This is a bit of a but I blocked someone today over their comments about men.

The topic was toxic masculinity, a topic I think doesn't get enough attention. Their position was that the solution to toxic masculinity was essentially less masculinity.

I consider this position antithetical to the entire idea of combating toxic masculinity and misogyny.

The idea of combating toxic masculinity is allowing men to express their gender through a wider variety of gender expressions.



I want to see men be able to express their gender in a way that allows them full access to their emotions, access to their wants, desires and emotions and in a way that doesn't harm others or themselves.

In fact, I want this for everyone, men, women, NB, trans, genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, or something else!

This never means to be "less" though, nor does it mean one must conform to a specific set of gender expressions. Rigid expressions of gender are what I think we're all fighting!


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If we don't, and we say "No you (straight, cis man) must conform to a set of rigid expectations, even if they're not the traditional ones, we're just confirming the exact issues that those who wish to enforce those same rigid expectations think that is happening- not a greater expression of gender, but new redefined gender roles created by the outside, which do not fit these people's lived experience.

In summary.


In summary:

Don't enforce your idea of gender on others, whether GQ or cis/straight.

Allow people healthy, positive expressions of gender.

Be kind and accepting and loving.

Be excellent to each other.


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