There's goes another cartoon I can't enjoy anymore.

I'll throw this on the Mimi and Eunice pile.

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@emacsen Note that this is from 2011. Scott Adams has also been known to brag about how 99% of his readers are men like it's some badge of honor.



I'd heard of Adams being problematic, but I didn't remember anything specific, and more than that, it's not that important in my world.

My capacity for disappointment and disillusionment is pretty much at full and has been for a while.

@emacsen @bremner It seems like the Internet really wanted to forget that. I was @ ing anyone who shared a Dilbert comic for a while but eventually gave up. So I'm kinda glad that Adams fucked up again and failed to sufficiently hide his bad takes by hiding behind typical office shenanigans.

The difference between Adams and the writers of the Office is that Adams *is* one of the shitty people in The Office.

Maybe think of this as an opportunity to expand your horizons and find some of the many awesome minority comic artists out there to enjoy. Just realize that almost all of them are going to be problematic in SOME way. It's just a question of whether they're problematic in ways that contribute to the oppression of some marginalized group from the perspective of a member of the group that is most responsible for that oppression.

@emacsen @bremner I experienced this trying to share Inspector Gadget with my kids. Re-watching it now I realize how much racism and body-shaming it has in it. So instead I got to discover the new Inspector Gadget with my kids instead.

@emacsen Honest question (uh, I guess I would say that?): you were able to ignore Adams' public pronouncements before this?

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