If you are looking for things like "Redemption" in media, then realize that this is a Christian concept, one that actually has very little connection to reality.

If you feel that a work of fiction is "missing redemption" then that's because you've been steeped in a certain narrative, rather than it being part of some universal idea of good writing/storytelling.

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@emacsen Maybe that’s why I love Fairy Tail so much: Many of their strongest enemies join them. And they do not get punished: They are welcomed. Because they actually are no bad people. They were just on the other side.


I write my villians the same way. They're not "evil" they just have a different idea of what the right thing is.

A modern version of this might be DC's universalist concept of morality vs Marvel's more nuanced ideas.

@emacsen @ArneBab Marvel's more nuanced ideas? Aren't all their bad guys trying to conquer the world and kill half of humanity? Maybe the comics are more subtle than the movies... Magneto is mostly a sympathetic character.

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