Hi @leostera does Wooly support OpenID Connect Logins yet?

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@emacsen nope! any specific providers you’d be interested in?


Babka.Social uses Keycloak as our Identity Provider in order to be able to support future applications beyond Mastodon, and people are noticing that Wooly says it doesn't support this authentication mechanism.

I didn't know if it's on me or on Wooly, or configuration. etc. :)


Yes I just can't spell woolly, sorry!! *facepalm*

@emacsen no no it’s fine 🙏🏼 just double checking that I didn’t release something that shared a hashtag with something else 😂
Mind if we take this to a GitHub issue?


Sure! I just wanted to be sure it wasn't entirely on our end. I'll go find the repo and make a ticket.


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