Thanks French for making the adjective and noun of this word identical minus an accent.

It's not confusing at all to have it say sugar, no sugar.

My new home media server from TrueNAS runs Free Software out of the box and is legit beautiful.

Some young children can't wipe their bottom when they use the bathroom.

But how does this even happen?

I'm wondering if any of the folks I know on the Fediverse play City of Heroes/City of Villains and might want to play with me?

I have a four color hero and awesome villain Strawberry Punchcake (lvl 38 brute- she's bringing punch to the party) pictured below.

Dear Bareburger,

I don't want this sauce. I would prefer the shang-a-lang instead.

My local Whole Foods doesn't even pretend it's a supermarket anymore. It's a warehouse with displays.

Cat pics 

You speak of the cats that will bring balance to the force.

Cat Pic 

Crispin is so weird and he looks like an alien. I love him so much.

GF says my cat Crispin is dusty. I don't know what she's talking about.

GF thinks Crispin looks like Toothless from the Train Your Dragon series. What do you think?

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