I have a craving for a gyro. I'd even take a schwarma.

But here in Canada all you can get is donair.

I love my cat deeply, but he is a very dirty boy, including literally rubbing his face in cat litter.

With my increased activity in issues, you might wonder why I don't go to any Jewish events in ?

The simple answer is I don't own a car, and I live in Downtown Vancouver.

This is a screenshot from Google maps showing all the synagogues in Downtown Vancouver.

There is only one. The other pin is an error I believe.

death, murder, politics, cursing 

I haven't said anything about the Texas shooting. I've been trying to not think about it, and how furious it makes me me that the US makes no progress towards the safety it's people because its politicians are afraid of the personal consequences- just like the Texas police officers who refused to enter the building because they were "afraid they'd be shot".

I can't process how upset I am.

We are so fucking devo.

Rarely does a bagel make me exclaim out loud, but this one was genuinely worth the wait.


The subtle marketing in NYC for a supermarket

hate speech, antisemitism 

When you run ~1000 antisemitic tweets through a word cloud generator, you see the patterns:

* Substituting the term "Zios" (a term David Duke created) for Jews
* Talking about "Zionism" as a way to get around filters
* Conspiracies about world-wide power, controlling the land, satanic rituals
* Long debunked theories that Jews aren't really Jews

and so on...

My wife got a new computer...

Microsoft: "You don't need to do this... we can make it work..."

Not what most people think about when they say "my cat sleeps in my bed".

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