We're playing Stardew Valley with my niece and nephew and my wife has to translate a lot of words.

She couldn't remember the Hebrew word for "blacksmith".

But apparently my nephew already knew the word "blacksmith" even though he doesn't know enough English to hold a basic conversation yet.

He also knows "torch" and "axe".

I think it's time to coin a new term "Minecraft English".

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Must be pretty deep into minecraft to have met a blacksmith often enough to care what he is named.
Wait, does it even show up in the game?
my gut tells me it's only in mods and on the wiki it actually names them


Yeah I dunno the game. I do know his sister has a ton of mods installed.

It's just weird to me that these kids (9, 10) who don't know much more than "Thank you very much" and "Good morning" know these fairly obscure terms.

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