Happy BC Day to everyone in British Columbia.

Since I do have a bunch of Vancouver folks who mutually follow, would anyone be up for one day meeting up and hanging out to talk about the Fediverse, Free Culture, Free Software, etc?

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@emacsen happy BC day!

And yes I could be convinced to do that.


Where is a place people generally agree on- food-wise?

Nina Paley used to do something like this in a thai restaurant near her apartment.

I live downtown, and there are lots of restaurants around here.

@emacsen Yaletown Brewpub and Brix & Mortar were always pretty popular for work events and have not terrible food. I don't know if the sound levels would be conducive to talking about these subjects though, I don't remember.

Something like that? Both Thai places I used to go to in Yaletown have closed it seems.


It doesn't have to be thai, but I don't love the idea of a loud place. I have a lot of sensory issues and loud places are physically exhausting to me.

Yaletown is probably a good call. It's central and walkable.
The other issue is of course price considerations.

@emacsen i think Brix & Mortar is a bit quieter than Yaletown Brewpub, but it's been too long since I've been there so I could be wrong.

Memphis Blues on Robson? Barbeque. I think that's not too loud. But they do play music. It's also not very big. I don't think it's particularly expensive for what you get, but I generally don't pay too much attention to that.


I just don't want to price anyone out. Like if I said "Oh let's meet at The Keg", that would be bad. ;)

I also deeply miss both Stormcrow Taverns.

Let's give it a think and schedule for September!

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