Rarely does a bagel make me exclaim out loud, but this one was genuinely worth the wait.


The subtle marketing in NYC for a supermarket

hate speech, antisemitism 

When you run ~1000 antisemitic tweets through a word cloud generator, you see the patterns:

* Substituting the term "Zios" (a term David Duke created) for Jews
* Talking about "Zionism" as a way to get around filters
* Conspiracies about world-wide power, controlling the land, satanic rituals
* Long debunked theories that Jews aren't really Jews

and so on...

My wife got a new computer...

Microsoft: "You don't need to do this... we can make it work..."

Not what most people think about when they say "my cat sleeps in my bed".

The right rum to go with my Cthulhu flask (and visa versa).

digustingly beautiful landscape, language 

Fuck you Vancouver for being so beautiful. Seriously, fuck you.

BTW, this is not complaining. His name is Crispin d'Familiar for a reason. He's my familiar... but that also means he's *my* familiar....

Feelings of loneliness: ✔️
Attention seeking: ✔️
Neurological impairments: ✔️
Sensory issues: ✔️
Messy/dirty: ✔️

Photo attached...

If anyone is wondering what the knitted thing is, it's his tracker, which I need because he gets lost in the apartment sometimes. He chewed through the rubber one so the wife knitted him a replacement.

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