Hey folks- Do any of you have a recommendation on one of the mods?

I see ComptuerCraft, Wizards of Lua, OpenComputers, LuaMC, and Tasky and I'm just not sure where to put my energy.

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Go with the one that is still being maintained and has support materials.
I think that means OpenComputers, but not sure.
I personally am most familiar with computercraft, because it's kinda simple.

@BourgouiseLiberal @emacsen You might find Minetest to be a better platform to work in for stuff like that, far smaller audience but better APIs. And a better license.

@yojimbo @BourgouiseLiberal

While I agree with you on all fronts, the question will be 'Is this going to something that will be compelling to my niece and nephew?"

@emacsen @BourgouiseLiberal I find that kids in general are far more flexible - if the end result is fun, they don't really care about the mechanism.
But I don't know if the end result will be as much fun :-)

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