I tried grilling a steak yesterday and it did not go well, unlike grilling the veggies, which came out perfectly.

I am thinking of going back to sous vide for prepping the steak, then only finishing on the grill, and I'm wondering how sacrilegious this is for grilling folks.

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Some of the problem is the grill that this apartment came with has not had a proper cleaning in a *long* time. It smoked immediately, and was full of black ash, suit, grease, etc.I cleaned it as best as I could without specialized tools, and I saw a difference (blue flames vs the mess of orange and yellow flames), but I know I'll need to clean it again, and I am just not adept at the needs of a grill and I need practice.


I can't really see what's going on there as it's in Norwegian, and based on what I know, Norwegians don't take good care of their kitchen appliances.

@emacsen Ah, sorry!

They use explosives, and the result outperforms ("outenderizes"...?) the sous vide's meat in a blind test.

Even the sous vide's owner agrees.


And before it comes up, I don't think the Swedes are much better...

This famous Swedish chef can't even make Svenska Kottbullar!

@emacsen Ah well! Bork! Bork! Bork!

Other educational moments from "Don't do this at home": why you shouldn't throw water on a pot of burning cooking oil

@emacsen Egg in microwave, was a bit of a disappointment.

They needed an ostrich egg to get an impressive result.


It's this kind of ingenuity that fueled the Finnish space program in the 1970s.


You've never seen that? A friend sent it to me almost two decades ago- pre Youtube :).

The original Finnish is a lot nicer (I think- I don't speak Finnish), but yeah that video is... a lot.

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