Is there an existing group of Fediverse admins that have a shared blocklist?

If not, I'd like to start one- one where we can collectively update and curate, and keep not only the list, but also retain our reasons, even if we disagree (and thus the lists diverge a little!).

Especially interested in working with admins of other marginalized groups.

Please boost.

@emacsen I just made a CLI tool that lets you automatically sync a shared blocklist from a git repo


I know.

I've also written several tools to help with moderation on the instance level.

What's lacking now is the ability to rapidly share information in a coordinated and streamlined manner.

@emacsen I'm happy to contribute to a community blocklist but I'm probably more lenient about shitposting than others


We (not just you and I but generally) need a foundation of trust in a process of collaboration, even if our differences will lead to different decisions on our respective instances.

@emacsen I'd want it to be set arithmetical. List D might be result of combining other lists (A + B + C - X1 - Y1), thus the combination of lists A and B and C, removing members of X1 and Y1 where the latter two are essentially used as exception lists. List D would then be available for similar use by others, so one can systematically handle combination and divergence, and lists can be maintained as purpose built specific types of unwanted behaviors and assembled relatively easily by admins.


I have a system that I'm hacking on now in which we can maintain such a list you're describing using existing tools (ie no exotic specialized tooling necessary).

@emacsen I would be interested in following that along.

Not a member of any minority myself, nor do I think our instance has many such currently, but we still want to keep a place as welcoming for "not the straight white middle aged western male" as we can.

@emacsen i would very much like to consume and contribute to this

@emacsen I was discussing this just the other day with a couple of instance admins. I think it's very important to build something such, and also at the same time support *multiple* such lists (and hence *name* them for recognizability).

@zacchiro @emacsen I agree, this is very important. It's also crucial to build in viable governance including scalable review mechanisms. Not all blocking decisions are right for all and even when they are they may not be forever. Recent case-in-point:

@webmink @zacchiro

We don't need multiple lists per se, we just need categorization and the ability to support operations on a union such as removal or addition, which luckily we already have with existing tools.

@emacsen I'm unsure but my instance lists defederated servers and the reasons why here

@emacsen I’d be really interested in this but not as an admin; to be a useful transparency tool for Fediverse confidence

@emacsen I'm guessing that most mods use list as a base. That's what I would do.


What would the value of an immutable collection be?

@emacsen Immutable collection? I'm just concerned that creating such a list is bound to be hard to do, because people will always bicker and disagree at some point.


My approach would be poll all the 5000? server apis eg

Discard any servers that DONT block at least the top 20 of or don't record their blocking reasons.

Then re-poll the remaining servers and generate a list of most-defederated from that smaller sample size. Publish that list into Github daily.

Instance admins could then do a cron to wget that list daily and set their own preference for how many of them to import.

@emacsen please post as unlisted when talking about hashtags to avoid flooding them


I wasn't talking about hashtags, I was including people who might want to be part of a cohesive effort to make the Fediverse safer.

@emacsen you can contact my crotch for the list. You're welcome.
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