Some young children can't wipe their bottom when they use the bathroom.

But how does this even happen?

I'm wondering if any of the folks I know on the Fediverse play City of Heroes/City of Villains and might want to play with me?

I have a four color hero and awesome villain Strawberry Punchcake (lvl 38 brute- she's bringing punch to the party) pictured below.

Dear Bareburger,

I don't want this sauce. I would prefer the shang-a-lang instead.

My local Whole Foods doesn't even pretend it's a supermarket anymore. It's a warehouse with displays.

Cat pics 

You speak of the cats that will bring balance to the force.

Cat Pic 

Crispin is so weird and he looks like an alien. I love him so much.

GF says my cat Crispin is dusty. I don't know what she's talking about.

GF thinks Crispin looks like Toothless from the Train Your Dragon series. What do you think?


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