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Some keto insights I've had over the last few days.

First, I didn't use a calorie tracker with keto before, and the difference has been significant. Knowing the nutritional value of foods means I can make much better strategic decisions to say in my targets.

Secondly, I think many people would be surprised at how little meat I eat. Most of the time, it's roughly 6oz (170g) a day . That's all

Thirdly, I think people would be shocked at how little fat I eat.



health, keto, diet, weight loss 

I think many people think that keto looks like Atkins images of steak swimming in butter with a fried egg on top.

That's Atkins, and it might get you in ketosis, but it's a lot of fat. Keto doesn't need a lot of fat to work. Keto only needs a low amount of carbohydrate, and protein. That's it. The fat can come from either external or internal sources.

Fat is used for satiety and flavor. that's all.

And fasting is keto, whether you "do keto" or not.


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health, keto, diet, weight loss 

@emacsen yeah that’s true I did keto for year.

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