Do you run a Fediverse instance?

Do you block other instances?

Do you breakdown your Fediverse blocks by category?

Do you want the Fediverse to be a safer place and are willing to put time/effort into making that happen?

I'd like to talk to you for an upcoming project.

@emacsen I literally *just* set up a lemmy instance and started with's blocklist. Are you planning a blog post or paper on this?

Can I read it when you're done?

Let me hear your plans :-)

I already devided people in meme posters and those who make content. This does not mean I block them, I simply do not see those who post memes (any forward b.t.w.)
You might want to consider filtering, it allows you to communicate with people without reading their posts you dislike. The url somehow describes how Hubzilla does it.

#^Hans -
No, maybe, not sure
Yes, probably, depending on the time demand
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