: No fees*
*Unless you move your money, spend your money, look at your money, or breathe our air


I saw this site called ASCII Play and I raise you an "Ascii just laying around"

It's not Caturday anymore, so.. we'll call this "Lay around in the Sun-day"

caturday, eye contact, seduction(?) 

Crispin looking seductively at my wife/the camera


What do you do during a heatwave in Vancouver?

pride month, lgbtq+, amazon 

Dear Amazon,

I'm so confused....

Thanks French for making the adjective and noun of this word identical minus an accent.

It's not confusing at all to have it say sugar, no sugar.

My new home media server from TrueNAS runs Free Software out of the box and is legit beautiful.

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