Would you watch a livestream focused on Apple II vintage computing?

It would be a very small hangout kind of livestream.

@emacsen Was only able to add four options. Voting doesn’t establish an obligation, just gauging interest and preference. :)


Then my suggestion might be live stream based on vintage computing but if you do it, then please also add some information on the things you stream, a little trivia with our Math Blaster or Oregon Trail, or whatever it is you're showcasing.

You're also reminding me that I wrote a game on the Apple 2. I think it was a card game. I remember the graphics mode but that's it.

@emacsen Oregon Trail was lined up in my head as one of the first things I might play.

That sounds cool. :) Do you remember, low or high res graphics mode?



For the record, when I did this, the Apple II/e wasn't "vintage computing". It was a little out of date, for sure, but not "vintage".

I don't remember what mode it was, other than I had a small text area at the bottom of the screen too.

Do you know about the story of tron and protected memory?

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@emacsen I don’t know the story of tron and protected memory, at least it isn’t ringing a bell.

You could have been in lo or high res graphics mode, both support a graphics + text mode, which is just an additional memory soft switch you hit when switching modes.

(I’ve been dealing with this a lot recently.. it’s fresh in my mind.)



Games I played back then which you may know (or not!):

Math Blaster
Jungle Hunt
Reading Rabbit
Mickey's Space Adventure
Agent USA (though I played on Commodore)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego
King's Quest
Pinball Construction Set (I played on PC but such an innovative game)

I also have a vague recollection of something like a magazine called Scholastic, and they'd occasionally come with sort of mini-computer games.

@emacsen That’s an amazing story, and it’s giving me ideas for things I could recreate on our Apple II+

The funny thing is, a lot of those games were remade in the 90s and I played them in grade school on old Windows computers.

I haven’t played a lot of them on older hardware, though. I’m familiar with King’s Quest, but we only have a monochrome CRT currently.

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