Plan9 might just be the best environment for the MNT Reform. Join in Sunday July 31st at 2PM PDT / 2100 UTC live from the MNT Reform thanks to work by @sigrid

#community #peertube #plan9 #9front @mntmn


@SDF @sigrid @mntmn

Will this be recorded? I'd love to attend but I have a prior engagement at this exact time.

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@emacsen @SDF @sigrid @mntmn

I like minimalism, don't get me wrong, but this looks too minimalistic for me even...

just wondering if this has an application menu option?

Btw, does that window manager use more or less cpu power than jwm?

I ask, because more cpu power used = more battery life used.

Btw, love that you put doom within that picture.


Btw, ditto to what @emacsen said

I will watch later if I can.

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